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20 years Pharmacovigilance and Medical Services experience and started PharSafer 9 years ago as a specialist Drug Safety and Medical Services CRO.
Operating a global full service to clients we provide both post-marketing and clinical safety activities from case processing to safety reviews to PSUR/Perioic submissions and RMPs/REMs, contract EU QP PV and PV Training.
We operate globally reporting in over 60 countries and our website provides further details of our services.


Director of Pharmacovigilance & CEO *****

Head of Pharmacoviiglance, Shire Pharmaceuticals

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry & Pharmacology
PhD Drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics

DIA Member (since 1995)
DIA EU Co-chair person
TOPRA Member

20 years in Global PV
Written international PV Book 2006
Executive board member of The Pharmacovigilance Journal

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