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Blinded Clinical Trials

I am looking for an expert who can guide me about the un-blinded monitoring process in blinded clinical trials and help me understand how pharma companies approach un-blinded monitoring. Do they source from a single supplier/multiple suppliers or do they appoint an in-house un-blinded monitor. Please get in touch asap. This is a little urgent. Thanks!

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    Xavier |CEO

    I have a long experience of blinded clinical trial, even when blinding is challenging or even impos...

    10 Minutes Later
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    Vijay |Clinical Project Manager

    Hi there, I have experience in managing clinical trial project in different settings, industry & ac...

    2 Hours Later
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    Susanne |Independent Consultant, Director, Vice P

    Hi for your background ***** get up to speed, look into FDA's web site drugs side and check...

    4.7 Hours Later
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Life Science

Hi, i required a colleague with the expertise in the following in life sciences. Drug utilization compliance and persistence, lot, ltv, lifetime value of a patient sources of business (sob) concomitancy, dosing, titration, mono vs combo therapy, path of therapy off-label opportunity identification sources of business line of therapy unmet needs targeting new patient starts vs continuing kol, spheres of influence, molecular targeting hospital retail spillover based on patient profile promotional spend roi of dtc campaigns evaluation of c&p programs optimization of sample allocation promotion response promo mix optimization (e-detailing, m&e, dinner meetings, conferences, speaker program) sales forecast predictive modeling based on drug adoption patterns business strategy development strategic alliances, m&a co-promotion opportunities market assessment assess current dynamics identify market to compete in patient flow analysis map out maze of healthcare providers referral patterns movement within hospital health economic - outcomes research cost-benefit analyses of drugs impact of co-pay on c&p co-pay and plan pay price elasticity, pricing evidence-based medicine clinical trials physician recruitment based on patient profile patient recruitment criteria evaluation and tracking sales operations incentive compensation (based on indication) influence mapping and field implementation hospital sales force optimization based on hospital true value (hospitals sales + spillover)

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    Dale |Chief Scientific Officer

    I believe I can halp you out with some aspects of what you are seeking (Utilization, Opportunity ID,...

    8.3 Hours Later
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    Danny |Independent Consultant to Life Sciences

    I am part of a team of US-based senior pharmaceutical industry consultants with capabilities in comm...

    19.8 Hours Later
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    John |Consultant

    I have worked with Bio Tech and Bio Medical companies on clinical trials, *****llment protoco...

    1.1 Days Later
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