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He is also at present an Interim Senior Business Consultant at TNO, Oil and Gas Business Unit. He specializes in the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors in the EMEA region, with specific emphasis for years on North Africa, West Africa and Middle East. He worked on M&A operations in Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Iran, studied the pipeline operators in Libya, Algeria, Nigeria and Turkey and assessed risk for institutional investors and banks in Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Iraq, all while advising governments and international organizations. In earlier career assignments, he was a Senior Manager at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services (Energy, Senior Financial Analyst Oil & Gas Sector FDA, and a Principal at Capgemini Consulting Centre of Excellence Oil & Gas, advising and managing oil and gas upstream/downstream companies, the oil and gas department of the main pension and institutional investors. He has 18 years experience in the MENA region.
He is also the Owner and Consultant of Mediterranean Energy Political Risk Consultancy (MEPRC).

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