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Recent Alternative Investments Inquiries

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Hedge Fund Placement Agent

We are a u.S. Institutional investor looking to speak to an expert in hedge fund capital raising. We’re interested in getting an overall picture of the market – someone who can walk us through the standard process of raising capital for hedge funds, working with advisors during that process (who’s part of the team), what’s the timeline, pricing of their services, etc. Please respond with a summary of your qualifications and a few availability windows for a 1 hour consultation.

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    Private Money Re Funds Seeking Associate.

    We are a venture capital & private equity firm with various interests in partnerships ranging across all industries. One of our partnerships is with a private money lender based out of west coast that is growing exponentially due to the following: 1. There is always demand for private funds related to real estate. 2. Three of the competitors with capitalization of over $3b are out of business which leaves us huge inflow of deals and a market to capitalize on. 3. We have a very strong track record of paying high dividends 10-12% to our investors on a monthly basis with investments ranging from 6 months to 10 years. 4. We have been extended a number of lines of credit, but limited due to restrictive nature of the capital markets. We have a recently formed active funds, one of which will run a $50-$100m portfolio swaps on a monthly basis. We are seeking an associate who has contacts with private & institutional investors who are looking to invest in our proven funds, either for short term or long term investments. All of our portfolios are over collateralized and we only lend to investors on first deed of trust. Ideal candidate will get a fee of the funds raised & invited to be an equity partner based on the funds raised to benefit from monthly dividend distributions.

    1. Profile Picture

      Joseph |CEO

      I can raise capital for your funds depending on the company, track record, principals, etc. I would ...

      30 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Junior |CEO

      Greetings Rahim, I'd be interested in knowing more about your ***** learn more of how I c...

      37 Minutes Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Ron |President

      Hello and thank you for reaching out. I would like to know more. Please let me know how I can contac...

      1.3 Hours Later
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    International Finance & Investments (venture Capital & Private Equity)

    Seeking partner(s) who are interested to work with me with potential projects/proposals mainly based in the asia-pacific region. I'm looking for experts to work with where they are able to recommend projects/proposals that requires funding/investments. Presently, i represent a number of private investors, venture capitalists and trust funds (mainly located in china and other parts in the asia-pacific region) whereby they invest/lend globally in potential proposals such as it, telecommunications, oil&gas, real estate developments, renewable energy, green projects,mining (au, silver,copper, etc)

    1. Profile Picture

      Michael |Consultant

      Hi Vincent, happy to help you out with this. I see a steady flow of deals in the areas you mention....

      4 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Joe |Vice Chairman

      I am interested....

      9 Minutes Later
    3. Profile Picture


      Hi Vincent Please contact me as I have a number of potential projects that could be interesting for ...

      43 Minutes Later
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    Green Energy Hedge Fund

    I would like to take over three related corporations in the uk that deals with sustainable & renewable green energy all over asia and africa that incorporates production of biodiesel, bioethanol, biomass, forestation & reforestation over million of hectares of lands. One of the subsidiaries sells hedge funds like commodities hedge funds to their client in the uk.

    1. Profile Picture

      Peter |CFO, COO, Alternative Investments Risk M

      Hi, I am not an expert in green investing but I can talk you through the important principles of hed...

      26 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      mike |SVP;

      I can help. I have worked on acquisitions of companies. I am ***** a green energy company...

      1.2 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Peter H |General Partner Innovis Investments

      How can i help you? with kind regards, Peter...

      1.9 Hours Later
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    Hedge Fund Operations

    We are a global research firm and an authorized zintro partner. We are looking for experts knowledgeable about hedge fund industry in us ( example: citadel, millenium, bridgewater, pineriver) . Ideal experts should be very familiar with outsourced operations in this industry. Kindly respond with a brief description of your background in this area and share your contact details to set up the initial call.

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      Investment Due Diligence/deal Screening

      I need help understanding the investment due diligence process / deal screening process used by hedge funds, private equity firms, and venture capital firms. I think the easiest way is to pick a specific stock ticker/deal/company and do a case study. We would walk through the analysis (financial, operations, competitive landscape, etc.) and then reach a go/no go decision. I would likely need many follow up calls to examine different cases. I currently work with all of the investment fund types mentioned above (hf, pe, vc) and would be glad to share the overall trends of what i see. Ps- i will look at fund of fund at a later time; my focus now is on primary investment due diligence.

      1. Profile Picture

        Marcia |President

        Just to clarify, you would be doing the case study and we would review it on the phone? Thanks, Mar...

        12 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Mark |consultant

        Given you might have searched on Zintro, for VC venture capital, please read my profile. I know vc...

        24 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Charles Francis |CEO & Keeper of the Vision

        Mr. Bacon has multiple *****, and is ***** as the CEO, Founder, and Keeper of the Vision...

        58 Minutes Later
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      Capital Relationship

      Seeking experts in capital relationships re: product launch via euro exchange name: innovative fixed-income product design description: we have designed an escalating income stream product that has the ability to increase its roi over the maturity of the note. In addition to one of the worlds largest law firms being our counsel, we have top-tier service providers involved related to respective expertise. The funds sought are for related pre-launch requirements and can be structured as working capital, a revenue share relationships or a term loan. Areas of expertise: seeking experts and/or principles involved in fund raising, private equity, hedge funds, fixed-income products, primary lenders, capital sources, banks, european investment product distribution and/or capital partner relationship formation. Ineligible experts: any intermediary type provider, business broker or similar type source.

      1. Profile Picture

        Susan |Chairman

        I have over 20 years experience as a PE placement agent. Kindly contact me asap in NY 212 319 4389. ...

        19 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Karen |Managing Partner

        Dear Sir, I would like to introduce you our company - Standart nv IB - we provide financial advisory...

        1.1 Days Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Robert |Lead Manager

        I Am Very Versed In Leverage Financing (LBO's) And *****ange...Please Let Me Know More?...

        7.8 Days Later
      +7 Other Responses
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      Fixed Income Technology

      Technologists at institutional financial services firms, focused on solutions for trading and processing fixed income products (bonds, swaps, etc.) are required by our us firm for paid interviews. Firm types should include but are not limited to asset managers, hedge funds, broker-dealers, investment banks, etc. Us and europe preferred.

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        Venture Capital Hedge Fund

        Start up hedge fund looking for help to raise capital. We have trading strategy which was used in major financial institutions during last six years and it expertise to build production trading system based on this strategy. The strategy has historical sharpe ratio of 3 and above with return of 20 percent and higher. We need help to raise the start up capital. If you interested to discuss in details please let me know. Vladimir **** . .

        1. Profile Picture

          Mark |Chairman

          I am a VC experienced in Hedge Funds and Business Mentor - what sums are you looking for this busine...

          12.3 Hours Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Richard |Managing Partner

          I would be interested in having a further discussion with you, please contact me through revans at d...

          1.6 Days Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Rogério |CEO

          Send me ***** ...

          1.9 Days Later
        +4 Other Responses
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        Hedge Fund Marketing

        I need to get a new hedge fund off the ground. I seek capital either as investment or seed, i am open to all options. I am interested in 3rd party marketing for a startup fund where the manager has previous experience and a track record with approximately 5 million aum. Traded successfully through 2008 and 2009 difficult environments. 18 years in the business. Do contact me if you are in a similar situation, and are interested in partnering do not contact me if you are looking to win commission business for your firm unless you are willing to provide funds or startup support for this venture. Trading is very active for this style and large commissions will be generated after the fund is up and running. Also, do not contact me if you are looking to sell me a service for a fee upfront or you are expecting to me to bring investors to you.

        1. Profile Picture

          James |Research Director

          I would need to look at an audited track record first....

          21 Minutes Later
        2. Profile Picture

          simon |Attorney

          Hi Seth, I am an attorney focused on small hedge fund start-ups. I have helped numerous funds struc...

          22 Minutes Later
        3. Profile Picture

          david |coo

          Seth I am interested in discussing, we are putting together a emerging manager ***** are work...

          56 Minutes Later
        +10 Other Responses
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        Alternative Investment Capital Raising

        Sme investment fund

        1. Profile Picture

          James |Research Director

          I work in the CTA space raising capital for emerging managers. Happy to connect and talk further if ...

          36 Minutes Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Mangesh |Strategy & Design Engineering

          Dear AlteJMhSQ8, Hi this is Mangesh, I have worked with *****ty and venture capital firms f...

          39 Minutes Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Francesco |Consultant

          i just open a fund, maybe i can help you for the start up phase....

          2 Hours Later
        +6 Other Responses
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        Private Equity & Venture Capital

        An independent sponsor with $200 million of deal flow in the single-family rental market. The deal flow consists of $120 million of debt already underwritten with a five-year non-recourse loan at 6.5% interest. Seeking only private equity representatives willing to take 51% ownership interest (open to negotiations on ownership interest) of the spv’s per-securitization. Presently not seeking consultants with private equity relationships unless accepting a performance success fee structure. All aspects of the deal are in place except the equity slice. We will also consider preferred equity representatives as well. Independent sponsor compensation mechanics applies: 2% origination fee 5% monitoring fee equity incentive (negotiable)

        1. Profile Picture

          Samuel |Principal

          Interesting proposition, like to review your PPM with my partners during our meeting on December 11....

          11.9 Days Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Thomas |CEO

          i would like to see more ...

          22.8 Days Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Riccardo |CEO, CFO

          We are interested to go deeper in the project. I am trustee of a Commercial (Investment) Trust...

          25.3 Days Later
        +3 Other Responses
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