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Zintro ID: Bander-Altuwairegi
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 Analyzing online customers trading behaviors to increase their daily online trading.
 Gather market information and analyze client business requirements to present findings and recommendation on an ongoing basis.
 Work closely with the Technology Group team during the functional design phase once the Business Requirements have been provided.
 Present ideas and recommendations with the aim of increasing market share, product visibility, growth and profit for brokerage products.
 Member of the team signed off the User Acceptance Test (UAT) for Al-Shamil, Mobile Trading, Delayed Prices and Tadawul New Market Restructuring Projects.
 Review the Company’s existing compliance policies and procedures to identify potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk of illegal, unethical or improper conduct.
 Develop, initiate, maintain and revise policies and procedures designed to avoid or minimize the risks identified.
 Responsible for overseeing and monitoring the implementation of the Corporate Compliance Program.
 Develop and periodically review and update the Company’s code of conduct to ensure continuing currency and relevance in providing guidance to management and employees.
 Identify changes in applicable rules, regulations, standards and related trends that are relevant to the Compliance Program and make necessary modifications to policies and procedures.

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