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As an Application Specialist I work with and create application package deployments within multi-site environments. I have working knowledge of scripting languages and multiple packaging and deployment applications, and distribution methods.
Experience with MSI application packaging with working knowledge of Windows automation scripting such as PowerShell, VBScript, Batch Files, Windows Scripting Host, AdminStudio. I have a firm understanding of Enterprise Software Distribution (i. e. SCCM 2007). Also have experience with Windows 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 support. Have the ability to work with and troubleshoot remote workstations regarding application installation issues.
I work collaboratively with users and technology staff to research and plan the deployment of new and upgraded software packages. Analyze the impact of applications against standard desktop configurations.
Design, develop, test and manage software deployment packages for deployment and installation in an enterprise environment. Create and maintain documentation of applications including origin, licensing, affected users and installation and upgrade history. Actively maintain upgrade/support agreements with software vendors. Diagnose and trouble shoot computer malfunctions related to hardware, software, server and/or network. Act online as a liaison for software projects between sites.


Currently Working as an Application Deployment Specialist

K12itc-Software Deployment Specialist (3 years) ; Park Hill School District-Application Specialist (7 years) ; Cerner Corporation-Consultant (1.5 years) ; Sprint-Help Desk technician (4 years)

VMWare Desktop, SCCM 2007;2012, Installshield 2010;2012 AdminStudio 9.5;10, Application Virtualization 4.6 SP1; 5.0, Orca,
Training users in Deployment via SCCM 2012, Packaging using Installshield/AdminStudio and App-V

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