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Recent Agricultural Chemicals Inquiries

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Chemical Engineering In Agrichemicals

I am looking for chemical engineers with experience in process engineering and design engineering in the agrichemicals industry. Specifically, we are looking for engineers who have experience with: - phosphorus trichloride - methyl dichlorophosphine - methane phosphonous acid diesters these materials are difficult to handle, so we are particularly looking for engineers and chemists with experience in their storage, transfer and reactions. Need background in crop protection chemicals with one or more large companies in this business. Assignments will involve development of pfds, p&ids, process design packages and basic engineering design packages chemical production facilities.

  1. Profile Picture

    Yusuf |Principal Consultant

    Dear Sir, I have worked in the Agrochemical business of ICI. Depending on the size and ***** pro...

    4.4 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Amitava |Chief Consultant & Proprietor

    We have considerable experience in designing and detailing all types of plants which manufacture in...

    5.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Matthew |Consultant

    Have undertaken a few projects in agrichemicals. Mainly these have been ammonia, urea and NPK ferti...

    6.8 Hours Later
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Agro Chemicals

We are in search for r&d experts in the feild of agro chemicals (technical and formulations) to work for our company based at vapi, gujrat, india.

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    Agro Chemical Industry

    Market research spend by agro chemical companies in the usa

    1. Profile Picture

      Monique |market research professional

      Could you give more details? Kind regards, Monique Jansen (*****)...

      28 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Jose |Competitive analysis consultant

      Please let me know more detais about your need....

      1 Hour Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Samuel |Principal

      Please specify your inquiry by NACIS code....

      2.1 Days Later
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    Agriculture Chemicals Anti-counterfeit Insights

    I am writing on behalf of a consulting firm that conducts expert interviews in support of industry-wide studies for many of the world's fortune 1000 companies. We help businesses answer questions by engaging with the world’s most relevant experts. So far we have delivered over 1k studies with input from over 15,000 individuals. We are an authorized zintro partner. For a current study, we are trying to understand the damage to the agriculture chemicals industry based on anti-counterfeit products. Primary questions: 1. What concretely is the value proposition for preventing agricultural counterfeiting to the end customer? 2. How large is the international damage due to counterfeit in the agrochemical sector? 3. What are other currently adopted methods in the agriculture chemical anti-counterfeit sector (e.G. Bayer capseal)? Please note that we are only interested in your personal point of view and expert insight and are not seeking any confidential information. Experts with insights from bayer capseal or similar companies are particularly relevant. We are scheduling 60 minute discussions with experts in the first two weeks of january 2019 (deadline is mid-jan) and are happy to offer a flexible eur 200 compensation for each interview. Please note that we are handling the standard zintro fee separately, hence the expert is not involved in paying this. If you kindly let me know your contact details (email and phone/skype), i could provide more specifics on the study and standard process. Best regards, lou

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      Agricultural Chemicals Market

      We are a prominent nyc-based expert network and an authorized zintro partner. Our client has an immediate need to conduct phone consults with multiple experts who have experience selling ag chemicals, or competing products to north america end markets. Specifically, our client would like to better understand the current market environment with a specific focus on overall channel inventory levels, end market demand, and competition between the crop protection products outlined above. This project has a budget.

      1. Profile Picture

        Miguel Elizalde |Agrochemical Projects / Manufacturing Un

        Dear Sirs: I´m living in Argentina and I´ve been working during 16 years with Agrochemicals (Glypho...

        1.7 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Lawrence |Principal

        I can review the two main groups - pesticides and herbicides. And, I can review the general commodit...

        2 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Rod |Zintro Expert

        I have over 29 years experience in the herbicide arena in R&D and market fit and competitive climate...

        2.4 Hours Later
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      Pharmaceutical And Agricultural Fine Chemicals

      I am looking for someone with expertise in the production and commercialization (custom and toll) of fine chemicals specifically for agricultural and pharmaceutical/cosmetic industries. Experience in the chemical synthesis of this products, but also in the design and operations of their processing plants is desirable. Overview on industry trends and charateristics, as well as the competitive landscape (globally and in mexico/latam). Want to understand the challenges for a company that has historically been focused on agricultural fine chemicals to enter the pharmaceutical/cosmetics market. A spanish speaker would be preferable but not mandatory.

      1. Profile Picture

        Arun |Consultant

        Dear sir I am interested in this project ,pl send me list of deliverables Regards Arun...

        44 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Carlos |Partner

        Tengo experiencia de 25 años de trabajo en la Industria, muchos de ellos en la Industria Cosmética, ...

        49 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Jean |Expert Engineer

        Good morning, I am a chemical engineer with a significant experience in the Industry. With a master...

        5.5 Hours Later
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      Looking for an expert in the field of non-selective herbicides. One who can help me understand differences in mode of action, mechanism, cost, factors influencing farmers choice and economics of this market. The objective is to understand paraquat and alternative herbicides that can replace paraquat. It will be great if the expert has a good hold on the dynamics of china agrochemical industry.

      1. Profile Picture

        Miguel Elizalde |Agrochemical Projects / Manufacturing Un

        Dear Sirs: I´m living in Argentina and I´ve been working during 16 years with Agrochemicals (Glypho...

        2.1 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        yurdagul |Independent Consultant-Scientist-Researc

        Sure I can work with you. My expertise is on herbicides and mode of action, physiology, biochemistry...

        4.5 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Danny |Consultant

        Herbicide use, especially paraquat or *****t pesticide can include mechanical, chemical, ...

        6.9 Hours Later
      +5 Other Responses
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      Germany Warehouse Market - Agrochemical

      We are currently working on a project to understand the warehousing industry in germany for pesticides (chemicals) involving storage in pallets and we are looking for the following • germany warehouse market overview – industry size, demand drivers and growth rate trend from 2013 to 2017 • major warehouse locations in germany for storing pesticides (chemicals) • current warehouse market for dangerous goods(pesticides) and the current absorption of warehouse space by agro chemical industries across the key logistics locations in germany • warehouse supply & demand dynamics • rental rates and vacancy rates outlook for 2018 • cost structure analysis and impactful cost drivers with outlook of 2018 • warehouse labor wage analysis please advise if you have the right expertise on the subject project to proceed further so that i can come up with detailed list of questions.

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        Agricultural Chemicals

        I am looking for a consultant who is experience in manufacture, specifically in agricultural chemical who can give my company direction on how to create a good manufacture plant in china. The consultant should either be in hong kong or china, have experience with manufacture best practices and able offer his/her knowledge to help create an effective manufacture plant.

        1. Profile Picture

          MARTIN |President Agicultural Consulting Group

          Hi; ***** experience is on agrochemical development, ***** marketing...

          25 Minutes Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Mark |Chairman & CEO

          I have been doing mfg of chemicals in China over 10 yrs and would like to be helpful to you. Mark Tr...

          4.1 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          SHRAWAN |International Marketing Manager

          Do you know in advance that are found in our country, Then there are other countries which are not ...

          5.7 Hours Later
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        Fertilizers And Agro Chemicals In Africa

        Fertilizers & agro chemicals (agro inputs) - hi i am currently carrying out a market study on agro inputs and i need expertize on fertilizers and agro chemicals market in african region. I need information for the following queries related to agro inputs: 1. Cost & price drivers of fertilizers and agro chemicals (why are fertilizer and agro chemical prices high in africa?); 2. Supply/demand and trade dynamics of agro inputs in african regions (what are the various supply chain constraints and risks involved in sourcing fertilizers and agro chemicals?); 3. What is the current sourcing practice of farmers for fertilizers?(is there any cost saving opportunities for farmers in african region)

        1. Profile Picture

          Johann |Agronomist

          I an expert in the fertilizer and agrochemical industries in Souther Africa with *****r...

          2 Hours Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Disha |Manager - Research & Consulting

          I am an experienced professional and provide with all your required information...

          2.9 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Herbert |Marketing Executive.

          I am experienced in fertilizers and crop chemicals marketing in Southern Africa...

          3.4 Hours Later
        +13 Other Responses
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        Retail Channel Loyalty Programs

        Retail channel loyalty programs in apac our study is on channel loyalty program in the apac region for one of the leading global agro-chemical companies. Information needed is as follows 1. Industry analysis - key trends, supplier market ma, capability acquisition, buyer spend pattern 2. Porters five force analysis 3. Industry best practices in terms of pricing models, engagement models, contract models and supplier kpis 4. Supply landscape: various types of suppliers, key players in apac 5. Cost structure cost drivers 6. Sourcing strategies implemented by the leading agro chemical companies if you have expertise in the above areas, please reply to take this forward. Thank you.

        1. Profile Picture

          Jan |Managing Director

          Good morning, I have the contacts and the market research expertise to get this ***** y...

          4.3 Hours Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Marvin |Director of Loyalty Marketing, Regional

          Hi, this is Marvin, I am interested in sister g you, I gave just completed a global loyalty program....

          36.6 Days Later
        +4 Other Responses
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        Agrochemical Market

        Greetings, my name is vidya, a senior procurement analyst. We are the premier global provider of customized procurement services specializing in sourcing, supply chain visibility, financial risk analysis and environment impact to fortune 500 organizations. I am currently doing a project on the agrochemicals market (2,4 dichlorophenol) on a global focus. I am hoping to interact with an expert who can provide me insights on historical supply demand trends with a forecast that has driving factors and assumptions, supply-demand trends by region and by end-user industry, global production capacity with split across regions, high-level cost estimates per unit of 2,4, dcp. Looking forward to a response. Thanks.

        1. Profile Picture

          Nicoƒlas |Agriculture Engineer

          Hi, I´m a Agricultural engineer in Argentina, I worked for 10 years In Marketing in one of the most ...

          22 Minutes Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Tarun |Partner

          Hi, I can assist you with 2,4 DCP market. I have delivered similar requests for your team in past ...

          3.1 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Shyam |VP of Finance

          Hi Vidya, I have completed quite a few projects with Beroe Chemical and Ag team and can assist with ...

          7.3 Hours Later
        +5 Other Responses
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        A generic term for various chemical products, also called agrichemical, broad range of insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, and synthetic fertilizers, hormones, and other chemical growth agents and concentrated stores of raw animal manure

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