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Airline Alliances Management

We're looking for someone with in-depth understanding of how airline alliances work. Preferably, we would like to talk to someone with c-level experience in one of the leading alliance's managing companies. Among other subjects, we are interested in the ways these alliances work to cut costs, maintain members' independence and manage the ongoing operations and activities of the alliance.

  1. Profile Picture

    Chris |President

    while I have worked for and with airlines with alliances I do not have the C-level experience you de...

    1.2 Days Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Dean |Operations Director

    Good afternoon. My colleague Ben Leon at Airline Management Group is the person you need to talk to....

    1.2 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Andrew |Executive Chairman & Director

    ***** hour for telephone consultation. ...

    1.2 Days Later
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Pharmaceutical Industry

How pharma companies manage their alliances

  1. Profile Picture

    Karel |Chief Scientific Officer

    This is too vague. Can you, please tell me more about your intended project?...

    1.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Bruno |Member, Board of Directors

    I have worked on several alliance teams and would be happy to talk to you about it....

    2.4 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Jim |Managing Partner

    Not sure of the exact focus of this inquiry. Please provide more context. ...

    3 Hours Later
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Cross-industry Collaboration By Competitors

Dear experts, i am writing on behalf of a consulting firm that conducts expert interviews in support of industry-wide studies for many of the world's fortune 1000 companies. We are an authorized zintro partner. For a current study , we are seeking academia experts who can share their opinion and observations on cross-industry, intra-industry, cross-sector practices, where (usual) competitors would find ways to cooperated aiming for mutual benefits. Both theoretical and practical insights are valued. We are scheduling 45-60 minute discussions with experts, this week and we are happy to provide a compensation for each interview. If you kindly let me know your contact details (email/phone), i could provide more details on the study and standard process. We would welcome any referrals to other relevant experts as well. Best regards, kolyo

  1. Profile Picture

    Ed |Sr. Medical Science Liaison

    Call me at *****...

    4.2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    New |

    I have 16 years of expertise in Academia namely as Director of Research at the University California...

    5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Richard |Founder & CMO, Medical Consultant/Ambass

    Kolyo, Not sure what happened on first pass. Hopefully you will be able to access my online profil...

    7.5 Hours Later
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License Management

Need to appoint manager and do financial holding change

  1. Profile Picture

    Brian |Owner

    Can you provide more *****n. Thebrian.wilkerson at *****...

    1.3 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Sokol |President

    On the surface it appears as though I can be of assistance. I'm afraid I'll need a lot more details...

    3.2 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Jeff |CFO, Controller, Financial Analyst, Inte

    I have managed the Sales and ***** 2 Companies from *****. I have worked for Bank of Ame...

    3.7 Hours Later
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Star Alliance Network

Hello, this is richard becker and i am working on a personal mastery project for the whu- otto- beisheim-business school in germany. I need some answers of experts for the flight industry concerning the star alliance network. It is just 5 short questions with probably short answers. Please let me know if you would be so kind to answer those few things by sending me an email. I would really appreciate it and of course no answers will be published. Thanks a lot and kind regards

  1. Profile Picture

    William |Captain

    William Stout...

    1 Hour Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Andres |COO

    Hi William I can be of help if you like. 25 years in the airlines and now a frequent flyer of sever...

    1.9 Hours Later
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Telecommunication Procurement

Hi, i am looking for expertise in telecom procurement (enterprises procuring telecom services from carriers). Kindly reach out to me based on your level of comfort in discussing the below mentioned topics. 1. European mobile career specific: a. What are the advantages to contract with the free move alliance vs. Individual contracting locally with national carriers within the region? B. How do enterprises contract with freemove alliance? What are the negotiation levers they make use of while contracting with freemove alliance? What are the specific steps encountered while transitioning from local sourcing towards freemove alliance? C. What are the current strengths of at&t within the eu for providing fixed line data solutions and services? D. What experience does at&t have within the eu for managing sub-contractors? E. How will the recent performance regarding telefonica and de-bundling some of its products affect the service delivery for their services. F. What are the effects of the recent announce from bt regarding bt wholesale on enterprises procuring services from them? G. Does bt have operating licenses within all countries in eu to provide fixed voice? Can they provide a single managed service provision for all countries? 2. Global trends a. Is there a trend in commoditizing fixed voice by region or globally with one provider? B. What are the common key points to consider if awarded globally? 3. South america a. What is the current forecast for brazil with the upcoming world events scheduled?

  1. Profile Picture

    Chris |Director of Site Development

    Thank you for the inquiry. Unfortunately I cannot speak to the markets that you have referenced. My ...

    38 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Bora |Founder & Management Consultant

    As a former CEO of one of the Vodafone UK carriers ın Europe, it is my pleasure to assist you in re...

    7.6 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Norman |Managing Director

    High comfort. I have written RfPs....

    8 Hours Later
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Dlna Upnp

Im an enterprenuer looking for experts in dlna and upnp to fling content from mobile device to connected tv

  1. Profile Picture

    Biplab |Electronics, Sensor Design, IoT & IoT Bi

    Our team has extensive experience in IPTV area for last 7 years-please contact me as soon as possibl...

    2.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Gaurav |VP Sales

    Hello, We have DLNA prototype ready, we can provide the apk to him to check the app. For faster c...

    10.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Arindam |Director

    Hello, We are an Indian Software start-up. We primarily work on Mobile Apps. Can you please provide...

    6.9 Days Later
+4 Other Responses
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Behavioral Health Integration

Our client is looking to speak with a subject matter expert (sme) in one of these three key areas: pharmacological behavioral health intervention, substance use disorder, suicide prevention. They are aiming to learn more about suicide prevention and substance use disorder. They are also interested in updates about the behavioral health integration (bhi) compendium. This is a paid online workflow community, if open to participating, please consider answering the screener question below: do you consider yourself to be a subject matter expert in substance use disorder or suicide prevention? Please note that we are only interested in your personal point of view and are not seeking confidential information. Referrals are highly appreciated.

  1. Profile Picture

    Julie |Owner

    We actively work with our ***** prevent suicide. It is always our goal. I'm also familiar wi...

    2.3 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Andrew |Manager Constituent Services

    Yes, I am a SME as a experienced Master's level licensed counselor in NM for over 15 years. What is ...

    2.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Gabriella |Psychiatrist

    I am a board certified ***** 4th year out of training. My hourly ***** $250...

    2.8 Hours Later
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Labour Billing Rates Latin America

I am looking for someone who could help me with facilities management based labour billing rates request for latin america (brazil, chile and argentina). I would like to know the billing rates in the aforementioned geography for profiles such as alliance director, commercial manager, financial analyst etc.

  1. Profile Picture

    Simona |Business Consultant/Financial/HR Manager

    Hi Sujit, here is my quote....

    7.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Shyam |CFO Advisor

    very knowledgeable about labor billing given some of the facilities we set up in ***** assist...

    1.2 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Adedamola |President / CEO

    Hi There, I can provide you with the right level of expertise. I am Professional Engineer, Project ...

    1.4 Days Later
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Case studies by the american natural gas alliance on the pros and cons of fracking

  1. Profile Picture

    John |Contracts and Supply Chain Consultant

    I have worked at one of the largest frac service companies in their supply chain function in Houston...

    4 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Frank |Sales Manager

    Is there anyone who needs to purchase La2O3 ***** FFC?...

    33 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    S |

    I have 25 years of experience financing energy companies, with the majority of these involving oil a...

    1.2 Hours Later
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We are looking to get connected with experts who understand the vaccine market in africa - senior professionals from who, gavi, gates foundation, clinton foundation etc. - senior professionals from vaccine manufacturing companies

  1. Profile Picture

    Mary |Research Development

    not my area, sorry...

    7.7 Days Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Vikram |Consultant

    Medical Doctor with 10years Experience in various pharma & Clinical research domains : clinical Oper...

    16.4 Days Later
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Digital Signal Processing

Hi! rnd64 (a member of zeo alliance, ukrainian it company) looking for a specialist to work on hello egg - project (https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=ypld1rcjmrs) to design and develop voice trigger solution for voice operated smart assistant device. We need expert with: • strong knowledge of digital audio signal processing theory and principles • understanding of spatial audio and acoustics signal processing • audio algorithms: agc; aec; noise reduction/suppression; eq; iir/fir filters; beamforming and multi-band compression • automatic speech recognition in adverse conditions, hidden markov models, audio bit-rate reduction theory • working experience with matlab.

  1. Profile Picture

    FRED |President


    5.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Chakravarthy |President & CEO

    Hi, These are all *****nologies requiring many, many years of development experience a...

    6.4 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Frank |Physicist, CEO

    Greetings: I am a PhD physicist, ***** electrical engineer with experience working on i...

    8.6 Hours Later
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