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Recent Data Center Inquiries

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Data Center Management

We are looking to speak with senior-level data center architects and data center operational managers in the us or europe who operate geographically distributed data centers and have expertise in the application software stack. Must be from companies of >$500m in revenue, where it spending represents about 3% or more of worldwide revenues. We seek a 60-minute conversation about current and future requirements for managing infrastructure that supports multi-datacenter software applications.

  1. Profile Picture

    Lee |x

    Good day, Unfortunately I do not meet your ***** luck in this endeavor. Best regard...

    2.8 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Jack |Consultant

    For the past 12 years have been with EMC (storage) and SunGard (*****ers), working with these ty...

    3.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    jsoe |VP Senior Consultant

    Available for consultant...

    1.3 Days Later
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Data Centers Market

We are a well established firm based in the us that is looking to research the data center space, specifically in the ashburn, virginia market. Ideally, we would be looking to speak with professionals that have experience in this market, within the areas of development, strategy, or acquisitions or other, that can offer to help us learn about this market. Please be sure to include your experience in your response. Thank you.

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    Data Center Power Management

    Looking for experts in data center power. Looking to connect with a data center facilities manager at a enterprise data center operation in the us to discuss power provisioning and stranded power capacity management amongst other power related challenges.

    1. Profile Picture

      Daniel |Project Engineer

      Am at your disposal for consulting....

      6 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Jay |Consultant, Engineer, Sales, Executive

      I am available for this engagement....

      58 Minutes Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Ken |facilities engineer

      Hello, I am responding to your request for someone with an extensive power management background. I...

      2.2 Hours Later
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    Data Center Models

    Hi all, we are assessing the capabilities of t-systems in cloud hosted data center model and accenture's traditional hosted (colocation) data center models and understand the cost-effectiveness, performance efficiencies, ease of access and use, etc.. with respect to each vendor. We are looking for industry experts who could guide us in this. Thank you!

    1. Profile Picture

      Biplab |Electronics, Sensor Design, IoT & IoT Bi

      We have *****er hosting experts-please contact me in ***** This will ...

      6 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      roberto |Mission Critical IT facilities consultan

      What do you need to know? Pls let me know how to be handy R sanchez...

      18 Minutes Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Shyam |VP of Finance

      Have implemented and selected Co ***** centers including Equinix and have done extensive eval...

      35 Minutes Later
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    Data Centers In Uk

    Hi i am an analyst who is working on building a knowledge base about data centers in united kingdom. I will be grateful if you are able to share your insights about the following criteria. *cost components breakdown for data center *cost drivers *recent trends in data center industry *future outlook kindly contact me if you are interested, thank you

    1. Profile Picture

      Mohamed |IT Technical Support Engineer

      I search for online job ***** IT field if you can help me to find one, please don't *****...

      3 Days Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Greg |National Business Development

      Send to me your email address and I will answer your questions....

      69.3 Days Later
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    Modular Data Center

    Hi, i am doing research on modular data center in europe. Would like to know the following details: 1. Top/specialized players in modular data center (other than cisco, dell, hp, ibm) 2. Sourcing best practices in europe for modular data center. Would like to have the information by thursday (21st may 2015, ist time) thanks.

    1. Profile Picture

      Aamar |Technology Solutions Architect/Consultan

      Hi I am a experienced professional who has extensive experience in *****er and cloud, I would be...

      1.2 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      ted |sales manager

      I am a *****re design and build consultant desaling with multiple manufacturers and integrators ...

      1.6 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Agostini |Technical consultant

      Hello i don't trust intro system but i can hemp you : 1. Top/Specialized Players in Modular *****...

      2 Hours Later
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    Ethernet Nic - Data Centers

    We are a zintro corporate partner. We are currently working with a client that is looking to better understand the competitive dynamics ethernet nic (network interface card) industry. 1) can you speak to the competitive dynamics in the ethernet nic market between intel, broadcom, mellanox and cavium? If so, in what capacity? 2) do you have a view on if mellanox is the current market leader in 25/50/100 gig ethernet nic market as they claim to be, and whether or not they can continue to be a key player going forward? The ideal candidate has direct experience with procurement of data center technology.

      +undefined Other Responses
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      Data Center Construction

      I am currently working on a project request from my client, to understand data center construction market in pennsylvania, usa. We are currently seeking support from key, industry subject matter experts in the following area: - to understand the industry price structure for core and shell construction of tier 3 data center in the pennsylvania, usa region. Example: - cost per kw critical load and it space. - cost per sq. F t for core shell construction. - what is the $ per square foot cost involved in construction of tier 3 data centers in pennsylvania, usa for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical industry like retail and financial services industry. - what is the referred material being used for shell(exterior) construction in the data center industry?

      1. Profile Picture


        Contact PTS *****er Solutions, Inc. to get firm price quote for modular containerized *****e...

        48 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Terry |President, Principal

        I have deep knowledge of the *****er construction market in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. And you...

        2.5 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Ron |CEO

        Dear Sir, I'm not working in Pensylvania but could help you with some ***** ***** built ...

        17.8 Hours Later
      +6 Other Responses
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      Data Center Co-location Services

      Hi all, looking for experts in data centre outsourcing industry who can benchmark the current prices being paid for data centre co location services in the us, sweden, singapore, japan (osaka) and china (shangai). Please reply back if you are interested.

      1. Profile Picture

        Jordan |Director

        Hello, On the sell side, I have personally engineered and built 7 ***** 100KW to 40MW, b...

        2 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Anand |Zintro Expert

        I can help in the same...

        13.9 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Robin |Consultant

        Chinese language skills essential. Found it difficult when I worked for Bank of China several years ...

        14.6 Hours Later
      +5 Other Responses
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      Data Center Services

      We are looking to speak to management-level professional or experienced consultant/expert on data center services in the greater los angeles area (e.G. Cyrusone, dtf, equinix, coresight, internap, etc.).The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of the west coast data center market, including competitors, pricing, macro/micro trends, etc. This would be a 1 hour paid phone consultation.1. Please respond with a short statement of your relevance based on the research questions and your availability for a call this week.

        +undefined Other Responses
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        International Data Center Market

        We are a consulting firm that is researching the international data center market and would like to know about the following: project overview - we want to understand the trends occurring in large wholesale data center colocation services globally - we have particular interest in eu, mea, apac - of specific interest are data center deployments by large cloud services providers (microsoft, amazon web services, etc) and other large internet enterprises (facebook, etc.) - targeting ~ half a dozen interviews, dependent on quality and applicability of the experts target experts - experts at data center companies with knowledge of international wholesale colocation deployments by cloud service providers - experts at cloud services providers (microsoft, amazon web services, etc.) with specific knowledge of international data center deployments (potentially network or engineering) - experts at large internet companies (facebook, apple, etc) with specific knowledge of international data center deployments (potentially network or engineering) screening questions 1. How specifically have you been involved in the data center wholesale colocation space? What was your job description/role in choosing vendors (if on buying side) or within your organization (if on data center provider side)? 2. Are you able to speak to the data center deployments that major cloud service providers and large internet enterprises have around the world – including approximate space/power, regions of coverage, preferences, etc. 3. Do you have specific knowledge of wholesale solo deployments in the eu, mea, and apac regions? Thank you in advance.

          +undefined Other Responses
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          Data Center Service Spend

          Hi i would like to gain some insight on the below mentioned queries. • what is the current industry best practice followed by fortune 500 organizations to manage data centers, network, and voice and workplace services? • sourcing is done in global or regional level? • do companies outsource or manage these services in-house? • if outsourced, do organizations bundle data centers, network, voice and workplace services or un-bundle these services to separate service providers? • with respect to voice and network services do organizations need to engage directly with a telecom provider like at&t or work through a partnership with provider like ibm who in turn manages the relationship with at&t? • what are the negotiation levers to be considered to achieve better discounts? • what are the best-in-class sla and kpis to be considered? For ex. Commonly practiced payment terms, currency of payment, tax implications if paid in usd? • what sort of framework used by other companies for volume discount on data center service spend? What’s the framework for volume discounts for data usage? • does hippa compliance adds additional cost to outsourcing these services? Thank you

          1. Profile Picture

            Aman |Managing Director Europe, Data Center /

            Hi, If your focus market is Europe, ASPAC, I will be happy to support you. Know this market well as...

            4.3 Hours Later
          2. Profile Picture

            Aamar |Technology Solutions Architect/Consultan

            Hi I have extended experience in the *****er industry and the wider IT outsourcing industry. Ple...

            4.5 Hours Later
          3. Profile Picture

            Stephen |Senior Principal Consultant

            Hello, There are several factors that should be considered around *****er and Core Infrastructu...

            5 Hours Later
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