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38+ years in agitation industry. Chemical Engineer by degree. Consulting on fluid agitation for all industries, including biofuels, bioreactors, polymers, etc. Also involved in Chinese process equipment, Chinese culture and business, grain processing, etc.


President, ***** Technology International, Inc. (2002 to present)

Chemineer , Inc., 1976 through 2001. Held various positions, including Industry Manager and manager of Shanghai, China office.

BSChE, University of Cincinnati, 1976, plus Continuing Education.

AIChE, ISPE (Subject Matter Expert), PE in Ohio, American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

Publications of Gregory Thomas *****, P.E.

1) ??????Design and Scale-up of Agitators for Gas Dispersion in Fermentors??????, R. Rautzen, G. ***** and D. Dickey, presented at Engineering Foundation Conference on Mass Transfer and Scale-up of Fermentors, New England College, Henniker, NH, July *****) ??????Improved Starch Reactor Design??????, G. *****, Proceedings of 1990 Scientific Conference, Corn Refiners Association, Indianapolis IN, September 1990, pp*****) ??????Computational Fluid Mixing for Corn Wet Milling Applications??????, G. ***** and A. Bakker, Proceedings of 1994 Scientific Conference, Corn refiners Association, Oakbrook, IL, September 1994, pp *****) ??????Mixing in Industrial Fermenters??????, A. Bakker, G. *****, presented at Biotechnology Conference, Sydney, Australia, *****) ??????A Comparative Study of Alternative Gas Dispersion Impellers??????, K. Myers, A. Thomas, A. Bakker and G. *****, presented at Gas-Liquid Systems Session. Mixing XVI, Williamsburg, VA June *****) ?????? Proper Impeller Systems Insure Mixing Performance??????, M. Reeder, G. *****, Chemical Processing Magazine, July 1997, pp *****) ??????Enhancement of Fermentation with Effective Impeller Systems??????, G. *****, Proceedings of 2001 International Symposium ??????New Horizons in Microbiology and Biotechnology??????, Seoul Korea, June 2001, pp *****) ??????Optimize Power Consumption in Aerobic Fermenters??????, G. *****, Chemical Engineering Progress, May 2003, pp *****) ??????Impeller Selection for Agitated Aerobic Fermenters??????, G. *****, Chemical Engineering Progress, February 2004, pp18S-24S
10) ??????Team Up with a Consultant for Equipment Selection??????, G. *****, Chemical Engineering Progress, August 2006, pp *****) ??????The G-Value for Agitator Design: Time to Retire It???????, G. *****, Chemical Engineering Progress, March 2007, pp *****) ??????Selecting Agitator Seals for Bioprocessing Applications??????, G. *****, W. H.L. Teng, Chemical Engineering Progress, January 2008, pp *****) ??????Piloting Bioreactors for Agitation Scale-Up??????, G. *****, Chemical Engineering Progress, February 2008, pp*****) ??????Agitation Challenges in Cellulosic Ethanol Production??????, Ethanol Producer Magazine, March *****) ??????Sourcing Equipment in Developing Countries while Minimizing Risk??????, Ethanol Producer Magazine, August, 2009.

Some Examples of Projects by ***** Technology International, Inc.

1) Defined pilot plant protocol to maximize data usefulness for agitation scale-up, and interpreted/scaled up the results.
2) Coordinated technology transfer for agitator manufacture in China.
3) Wrote detailed process and mechanical specifications for an agitation system for viscous gum fermentation.
4) Evaluated the feasibility of new processes using existing mixing equipment.
5) Process troubleshooting.
6) Mechanical troubleshooting.
7) Mixer application engineering for various applications, such as ethanol production and flue gas desulfurization.
8) Design of agitation systems for various aerobic fermentations.
9) Calculation of power and mass transfer profiles during fed batch fermentations.
10) Mixer market research.
11) Mixer product development.
12) Evaluation of new agitator impeller technology for potential equipment retrofits
13) Evaluation of solids suspension/dissolution in an unusual reactor geometry
14) Conversion of batch to continuous liquid/liquid reaction system for alternative fuel
15) Sourcing and evaluation of engineering service providers and equipment vendors in China
16) Feasibility studies of fermentation systems of volumes up to 8000 cubic meters, motor sizes greater than 2000 kW.
17) Provided Expert Witness documentation for claims of insufficient agitation in an ethanol facility for an arbitration proceeding.
18) Participated in a think tank to improve cellulosic ethanol processes

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