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***** , through its independence, packaging expertise and focus on packaging in the Retail, Industrial, Medical, Internet, and Foodservice industries, is uniquely positioned to decouple packaging in a way that enables clients to identify and capture performance improvements never envisioned much less realized.

It is our mission to understand all the packaging technologies, suppliers and their capabilities that have applicability to the retail, industrial, transportation, and foodservice industries and, since PR has no vested interest in any technology or supplier, PR can objectively provide services and recommendations that are in the client’s best interest, be the client a Retailer, Manufacturer, Foodservice Operator or Supplier. PR offers itself as a resource to their clients marketing, purchasing, R&D and operations functions striving to ensure that packaging’s potential value added is thoroughly integrated into every aspect of the business.

• Our objective is to improve sales and reduce costs resulting in increased bottom line performance for our customers.

• Entrepreneurs with a track record: CEO’s, GM’s, and company founders from the Consumer Product, Direct Response, Foodservice and Packaging industries.

• Our portfolio of services includes design/product development, sourcing, packaging, ales and marketing, merchandising, retail distribution and fulfillment.

• Our customers are retailers, club stores, suppliers, merchandisers, sales and marketing organizations, media and advertising agencies, food service operators, packaging manufacturers, distributors, contract packagers and assembly/fulfillment providers.

A Little About Me-A Packaging Lover

I am a person who likes to problem solve. I love the challenge of connecting products, ideas and brands to consumers, getting at the core of what clients need, and bringing a big idea or product to life, all while keeping the end user in mind.

I understand and care about people and think about why we behave the way we do; this is what makes me and my team successful packagers and marketers of everything from ideas, to consumer goods, to businesses, to people.

I love ideas, products and brands. I live and breathe any of those I work with. I'm hardworking, patient and a strategic individual. I'm the first to tell a joke and the last man standing at negotiations. I'm a person you want at your table, whether it's at lunch or in a meeting.

My clients span a range o ***** , but I don't have different tiers of service for different products, services, or clients. I put the same thought and care toward every relationship and execution.

The clients I serve come to me and my team to collaborate. They want extraordinary thinking, design, solutions, not just a shop to deliver without asking questions. In that way, we're partners.

I am constantly learning not only for myself, but for my clients, too. I understand that you can't just be on top of trends, you have to be in front of them. So I explore and rationalize new technology, taking strategic risks that push boundaries. And since I have multiple disciplines with my team I can get instant expertise on any subject.

It's about knowing who to bring together and how to bring out the best in everyone. I collaborate to solve problems and do things that have never been done before. Of course there is always opportunity to be part of the newest, coolest trend. If I get on board it's not simply because it's there; but rather, because it's smart. And smart is the best way to build a brand or product. Period.

I believe that packaging and marketing will undergo more change in the next 5 years than it has in the last 50. And in that change resides untold opportunities for innovation, challenge and revolution. It's a space where I do my best thinking. It's where my skills lie. And it's where my passion prospers. Not everyone is comfortable in that realm. Innovation isn't comfortable-and I thrive on being uncomfortable.
What gets me up everyday is my passion for creating never-been-done-before, game-changing, jaw-dropping, OMG solutions and experiences. My goal is to change the packaging and marketing landscape. To take exciting new technologies and ideas and use them in ways no client has before.

My process is a systemic yet organic one that empowers our collaborative team of experts to think, laugh, work, and play, with the ultimate goal of creating unique and viable solutions for our client's problems. To be bold you have to take risks. To take risks you have to be fearless. Not reckless. Everything I do is researched, discussed, weighed and, ultimately, measured to guage results. And with my team I do get some pretty impressive results for our clients. Just pick up the phone and ask.

I begin every relationship-employee, client, or vendor-with one simple question: Are you ready to set the world on fire?

Well, are you?


President, *****

UCLA, Business Economics
Michigan State, Packaging Design and Engineering Programs
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Executive Program

Board Member of Following:

The American Red Cross
The American Cancer Society
PS Arts (formerly the Crossroads Community Foundation)
UCLA Alumni Association
SHARE (Self Help and Recovery Exchange)
RAND Corporation
Santa Monica Police Department, PAL
Restaurateurs for Reform
California Restaurant Association
PTA (Parent Teacher Association)
People Against Cruelty to Animals
Lance Armstrong Foundation
CATE School
The ***** Foundation
The Wellness Community
Izzak Walton League
Virginia Avenue Park
National Restaurant Association
Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation
Padres El Cancer

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