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Recent Carbon Neutral Process Inquiries

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Carbon Capture And Storage (ccs)


  1. Profile Picture

    Robin |Petroleum Economics Manager

    Hi Suzanne, I was replying to the inquiry of 12th August - I understood it was part of a search for...

    12 Days Later
  2. Profile Picture

    CheeHong |Manager

    Dear Justlooking, may I know the ***** the job please? thanks...

    23.1 Days Later
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Carbon Credit

I am looking for a carbon credit consultant in the united states

  1. Profile Picture

    Leonard |Managing Director

    Hi - we are able to assist. Best. Len...

    5.3 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Samrat |Project Manager

    Though I am from India but if you accept remote support I am ready to take it up. My detailed cv is ...

    5.6 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Guneet |Analyst

    Hi I would like to assist you with my past experience in carbon credits while working on UNFCCC CDM...

    7.8 Hours Later
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Carbon Capture And Storage

I represent a trade association of fibrous insulation manufacturers. I am requesting a short summary or presentation on carbon capture at an upcoming meeting at national harbor, maryland (washington, dc). The presentation could take place via telephone or by attednance at the association's meeting on tuesday, may 14, 2013 between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm (eastern). The presentation could be between 15 minutes to a half hour. If such a presentation is possible, please contact me at 703-684-0084 or by e-mail as indicated herein. Sincerely, angus***

  1. Profile Picture

    Steve |Consulting geologist and petroleum engin

    Angus, please provide more *****rding what you are looking for with respect to CCS. R...

    8 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Naveed |Global R&D Manager

    Hello, I have been actively involved in this area for almost last 8 years. I have worked on carbon ...

    1.2 Hours Later
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Manufacturing Activated Carbon

I need your help for manufacturing activated carbon. Could you please provide me the details for starting the manufacturing company and the users of activated carbon. If anyone here from the company where activated carbon is used then it will be so helpful for me. Regards, swagat

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    Carbon Based Feedstock

    Looking for a sales consultant/ expert in carbon/ carbon based feedstock/ carbon credits to share detailed market insights and information on the following: 1) knowledge of comparison of carbon based feedstock (cbfs) between coal-based (coal tar & anthracene oil) and petroleum based (fluid catalytic cracking decant oil & ecr); difference in cost, pricing and percentage/ quantity yield of derived carbon black? 2) supplier landscape- top suppliers of cbfs for north america, and brazil, russia, india, & china (bric) nations; present supply-demand situation- who is supplying the largest percentage of carbon and what is the corresponding percentage market share of the top ten suppliers; and next 3-5 years? 3) which are the largest consumers? What is there geographic location? Is there a relationship between their carbon use and their location? If there is, what is this relationship and it’s importance? 4) which are the largest markets, the present production methods and corresponding yields? Price advantages due to domestic processes or supply? 5) knowledge of potential environmental legislative impacts on cbfs market. 6) what is your experience or ability in establishing an internal seller’s market based upon a known quantity and consistent supply of material? Given the following: 1) created carbon ~23,000 metric tons 2) carbon credits for reduction/sequestration of green house gases (ghg) ~ 1.8mm units 7) for the above saleable products- carbon and the carbon credits, please answer the following as appropriate: what are the different grades available on the market? What feedstock results in the best grades of carbon? What is the best sales cost per pound based upon grades? What are the highest margin applications for the carbons based upon their grades? 8) what is the size/volume of the activated carbon/ charcoal market- household/ commercial/ industrial/ medical? 9) which of the applications has the largest volume? And which consequently has the highest valued market? Who are at present the largest suppliers? What are the obstacles to entry into the market as a supplier? Is there an open internet market? 10) what is the best method to leverage on the open market a known and consistent quantity of carbon of varying grades, and carbon credits? What is the outlook for the future of the above markets? 11) how would you prepare to participate in the entry of carbon or carbon feedstock sales for the following: activated charcoal charcoal carbon black- tire & non-tire rubber production biochar 12) would you have or be able to exploit the following potential contacts: 1) carbon credit purchaser for major ground/ air transportation company? 2) national water association contact for activated charcoal

    1. Profile Picture

      zhengrong |Assistant Professor

      If you are looking for new feedstock of carbon *****, let us discuss more details...

      42 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Matthew |Consultant

      expert in carbon black with working knowledge of other ***** mention. ...

      5.1 Hours Later
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    Carbon Footprint Analysis

    We are working on a project and would like to speak with an expert who has deep insight in the carbon footprint analysis industry, including: 1. What are the differences in scope 1, 2, and 3? Who is buying which project type? 2. How does the end-user population segment between industrial (o&g, chemical plant, refineries) and non-industrials (cpgs)? 3. How frequently is the service being done? Are there any companies that specialize in this service? What’s the competitive landscape like? Please respond to these questions in your response. Thanks!

    1. Profile Picture

      Doug |CEO - Founder

      Hi Brooke, I would be able to provide specific ***** you based on my 13 years of carbon foo...

      7 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Ryan |Owner

      I have over 5 years of carbon footprint measurement for leading Fortune 1000 *****....

      1.9 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Nigel |Principal Advisor, Sustainability

      Brooke-Beatt, Various types of support are available to you in developing your knowledge and the pr...

      10.3 Hours Later
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    Low Carbon Technology

    Low-carbon business in brazil (international tender) 1. Overall objective the greening of industries by adopting low-carbon technology (including energy efficiency) in areas such as energy production and consumption, transport, manufacturing process, waste management, agriculture and forestry. The service provider will be responsible for the technical assistance for: (a) mapping of existing low-emission initiatives in the targeted sectors in brazil to identify technology needs and gaps in order to avoid duplication of ongoing efforts. This will include not only brazilian initiatives, but also existing member state actions on low emission in brazil. The mapping should also identify potential, suitable financing institutions and instruments that could fund the implementation of the bankable proposals to be elaborated under phase 2; (b) identification and mobilisation of potential, interested partners in brazil and europe in the targeted sectors resulting in declarations of interest in cooperation with european counterparts; 2. Eligibility participation is open to all natural persons who are nationals and legal persons (participating either individually or in a grouping (consortium) of tenderers) which are effectively established in a member state of the european union or in an eligible country or territory. Participation is also open to international organizations. All supplies under this contract must originate in ​one​ or more of these countries. However, they may originate from any country when the amount of the supplies to be purchased is below 100 000 eur per purchase; technical capacity: the candidate has provided services under at least 2 contracts each with a budget ​​of at least 3 000 000 eur in fields related to this contract, which were implemented at any moment during the following period: 30.11.2011–31.12.2014. This means that the project the candidate refers to could have been started or completed at any time during the indicated period but it does not necessarily have to be started and completed during that period, nor implemented during the entire period, the candidate has worked successfully on at least 1 project, preferably in latin america, with a budget of at least 3 000 000 eur in fields related to this contract in the past 3 years (declaration of successful performance to be annexed). ​​please contact me asap if​: ​>​ your organization has ​such​ portfolio​/competencies and want​s​ our ​support for this bidding process; ​ ​> if you wish to recommend ​or join ​a reliable prospective partnership​ for this ​or similar ​tender​s/calls​​; > ​​if you want to ​hire ​a ​monitoring ​(alert) ​of calls/tenders​ customized to your organization´s profile and priorities​​. ​feel free to ask for further information and schedule an on-line meeting at your earliest convenience. ​ best regards, ana

    1. Profile Picture

      Fred |CEO,plastics engineer etc,Mfg. Mgr,

      Interested here ...

      5.7 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Richard |Environmental Engineering Consultant

      I have considerable experience in low-carbon and CO2 capture and burial from fossil fuels also exper...

      7.2 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Sergio |Chemical Engineer / Auditor

      Auditor in CDM, in recent years, experience in audititng and development of project ***** the ...

      8.5 Hours Later
    +9 Other Responses
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    Carbon Black

    We are seeking an expert witness for a legal project. The testifying expert should have process engineering experience with carbon black manufacturing. Would this be of an interest to you? You would be paid on an hourly basis for your knowledge of carbon black manufacturing processes. If not, do you have any professional associates with this experience? Please forward your resume to begin the discussions. Regards, denis

      +undefined Other Responses
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      Manufacturing Activated Carbon

      I'm sriram, director, of a manufacturing company in visakhapatnam. We are looking into the industry of activated carbon manufacturing from coconut shell. We would like to consult any good person who can help us in this regard, who have good idea on market study, prospective customers, business planning and complete knowledge and who could guide us completely on how to set up a manufacturing industry at visakhapatnam.

        +undefined Other Responses
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        Carbon Footprint Analysis, India

        I am looking for an expert for carbon footprinting in india. We are an organisation looking to assess our carbon footprint and ghg disclosure reporting. Please contact me through znote.

        1. Profile Picture

          Stewart |Energy Consultant

          Hi - I am interested in this - I have carried out carbon surveys and footprinting for companies in t...

          21 Minutes Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Leonard |Managing Director

          Hi, we have the requisite skills to assist but do not have offices in India. If it is not a pre-requ...

          38 Minutes Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Silvia |Research forester- climate change

          Hello. I do have the expertise you are looking for, although I am not based in India. I would be gla...

          10.2 Hours Later
        +14 Other Responses
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        Carbon Nanotubes

        Need an industry expert on carbon nanotubes market specifically for swcnt. We are looking for information on the following data points: 1. Current production and demand scenario 2. Information on the competitive landscape and major players 3. Potential of the market in next 10 years.

          +undefined Other Responses
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          Pyrolytic Carbon Black

          We need a consultant for two objectives: introduce treatment machinery to remove ash from pyrolytic carbon black or find suitable market to sell recovered pyrolytic carbon black from waste tires as it is.

          1. Profile Picture

            Martin |Independent advisor

            Hello, I can help you market the recovered carbon black from tyre pyrolysis. I am in contact with ...

            2 Hours Later
          2. Profile Picture

            Onkar S |General Manager

            I have the expertize on manufacturing Carbon Black out of "End of life tyres"....

            16.3 Hours Later
          3. Profile Picture

            manohar |Zintro Expert

            we take carbon black ,pl.let me know the place where ur carbon black is located ,cont.*****...

            1.7 Days Later
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          A process in which the carbon emissions given off is neutral or neutralized as if no additional carbon emissions was given off in the first place then there had been at the beginning stages of production or process. This is usually completed through the use of carbon capture machines.

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