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Recent Data Services Inquiries

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Telecom And Data Service Cio

Seeking phone consultations from cio's or equivalent about how companies choose telecom/data service providers and what their/industry needs are. Industries of interest: pharmaceutical, biotech, manufacturing,, media, mining, oil refineries, wireless carriers (backhaul), data centers

  1. Profile Picture

    Colette |Zintro Expert

    Locally, ***** Globally? I have experience of both supply and buy side as an Enterprise Cus...

    1.8 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    John |President

    My experience is focused on supporting clients ***** ***** *****er facilities n...

    3.7 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Nicolas |Head of operations

    I have been in charge of DC and ***** different companies as head of ***** Europ...

    6.7 Days Later
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Cross-border Telecommunication Services

We are looking to find market experts able to provide information on the mexican-american cross-border market for telecommunication services. Specifically, we are looking to understand the market landscape for wholesale and enterprise telecommunications services including, transport, dedicated ip access, voice, and colocation. We are looking for information on market participants and product pricing. Expert job title(s): planning, interconnection, telephony, engineering, buying ideal expert: experience buying services in us-mexico cross border telecommunications services and understanding of market dynamics companies in this space of interest: transtelco, america movil (telmex, telcel), bestel, protel i-next, telefonica, at&t mexico, ufinet, redit, marcatel geography: mexican-american border areas, southern california, arizona, new mexico, texas, mexico

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    Vonage Portal Set Up

    We are a dog training company with a lot of locations based all over the country. We have a couple of offices based in matthews/charlotte area. Looking for help to have someone set up our new vonage portal so the correct phone lines go to the right etx etc. About 20 different phone lines but one vonage business account.

    1. Profile Picture

      Muhammad Waqas |Business Consultant

      Hi, Sure I can help. Do you have any requirement how would you like the calls to be distributed ac...

      1 Day Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Michael |CEO,

      Hi, We'd be happy to help...when can we chat? My number is *****...

      1.2 Days Later
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    Telecommunication Services In Africa

    Hi, i am looking for subject matter expertise on "telecommunication services(enterprise mobility) in africa" which include best engagement models, contract models, pricing models etc. Please reach out to me if you possess the needed expertise. Thanks.

    1. Profile Picture

      Rouba |Manager

      Hi Sir, Feel free to contact me, I have the required experience for Telecom consultancy in the Afr...

      1 Hour Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Joe |Zintro Expert

      I have known that you are in need of a Telemarketer | Appointment Setter? I am doing telemarketing f...

      2.5 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Pankaj |Lead Product Manager-Messaging, VAS, Roa

      I am currently working in Vodafone group and can confirm that are very familiar with african mobile ...

      3.9 Days Later
    +9 Other Responses
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    Telecom-fixed Voice And Data Services

    Telecom - fixed voice and data services - seeking insights on the below subjects for a global bfsi service provider. - geographies of interest (in order of priority): americas, europe, apac, mena kindly rate your level of comfort against each. 1. Market overview - current and future state of both markets, supplier landscape (regionally and globally), market trends 2. Engagement best practices - vendor engagement model, contract model, sourcing model, pricing model etc. 3. Vendor consolidation opportunities - risks & mitigation, benefits, additional costs involved etc. 4. Selection criteria for engaging with the right service provider(s) - coverage, resilience capabilities, experience etc.

    1. Profile Picture

      Aman |Managing Director Europe, Data Center /

      HI, Yes, This is one of my key competencies therefore will be happy to support...

      3.2 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Thomas |Geek

      Hello! Would love to be considered for this job, if it's still available. I have a wide range of...

      10.9 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Ibrahim |Zintro Expert

      Hi, Having 17 years of telecom experience in APAC, and MENA regions i have the complete knowledge an...

      12.2 Hours Later
    +25 Other Responses
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    Telecommunication Procurement

    Hi, i am looking for expertise in telecom procurement (enterprises procuring telecom services from carriers). Kindly reach out to me based on your level of comfort in discussing the below mentioned topics. 1. European mobile career specific: a. What are the advantages to contract with the free move alliance vs. Individual contracting locally with national carriers within the region? B. How do enterprises contract with freemove alliance? What are the negotiation levers they make use of while contracting with freemove alliance? What are the specific steps encountered while transitioning from local sourcing towards freemove alliance? C. What are the current strengths of at&t within the eu for providing fixed line data solutions and services? D. What experience does at&t have within the eu for managing sub-contractors? E. How will the recent performance regarding telefonica and de-bundling some of its products affect the service delivery for their services. F. What are the effects of the recent announce from bt regarding bt wholesale on enterprises procuring services from them? G. Does bt have operating licenses within all countries in eu to provide fixed voice? Can they provide a single managed service provision for all countries? 2. Global trends a. Is there a trend in commoditizing fixed voice by region or globally with one provider? B. What are the common key points to consider if awarded globally? 3. South america a. What is the current forecast for brazil with the upcoming world events scheduled?

    1. Profile Picture

      Chris |Wireless Site Construction Manager

      Thank you for the inquiry. Unfortunately I cannot speak to the markets that you have referenced. My ...

      38 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Bora |Founder & Management Consultant

      As a former CEO of one of the Vodafone UK carriers ın Europe, it is my pleasure to assist you in re...

      7.6 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Norman |Managing Director

      High comfort. I have written RfPs....

      8 Hours Later
    +16 Other Responses
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    Operations Support Systems

    Oss/ bss solution designers interesting opportunity in australia expertise in kenan billing, kenan fx, arbor fx. Well versed in oss/ bss

    1. Profile Picture

      Giri Babu |Consultant

      Hi, This is Giri Babu from India. Presently I am working for one of the biggest telecom ***** ...

      4 Days Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Mayank |OSS Solution Architect , OSS Consultant

      Hi, We provide professional services to clients across OSS/BSS service fulfilment and Assurance doma...

      7.1 Days Later
    +2 Other Responses
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    Data Breach In Retail Indusrty

    We require insights to support our research on market intelligence on data breach focusing north america for retail industry. Below are the main requirements. • sourcing model used by large buyer from the online industry vertical • the most widely followed pricing models adopted while availing data breach services • the average contract tenure adopted while sourcing of data breach services and the various contract models and structures available across industry • key kpi's and sla's • case study around implementation of data breach measures taken by major industry buyers thank you and looking forward. Regards jennifer

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      Telecom Industry

      We are looking for practices and willingness of companies to work with external service providers using a business outcome delivery based approach and to understand what kpi’s are in place, or would be considered for measuring those outcomes.The goal of this interview is to: • determine the main business priorities of employees who are involved in technology purchasing decisions in sales, marketing, product development, and risk management. • define the operational metrics and kpis these non-technology-minded employees inside their divisions work. • establish in which manner these operational metrics and kpis rely on and drive demand for what types of network technologies. • investigate how these types of network technologies help deliver more business oriented outcomes. We are looking for the profile for experts for 20-25 minutes session for this research - only from tier 1 & tier 2 telecom companies (north america, australia and europe) o vp/ head of operations o vp/head of planning/engineering o cio/head of it below are the companies we need the profiles from: · company profile: o tier 1 telcos carrier that possess a network in which it’s the sole operator- meaning it has a direct connection to the internet and the networks it uses to deliver voice and data services

      1. Profile Picture

        Pankaj |Lead Product Manager-Messaging, VAS, Roa

        I have been working in the Mobile Telecom Industry for over 21 years across UK, Europe, Asia & Afric...

        4.1 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Anand |Zintro Expert

        Worked for Verizon as Head Technology. Can help...

        7.1 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        SAGAR |Manager Business Development

        We are a Tier 1 wholesale carrier, based across the globe. I can help you connect to with various st...

        9.6 Hours Later
      +13 Other Responses
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      I am looking to replace our telephone, cable tv and internet service in 283 condo units located in sw orlando. Can you assist?

      1. Profile Picture

        Johnny |Technical Operation Management

        I have experience in this area, would you please send me more especific informaction about the proye...

        54 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Enda |CEO

        This work could be done by a colleague of mine here, but we are based in Germany. Travel costs may p...

        7.1 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Jay |Sales Consultant

        I am able to assist you with this project by providing a high value solution to your needs. Please ...

        12.4 Hours Later
      +11 Other Responses
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      Latin America Telecom

      Looking for experts in vas, sms, ivr, product marketing,

      1. Profile Picture

        Eric |Chief Executive Officer

        We have been providing consulting services to the Telecom Industry for over 30 years. We would like...

        2.5 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        sidnei |Business Relationship Manager

        Dear inquirer I currently reside in Chicago but have a long professional experience working in Latin...

        2.8 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Angeles |Optics

        Looking forward to assist you. Just finished a report for Mexico, thanks Angeles ...

        56.4 Days Later
      +4 Other Responses
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      Data Center Migration

      We design, build, and decommission datacenters for enterprise companies with contracting or expanding datacenter footprints. We're looking for partners to address the it migration. I look forward to speaking.

      1. Profile Picture

        Stephen |Senior Principal Consultant

        Hello, We provide Program and Project Management around *****er *****, etc. All of our st...

        12 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        David |Principal

        I am an independent IT Infrastructure consultant that includes *****er design, ***** str...

        16 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Gary |Project Manager

        My e-mail is *****se send me an e-mail with your phone number and I will call yo...

        30 Minutes Later
      +9 Other Responses
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