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Zintro ID: Amarjit-Bakshi
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Expert and innovative in all aspects of Refining and Petrochemical Business including renewable fuels. Providing technology Licensing with smart configuration to cut cost below 50 % of the present technologies.

Over 32 years experience in Engineering Management at senior level in Process Engineering, Technology, Operations and Project Management, Licensing, Acquisitions, Alliances and Business Development. Provided proven leadership and vision with broader perspectives and able to manage multiple tasks and personnel on mega projects. Significant Technology and process design and supervision experience in the field of refining including Crude/Vacuum units, Hydro Processing (All hydrotreating/ HDS and hydrocracking), FCC, Gas Plants, Alkylation, Reforming, and visbreaking including other Gasoline Processes e. g Iso-octene/Iso-octane and all units in Lube refining. .. Patents provide refiners and petrochemical plants innovations to enhance the performance of the units. Experience in safety audits, refinery optimization and heat integration/conservation studies. Worked in UK, Germany, Netherlands and USA, in a team environment and worked with multi cultural groups from North America/Japan/ Korea/China/Middle East/ Europe/ Russia/Iran etc. Experienced in business development in North America, Far East, India, middle East, Europe, Russia, Iran etc

RECENT Consultation Projects:with FUND Managers and others:
— Swedish Refining Industry
— Canadian Income Trust Model
— Design simulation software market
— North and South American oil exploration
— Refining technology solutions users
— Scandinavian refining industry
— Gas Transportation Infrastructure and
— Electrical energy transformer industry (
— Industrial Safety Technology Products
— Plant safety equipment and technology industry

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