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Zintro ID: Marcelo-Cerucci
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Water resources professional with broad experience leading modeling projects. Offers a successful record working for the environmental consulting industry and research institutions. Highly skilled in the development and application of hydrologic, hydraulic, water quality and groundwater models for diverse sites in the USA and Brazil. Goal-oriented and motivated with an excellent record of publications, presentation skills and interpersonal communication.


Owner - MCHYDRO (7 years)

Associate - Omni Environmental LLC (7 years)
Senior Engineer - TRC Solutions (2.5 years)
NY Water Resources Institute (2 years)

Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering - Cornell University
Msc. Science of Environmental Engineering - Sao Paulo University
Bachelors Civil Engineering -Sao Paulo University


Evaluation of groundwater flow, contaminant transport and fate (BETX, PCE, TCE, DCE, VC, metals, etc.) for remediation projects

Evaluation of remediation techniques (MPE, pumping, hydraulic barriers, bio remediation)

Evaluation of the impact of mining operations (excavation and reservoirs) in groundwater and surface water

Water quality modeling for TMDL studies, pollution transport and fate, eutrophication (BOD, DO, phosphorus, nitrate, ammonia, algae, SOD, PCBs, metals)

Dilution modeling for dischargers to surface waters (sewer treatment plants, industries, power plants)

Hydrologic modeling for water availability, urban drainage, flow forecasting, future urbanization impact, reservoir spillway design, flood damage reduction, floodplain regulation, and systems operation

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