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Profile & Value Highlights
 Dynamic entrepreneur / Author with 35+ years of experience in diverse sales/marketing, new business startup, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, operations management and IPO arenas. Launched four new companies, acquired 50+ companies valued (individually) up to $88 million, participated in the sourcing of $323+ million in credit/venture funds. Highly effective in expanding existing business infrastructure and controlling capital assets.
 Comprehensive background in staff training and supervision, business operations, multi-site management, workflow streamlining, conflict mediation/resolution, post-acquisition management, budgeting and cost controls, company turnarounds, and customer service program deployment.
 Proven expertise in recruiting, screening, interviewing, hiring and developing production, sales, management and administrative staff. Extensive experience in providing hands-on leadership and direction for sales/marketing, business development, operations and strategic planning efforts.
 Highly skilled in sales/marketing program design, sales/operations auditing, company conversions, IPO launch logistics, cash management, hub/spoke business development, vertical integration and company decentralization. Successfully managed 100+ major municipal collection agreements.
 Effective in orchestrating infrastructure reorganization, short/long-term strategic planning, actuary and P&L analysis, multiple location business development, and related staffing functions. Intuitive ability to identify and capitalize on new market opportunities, and successfully drive new business growth.
 Quick study with an ability to rapidly achieve organizational integration, assimilate job requirements and employ new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies. Energetic and self-motivated team player/builder. Effective in work situations requiring an ability to manage multiple and concurrent responsibilities.
 Successful in forging profitable relationships with major financial institutions, investors, competitors and venture capitalists. Effective in company acquisition logistics and growth strategies. In-depth background in full business start-up logistics from initial concept through industry success.
 Exceptional communication, interpersonal, intuitive, administrative, organizational, problem solving and leadership skills. Proven ability to work efficiently in both independent and team environments.

Qualification Highlights

 P/L & Performance Improvement
 Pricing & Market Growth
 Proven Contract & Negotiating Skills
 Visionary, Strategic Market builder
 M&A Business Development Professional
 Municipal, Political & Government Relations
 Proven Ability to Integrate Sales & Operations


Columnist for Crain Communications, Waste & Recycling News


Newburgh Theological Seminary and College of the Bible ThD. 2008

Governors State University BA 1979

NSWMA, EIA, SWANA, Distinguished Honor Graduate USAAPG, Newburgh Summa Cum Laude ThD. Outstanding Achievement Award, Decorated Viet Nam Era veteran, Former Active Member if Illinois FOP. Elks Lodge, Christian Youth Center, Author, Columnist,

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