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Recent Electrical Grid Inquiries

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Smart Grid Products Manufacturing

Smart grid products manufacturing: we are trying to assess the setting up and operations of a production facility to manufacture products used for smart grids, such as – - power quality analyzer - static var compensator (svc) system - static var compensator (statcom) - smart monitoring system for distribution networks (smsdn) - ground-mounted transformer measurement panel (gmtmp) - transformer smart meter (tsm) for these products we are assessing - - key components for manufacturing each of these products, and from where they can be sourced - time taken to set up the production facility - equipment required for production (assembly line etc.) • time taken to manufacture the above products this would be a 1-hour paid phone consult. Kindly indicate your interest with a brief summary about your background, and also share your short answers to the questions below: 1. What are the key components for manufacturing each of the above products, and from where they can be sourced 2. Time taken to set up the production facility 3. Time taken to manufacture the above products

  1. Profile Picture

    Joseph |Director

    To whom it may concern, I'm a contract industrial engineer doing business over 40 years for 50 plus...

    5.5 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Behzad |VP of Technology

    I consult globally with smart grid, power component producers and *****nologies and I have su...

    11.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Bert |CTO

    I have deep expertise in both manufacturing and smart grid products. I have run several product deve...

    12.9 Hours Later
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Pv System

I am in search of a professional engineer(electrical engineer, p.Eng) to supervise my work. The outline of my assignment is transient stability in grid connected pv system.

    +undefined Other Responses
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    Distributed Generation In China

    We are a primary research firm based in seoul, south korea. We are currently looking for candidates who can speak about distributed generation trends in china. The ideal candidate will be from the following companies and backgrounds: 1) china huadian corporations (sales, marketing, business development, strategy, operation) 2) china sofc (sales, marketing, business development, strategy) 3) state grid coproration of china or china southern power grid (energy planning, energy sourcing) the ideal candidate should be able to explain market trends and needs for distributed generation using natural gas in china and the potential for large-scale fuel cell adoption in china. Thanks,

    1. Profile Picture

      Elghi E. |Chief Design Engineer Hydropower Plants

      my expertise doesnt cover your requirements Thanks Elghi E Segovia...

      10.3 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Jason |Business Director

      I have China energy background. All my ***** in China energy industry. Currently, I am putt...

      10.4 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Mehdy |Electrical Engineer

      Hello I interest for this position. Thanks...

      11.9 Hours Later
    +7 Other Responses
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    Smart Grid Training

    I am looking for a trainer for smart grid training programs.

    1. Profile Picture

      Jonathan |Managing Director

      This is something we can help with. Please review ***** and contact via *****...

      1.1 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Gary |President & Managing Director

      I am interested in this opportunity for a trainer for smart grid training programs....

      1.9 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Ibe |CEO

      My name is Ibe Awunor. I have 0ver 20 years experience in power generation. I worked with *****...

      2.9 Hours Later
    +17 Other Responses
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    Emergency Backup Electrical Power Market

    Our firm requires multiple experts in commercial electrical infrastructure and emergency backup power solutions another interesting perspective would be  professionals with experience selling c&i generac generators along with parts and has a brand agnostic service division must have a good understanding of providers such as cat, cummins, kohler, generac, etc.   * c&i generator expert – via electrical contractor, distributor, or service tech   * key hot buttons include: generac’s position in the c&i competitive landscape, changing technology, oem go-to-market strategy, oem service strategy, field tech certification programs      experts with telecom experience preferred. Location : us/canada only 1. What recent, direct experience do you have in selling commercial and industrial power generators such as generac or similar please? 2. Can you share your insights on the competitive landscape, oem market and service strategy, field tech certification programs of emergency power back up manufacturers / solutions such as generac's? Please answer briefly. ***referrals are highly appreciated

    1. Profile Picture

      William ( Bill) |President and CEO

      As part of our consulting business we have done a lot of strategy, business planning, technical revi...

      1.5 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Doug |CEO

      My experience is primarily on the cell level, i understand the details of which chemistry is best fo...

      1.6 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      George |President

      I have 52 years experience in telecom power...

      1.8 Hours Later
    +26 Other Responses
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    Small Cogeneration And Microgrid Market

    Title: to understand electricity consumption trends and identify opportunities for small cogeneration and microgrid in thailand description: we are looking for experts to help us understand the electricity supply and consumption patterns in industrial estates and other areas across thailand. Key parameters that will be discussed during telephonic interview will include: a) overview of current energy & power sector in thailand 1. Key areas (industrial estates, commercial establishments, etc.) with high electricity consumption and their power source 2. Key areas (industrial estates, commercial establishments, etc.) facing load shedding and the power backup solutions deployed in these areas b) overview of microgrid sector in thailand 1. Key areas where microgrids are installed in thailand. The type of power source in these areas. 2. Average capacity of microgrids and total number of microgrid installations in thailand 3. Payback period of microgrids and future growth prospects for microgrids in thailand 5. Supply chain stakeholders and their value addition in a microgrid installation c) overview of cogeneration power sector in thailand 1. Key areas where cogeneration plants are located and the key industrial/commercial consumers in these areas. 2. Future growth prospects for cogeneration plants in thailand

    1. Profile Picture

      Santeri |Chief Executive Office - Founder

      Hi, Not very familiar with Thailand but very knowledgeable for Indonesia. rgds, Santeri...

      3.7 Days Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Adisak |Control & Instrument Engineer

      I am Control & Instrument Engineer at Gulf JP. Since 2005 is all a part working for power plant by p...

      5.4 Days Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Andrew |Chief Technology Officer

      This is interesting,. Yes, I can speak on all the points shared. I am not a utility guy but an elect...

      7.2 Days Later
    +17 Other Responses
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    Power Grid

    Looking for experts in power quality solutions provider

    1. Profile Picture

      ephraim |Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer

      I am an electrical technician, may i get a placement at your firm....

      51 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Parag |co-founder KW Energy

      what is the question.. ...

      2.8 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Thomas |Director of Engineering

      I have extensive experience in analyzing power grids power quality produced by them....

      7.1 Hours Later
    +4 Other Responses
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    Low Voltage Drives In Germany

    We are looking for experts for paid calls between september 19th and 21st on low voltage drives in the german market. This individual must have an electrical engineering background. - industry expertise (any of the following): o (variable frequency) drives / frequenzumrichter o motor controls / motorsteuerungen o industrial automation / industrieautomation o motion control o electrical grid technology based on variable frequency drives - functional expertise (any of the following) o strategy o market analysis o business development o sales o key buying factors in abovementioned industries o technology trends in the abovementioned industries - professional background (any of the following) o market analysts / authors of market studies in the abovementioned industries o (former) employees of players in the abovementioned industries (e.G. Abb, danfoss, rockwell, siemens, sew eurodrive) o freelancers/consultants active in the abovementioned industries o (former) employees of players related to abovementioned industries (customers, suppliers etc.)

    1. Profile Picture

      Terry |Principal Engineer

      I am a principal electrical engineer in analog and power electronic areas. I will be able to help yo...

      8.2 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Baldomero |Senior Electrical Engineer

      I am available to perform this task I have more than 20 years of experience in electrical equipment ...

      8.8 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Dean |Principal Consultant

      I am very familiar with all of the market players mentioned in your request. My technical understand...

      9.3 Hours Later
    +34 Other Responses
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    Electrical Transmission Modernization

    We looking for multiple experts from the electrical utility industry in the us, canada, and mexico who can speak on electrical transmission modernization. We are looking to understand how they are operating/maintaining/upgrading/modernizing their electrical transmission grid. We are interested on candidates with technical, operations, maintenance, it perspective. This is a paid 1-hr phone interview, please share a brief statement of your relevance to the space below: 1. Do you have clear visibility and an understanding of your utility's electrical transmission infrastructure? 2. Do you have an understanding on your utility's key modernization initiatives? 3. Do you currently work or have you recently (past 1-2 years) worked inside a utility?

    1. Profile Picture

      Mark |President

      I can discuss this based on my 40 years' experience in the industry, as well as recent project engin...

      14.7 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Ahmed |Manager/CEO/Author/Professor

      Over 16 years experience in T&D. I was the T&D manager at ConEdison (youngest manager)and PSE&G. I a...

      14.8 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      German |Energy Consultant

      I am available to support in this topic....

      15.2 Hours Later
    +59 Other Responses
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    Smart Grid

    Hi, subject: smart grid solutions - i am looking for expert who have profound knowledge on smart grid usa market. 1. How customer density and topology impacts advanced metering infrastructure and distribution automation and other smart grid modules 2. Emerging smart grid/ energy solution in usa 3. Market penetration of various technology types( ami, da/dms, etc) and vendors 4. Engagement models or contract models/structures offered for investor owned utility. 5. Market size of smart grid in usa and growth rate for next 5 years thank you. Regards,

    1. Profile Picture

      William ( Bill) |President and CEO

      As SVP of ***** CEO of *****ities for a US utility holding company of 2 million cu...

      1.3 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Bert |CTO

      I am CTO for the worlds leading smart grid *****ect. We are studying the disruptive imp...

      2 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Shyam |CFO Advisor

      Very knowledgeable about SmartGrids especially through a portfolio company within KIC Ventures and c...

      16.1 Hours Later
    +6 Other Responses
    Area Icon

    Crude Oil Refinery

    Looking for a refinery expert to help with some of the technical issues related to plant shutdown after a power loss and re-start once power is restored. Also looking for an expert who can discuss the way the refinery, and the co-generation facility that supplied power to the refinery, was hooked up to the electric utility substation/grid.

    1. Profile Picture

      Ronald |Founder

      Please provide mere details....

      57 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Amarjit |CEO/VP/ Project Director/CTO

      I have over 30 years of refinery design, and commissioning experience and could provide all the an...

      1.3 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Marty |CEO

      There are many issues concerning your request. So there will be many different specialties needed. A...

      1.9 Hours Later
    +9 Other Responses
    Area Icon

    Electric Grid

    We are looking to learn more about the maintenance and repair of electrical transmission lines, substations, and distribution stations in select geographies of the united states. Specifically, we would like to speak to someone who deals with electrical grids in the northeast and the south. Ideal candidates should be able to speak to how they handle repairs / maintenance, the use of third party providers, and any recent trends in spending habits. There is a very short deadline on this project so please contact me asap.

    1. Profile Picture

      Subhash |Lead Engineer

      I like to offer phone consuting in the area of Smart Grid and Electrical Distribution....

      17 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      David |Owner/President

      My experience comes from the working experience with 4 major electric utilities within Canada, and o...

      1.2 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Francisco |Director Electrical Engineering

      I have my consulting office in St. Louis MO and it would be very easy for me to utilities usually a...

      2.1 Hours Later
    +14 Other Responses
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