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Recent Biology Inquiries

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Molecular Biology

I need to hire a molecular biology consultant for a future project. I live in northern california and im looking to recruit a molecular biology consultant for a project pertaining to genetic engineering

  1. Profile Picture

    John |Principal Investigator, Research Project

    I've done a PhD in Molecular Biology, plus ~15y experience beyond that. I will help you if I can. Ar...

    9 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Fernando |Dr.

    You are looking a consultant to work in person or by phone/mail?...

    14 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Promila |Research Scientist

    I have 12 years of experience in molecular biology, specially vector design, recombinant proteins ex...

    1 Hour Later
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Molecular Biology

Areas: molecular biology, oncology tasks: smes will provide help for developing course materials and will also perform or support training for members of medical teams, molecular pathologists, phd level molecular biologists, biochemists, and medical device consultants. Duration: apprx 6 months full time location: us, but will need to travel across us and possibly germany & some other countries in europe as well education / skill: ph.D. Or equivalent level in molecular biology / oncology with a fairly good academic / research track record. Should have good knowledge of us and european medical accreditation.

  1. Profile Picture

    Terry |President

    I have over 30 years of experience in developing Molecular Diagnostic assays. My previous position ...

    7.4 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Eugene |Scientific Director

    Dear Colleagues, I'm MD, Trainer and medical trainings Organizer. location - Poland, ready for trav...

    8.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Saurabh |Postdoctoral Fellow

    I have more than 13 years of experience doing hard core research in Oncology, Immunology, Cell & Mol...

    8.8 Hours Later
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Molecular Biology

I am looking for an expert for ingredient dilution measuring. Please contact me for more information.

  1. Profile Picture

    VENKATA |Research Associate

    Hello I am an expert in all dilution *****ted to biochemistry and molecular biology. We ...

    29 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    François |Scientific Consultant

    Hello, are you still looking? i may be able to help you....

    19.9 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Vaka |Senior Molecular Biologist

    I can help as I had 20 years of experience on Molecular Biology and Biochemistry areas. In addition,...

    17.9 Days Later
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Cell Biology

Cell biologist needed to write sop and scope of work for an raw type cell assay. Involves human hsp10, interaction with tlr's and purity of protein samples such as svt2cdi and svt2a. Prefer west coast location.Possible monitoring of assays by acro included.

  1. Profile Picture

    Karl |CSO, Director of R&D

    I have experience in diabetes, glucose/insulin signal transduction, LPS stimulated agranulocytes, ...

    4.4 Days Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Elizabeth |President

    I am available for this project. I have a PhD in biochemistry with 20 yrs of development experience ...

    5 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Timothy |Investigator, Pediatric Hematology-Oncol

    I have several years of consulting experience in the ***** diabetes and a firm with expert sc...

    5 Days Later
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Scientist Molecular Biology/expression

Responsibilities: -support antibody cloning, antibody engineering and therapeutic candidate identification -design and express reagent proteins -plan, execute and troubleshoot experiments -examine data and prepare reports -maintain laboratory including equipment maintenance and ordering of supplies education: -master’s degree or bachelor’s degree with 8-10 years of directly related experience -ph.D. Degree with 0-3 relevant postdoctoral experience preferred requirements: -strong publication record and demonstrated expertise in protein expression and antibody engineering -highly skilled in molecular biology/dna technology techniques -extensive experience in v-gene cloning from hybridomas -experience in restriction enzyme dependent and independent (seamless) cloning -expertise in antibody engineering, bispecific antibody design and antibody humanization -knowledge in protein expression in multiple systems and/or purification, a plus -excellent team work and collaboration skills -demonstrated ability to work in a cross-functional environment -outstanding written and verbal communication skills -independent, innovative and creative thinker -detail oriented with strong organizational and time management skills -must be able to work in a fast paced, changing environment with demonstrated ability to manage multiple competing responsibilities with a high degree of self-motivation.

  1. Profile Picture

    Michel |Zintro Expert

    Hello, I have a strong molecular biology background and would be interested to know more about this ...

    10 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Paula |Zintro Expert

    Hello, I would be very interested in this position. I have a MS degree in Biotechnology and man...

    12.8 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Avanish |Zintro Expert

    Avanish K Varshney, PhD Senior Scientist, XBiotech Inc. Austin, TX Dear Human Resource Manag...

    1.1 Days Later
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Molecular Biology Lab Space

Interested in renting lab space in a well equipped molecular biology laboratory to conduct experiments that may lead to business development.

  1. Profile Picture

    Sivakumar |Associate Professor


    4 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Louis |Scientist, Project Manager, Scientific /

    Too bad you are in Philly and not in San Diego. We are opening a lab "for rental by the bench", in C...

    31 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Lewis |CEO

    What mol biol equipment do you require?...

    42 Minutes Later
+8 Other Responses
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Therapeutic Antibody Biologics Development

Seeking a senior consultant (phd or md) with experience leading therapeutic antibody biologics development program. Strong background in immunology particularly focused on nk cell and nkt cell biology. Additional experience in moving therapeutic antibody from r&d to phase 1 studies.

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    Translational Cardiac Repair Biology

    We are a small biotech company developing drugs to help the heart regenerate cardiac tissue after a heart attack. We are currently applying for various funding mechanisms (including grants) and looking for a consultant with translational experience in the biology of cardiac repair, e.G. Pre-clinical experimental studies in rats and pig models, evaluating both functional endpoings via echo's, mris or histopathological endpoints, to round out our team for current and future development projects.

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      Molecular Biology

      Is it true that "molecular biology has proven that variations in skin color and other presumed racial characteristics develop through recombinations of dna in only a few generations"? I am writing a book and need to cite this statement, but don't remember from where i pulled the quote. Can you help

      1. Profile Picture

        Eduardo |Project manager and scientific researche

        Dear Author2U, In addition to apologizing for the *****y, I wanted to let you know that I was u...

        13.2 Days Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Thanemozhi |Research Instructor

        Hi Author2U, Besides *****, you can also have single nucleotide polymorphisms contributi...

        62.2 Days Later
      +2 Other Responses
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      Cell Biology

      This is a full time employment opportunity for a cell biology scientist in the san francisco area. The successful candidate will play an integral role as a key team member of a group focused supporting our therapeutic candidate discovery efforts as well as on the development and characterization of high productivity manufacturing cho cell lines. The successful candidate will be highly skilled in cell biology and state-of-art recombinant protein expression technologies. Extensive experience in high titer expression of proteins in mammalian cell culture systems is required. Additional expertise in transfection and selection of stable cell lines, single cell cloning, and evaluation of clonal cell lines for productivity and product quality is highly desired. In addition, knowledge and background in protein biosynthesis and trafficking is a plus. Responsibilities: -generate recombinant proteins and antibodies to support discovery research -troubleshoot/optimize expression of difficult to express recombinant proteins -perform activities associated with production/manufacturing cell line generation and optimization; including transfection, selection, single cell cloning, high throughput screening, cell banking, etc. -may support early stage process development efforts -analyze, interpret and effectively present data at group and team meetings, work collaboratively and cross-functionally to achieve common goals. -may supervise and mentor scientific staff required skills: -highly skilled in cell biology and aseptic cell culture of mammalian cells -extensive experience in expressing proteins in transient expression and stable systems and knowledge/skills in molecular biology and protein biochemistry are highly desired qualifications: -preferred qualification: ph.D. Degree with 1-3 years of relevant postdoctoral experience. -minimum qualification: master’s degree or bachelor’s degree with 8-10 years of direct relevant experience. -strong publication record and demonstrated expertise in cell biology, protein expression and related fields.

      1. Profile Picture

        Ryen |Zintro Expert

        Ryen MacDonald 2710 Grand Ave Apt 61 San Diego, CA ***** November 17, 2015 Re: Scientist Dear Hir...

        1.1 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Dr Sumant |Biopharma Biologics Process and Manufact

        interested for this job...

        7.5 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Monireh |Zintro Expert

        Dear Sir/Madam, I am interested to apply. Please see my *****ile "*****.researchg...

        8.2 Hours Later
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      Molecular Biology

      Need molecular biology expert. For plasmid maxi prep, i started a 100 ml culture in n ampicillin lb broth from a 2 week old 2 ml lb-amp culture from 4 deg c. The 100 ml culture grew well overnight. I did not see a dna pellet after isopropanol step while i saw dna pellets from 3 other simultaneous maxi preps where 100 ml culture was inoculated from fresh 2ml cultures. All plasmids are high copy. I used qiagen endofree maxi prep kit. I need to know why i did not get dna pellet in first plasmid while the 100 ml culture grew well from old 2 ml culture.

      1. Profile Picture

        Aamir |Consultant

        Two weeks of storage is close to the maximum viability time for E.coli at 4C. I suspect that reduce...

        33 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        David |Associate Professor

        I may have some ideas about your problem. Please contact me through Zintro....

        34 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Paul |Principal Scientist and Director, Pharma

        call Qiagen...

        1.5 Hours Later
      +26 Other Responses
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      Marine Biology And Aquaculture

      Looking for an expert on the biology of oysters

      1. Profile Picture

        Francisco |Associate

        Dear Sir/Madam, Mexecom SA specializes in bivalve production. We are producers but also offer consul...

        3.4 Days Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Fergal |Managing Director

        Hi I am an oyster farmer and marine biologist, if you give me more details I can let you know if I a...

        3.4 Days Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Gianluca |Fisheries and aquaculture specialist

        Please, kindly contact me, when suitable. Looking forward to hear from you, let me thank you, Mad...

        31.3 Days Later
      +3 Other Responses
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