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Recent Auto Leases Inquiries

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Motor Vehicle Title Management

Our us research firm is interested in a phone consultation with an expert in the area of motor vehicle title management and processing and technology for both passenger and commercial motor vehicles in the united states. These would be the title services that auto finance organizations, banks and other lenders might procure for auto loan post-closing purposes. We are most interested in two service segments: title processing and title management across both new and used vehicles. The ideal expert might be/have been in an operational role at an organization that procures these services such as a bank or other, or be involved in selling these services. Example questions might be: how do you define title management versus title processing? Who are the key stakeholders? What are some of the challenges lenders and others have in managing vehicle title registrations? Are they different with passenger versus commercial vehicles? What problems are banks and other lenders trying to solve by hiring third party companies to assist in their title processing and title management? Who are some of the top service providers? What is their reputation? What is the market size for both title processing and title management, or where might we find relevant statistics? What are some of the key trends in the industry, where is it headed in the future? Referrals are also welcome, thank you.

  1. Profile Picture

    Steve |Auto Mediator diminished value auto appr

    I have 20+ years in the automotive field including gm at a major market auto auction including titli...

    34 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Rich |CEo

    I have 20 plus years in dealing with title management and processing. Please feel free to call me an...

    1 Hour Later
  3. Profile Picture

    John |President & CEO

    I am very comfortable discussing all aspects of title flow, process, recovery, paper & ELT, servicer...

    1.5 Hours Later
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Automobile Industry In India And Thailand

Hi. I work for a prominent expert network working in partnership with zintro. We would like to source multiple experts on behalf of an institutional investor. Specifically, we are looking for the following: would like to connect with experts in automobile industry in thailand and india, those with experience at japanese oems like nissan, honda and toyota would be most welcomed. Those with r&d division background preferred.

  1. Profile Picture

    steve |Docotral Researcher - Automotive project

    Please contact me this is my field. ...

    6.4 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Prabir |GM & Head R&D

    I am from Automotive R&D in India . Need more inputs to confirm . However , you could see my linkedi...

    8.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Ian |Head of Vehicle Interiors

    I have been in he auto industry nearly 30 years know they industry extremely well in all three conti...

    10.6 Hours Later
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Automobile Testing And Inspection

I would like to establish contacts with experts in automobile testing, inspection and certification industry for a telephonic interviews to have an understanding about the type approval, homologation, product development testing etc. Segments: passenger cars, buses, trucks, electric vehicles, auto components

  1. Profile Picture

    Barrett |President, CEO

    While I have experience in inspecting vehicles ***** collision *****ges and repair qual...

    2.1 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Oscar |CEO

    My experience in testing and ***** in the andean countries (Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuado...

    3.2 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Benoit |Project Engineer

    Hello, I have worked for 9 years on electric vehicle R&D development. I have performed validation, ...

    7.4 Hours Later
+9 Other Responses
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Automobile Components

We are manufacturer of automobile components and terminal blocks for last 40 years, we are oem to japanese companies. Wish to supply the same in india. People with contacts in automobile and appliance manufacturing industry please do contact us

  1. Profile Picture

    Tarun |Partner

    Hi, I am a automobile consultant and have contacts within automobile industry in India. Could you p...

    3.4 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Marc |Chief Executive Manager

    Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, this is outside my area of expertise and I cannot help y...

    3.7 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Tushar |Director, Consulting

    Kon'nichiwa, i work with EMMAAA, an India based, Automotive Research and Consulting firm specializin...

    4.3 Hours Later
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Automotive Leasing And Residual Value Determination

Seeking expert to discuss how automotive residual values are established as well as potentially how residual value is insured. Policy was written stating that residual values would be based "off of" manhiem and black book". Now there is a dispute as to what that means, and how much latitude an insured has to adjust those values for factors that he identifies in the market. This issue is historical, deals with alleged losses in 2001-2002.

  1. Profile Picture

    Doug |Manager

    I have been in the leasing business since 1990 and have extensive experience with Manheim and black ...

    16.4 Hours Later
+1 Other Responses
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Commercial Truck Leasing

We are a prominent nyc-based expert network and an authorized zintro partner. Our client has an immediate need to conduct phone consults with multiple experts with previous experience at commercial truck leasing companies. Ideal candidates should be able to discuss typical commercial truck lease offerings, what services are included, and the range of prices for those offerings. This project has a budget.

  1. Profile Picture

    susanta panda |ceo

    dear sir, I have vast experience of transport and Commercial leasing practice. i can give you insigh...

    21 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    William |President/CEO

    I am a *****ultant specializing in fleet ***** has multiple years experience...

    35 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Bhawesh |Zintro Expert

    I am not familiar with legal parameter in NYC . In case, the same is required in case of India or i...

    4.5 Days Later
+5 Other Responses
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Interested in meeting serious busy minded people that are willing to invest in automobile venture. For more information, visit www.***************.Com; email. ************@******* or call+***************

  1. Profile Picture

    Phil |Principal

    Sorry but this system blocks out email address's, names, websites, phone #'s. So, I'm not quite sure...

    1.6 Hours Later
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Automobile Industry

We are looking for experts in the automobile industry who can comment on the following: 1. Can you talk about thailand's/indonesia's second hand car market? 2. What are the manufacturing/distribution partners used by auto-oems in thailand/indonesia? Are they dedicated to a single oem? 3. Who are the key component suppliers thailand/indonesia? Are they dedicated to a single oem? 4. How should a new market entrant handle manufacturing/distribution and local component sourcing in thailand and indonesia? 5. What is an ideal manufacturing strategy to meet 40% local content requirement? What are the advantages of 40% local content requirement? 6. What is your perception on electrical vehicles in thailand and indonesia? How is the infrastructure and government policy shaping up for the same? Regards.

  1. Profile Picture

    Rich |Sales Development Manager


    9.5 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Tim |Managing Principal

    I am not familiar with the Asian automobile market....

    3.3 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Ramprasad |Zintro Expert

    I don't have first hand knowledge of Thailand and Indonesia markets, but I can research, find field ...

    4 Days Later
+4 Other Responses
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Automotive Ecommerce

We are looking to speak to paid customers/user of roadster for a 1-hour research call about your use cases, purchasing decision, evaluation of other competitors/players in the space. We are looking to have a better understanding of the online to in-store retail of automotive vehicles. Roadster, which provides an omnichannel retail software for automotive dealerships.This would be for a 1 hour paid consultation. Please respond with your answers to the questions below with a few availability windows for a paid phone consult;1. Were you the individual who was responsible for evaluating, selecting, and implementing roadster at your organization and would you be able to speak to roadster features, pros, and cons? 2. Did you also evaluate other similar vendors besides roadster?

  1. Profile Picture

    Cherie |CFO / COO

    Would be available for consult...

    3.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Nate |Digital Marketing Manager

    I certainly can help with that, as I helped oversee the ***** Roadster at my dealership. ...

    3.8 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Brian |Partner

    Sure- no problem. World Wide Results provides cutting-edge advertising to Automotive Dealers lookin...

    21.1 Hours Later
+17 Other Responses
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Automobile Industry

Ford marks 100th year of its assembly line. An automobile industry expert is needed who could speak about about the current situation in the auto market. This is for a weekly tv-show in central nj

  1. Profile Picture

    Dave |Finance Expert

    Contact Dennis Derosiers at for possibly the most informed auto industry expert in ...

    39 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Chuck |CEO/President

    Chuck Barker ***** http://*****/?s=chuck+barker...

    40 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Larry |President, Auto Business Problem Solver

    Hello Producer, weekly TV-show in Central NJ Please see my Profile. Re: Larry Sn...

    21.1 Days Later
+4 Other Responses
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Automobile Design

I am looking to connect with one or more experts for design model for clay&hard,carbon in automobile.

  1. Profile Picture

    HUDSON |Senior Engineer

    hi Pls contact me:: I am working with Ford Motors...

    24.4 Days Later
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Automobile Industry

Looking for an expert in automobile, specifically bmw cars. Willing to act as expert witness in court

  1. Profile Picture

    Sven |Technical Consultant

    I worked for BMW in the engineering department and I'm pretty sure that I can help you. Please conta...

    6 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Rakesh |Account Manager

    Hi Mala, what kind of expertise you are looking at; Like in marketing ***** production. ...

    2.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    brignon |CEO ARIA EV

    Having 10 years experience in Renault Nissan, including vehicule manufacturing and ramp-up, I'm inte...

    14.2 Days Later
+6 Other Responses
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