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Recent Emissions Inquiries

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Stationary Emission Control Catalysts

Need an expert on stationary emission control catalysts market with expertise regarding the value chain. He/she should have knowledge about the various application areas (industrial - oil & gas, chemical industry, power sector, municipal waste incineration) and technologies related to the aforementioned market. Knowledge regarding thermal vs catalytic control will be extra helpful.

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    Automotive Emission System

    Looking for experts in gas piping for emission solutions

    1. Profile Picture

      Paul |Test Development Engineer and Reliabilit

      I worked for 9 years for a manufacturer of exhaust and emissions control systems. My focus was eval...

      4.1 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Vasileios |Managing Consultant

      Please contact me for further discussion Regards...

      21.3 Hours Later
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    Air Emissions From Agro Industrial Facilities

    I am looking for an expert in regulatory (permitting) and technical processes support for air emissions from agro-industrial facilities in bulgaria and in marocco. Can be two different experts. Goog experience of working with local environmental authorities on air emissions permtting.

    1. Profile Picture

      Nathan |Sole Practitioner

      I have over 28 years of experience in air permitting and technical processes in industries big and s...

      1 Hour Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Lawrence |Senior Professional Engineer -Regional M

      Good afternoon- I'm a professional engineer with more than 45+ years of comprehensive, in-depth expe...

      1.3 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Judi |Owner and Principal Investigator

      I have extensive experience in emissions assessment and permitting; however, not in those regions. T...

      1.4 Hours Later
    +5 Other Responses
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    Pyrolysis Plant Regulations

    We are in the process of installing a pyrolysis plant ,we need a air emission license and a waste license from our local authority

    1. Profile Picture

      Frans |Analyst and Communications director

      Good day Will be glad to help. Where is the plant located? What is the feedstock and capacity of th...

      10 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Lawrence |Senior Professional Engineer -Regional M


      59 Minutes Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Keith |President

      Have been working on pyrolysis plants in Canada and the US. With more detail on location, we may be...

      1.9 Hours Later
    +4 Other Responses
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    Emissions Catalysts For Vehicles

    Mdb capital group an investment bank focused on disruptive technology is evaluating a novel catalyst technology for emissions for all engines. The subject company is already manufacturing the catalyst and has next generation zero pgm catalysts that will be introduced. We are attempting to better understand the competitive landscape and the disruptiveness of this technology platform. There are opportunities to be involved with this company at the board or executive team for the properly qualified individual as well.

    1. Profile Picture

      Leonard |Managing Director

      Please contact me ASAP regarding this - we are active in this space in a very big way and have a dee...

      12 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Mouhab |VP Sales

      Dear sir, I would love to help. But i can't see where you need me. I am much more experienced in IT...

      23 Minutes Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Ken |CEO

      Chris I am available to talk Monday as I will be working from home. I am in central time zone. Numbe...

      2.2 Hours Later
    +16 Other Responses
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    Vehicle Emissions Testing

    I'm conducting a research project related to vehicle emissions testing in india. I would like a phone consult with someone with expertise regarding vehicle emissions testing, technologies currently used for the same in india, and also get some advice on portable and affordable vehicle emissions testing equipment.

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      Emissions/fuel Reduction On Ships

      Shipping industry expert. Validate figures on a proposal for emissions/fuel reduction on ships using wartsila nsd 8l35 engines

      1. Profile Picture

        Jerald |Chief Technology Officer

        My expertise is emissions control and energy efficiency, though not ships, per se. I have however, s...

        3.5 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Richard |Principal

        I am not familiar with a Wartsila 35 series engine, nor its performance; not does it appear on Warts...

        4.8 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Cedric |Managing Director

        Dear Sir, Madam, I would be glad to discuss furthe with you this business opportunity ***** sh...

        5.4 Hours Later
      +14 Other Responses
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      Vehicle Emissions

      Hi i have a practical need a specialize to help me to do it by using the text book in the following link with all information. Https://www.Dropbox.Com/s/4qbje71nc7uonxg/air%20pollution%20control%20engineering.Pdf https://www.Dropbox.Com/sh/c6wxfev1v4n72p6/pgosq6di0u

      1. Profile Picture

        David |Founder/Owner

        Hi VehiF4Z4U4, Sorry but I am not an expert on vehicle emissions, one of my areas of expertise is ai...

        3.7 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Paul |Test Development Engineer and Reliabilit

        Hello, please let me know what the entire links are. I want to find out what aspects of emissions a...

        3.6 Days Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Vasileios |Managing Consultant

        Dear Zintro, Where is the position based? I would be interested, if based in Belgium, near Brussel...

        4 Days Later
      +3 Other Responses
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      Diesel Engine Emissions Technology

      We are looking for experts knowledgeable about the diesel engine emissions technology. Ideal experts should be very familiar with international council for clean transportation and how euro 6 technology affects cost and challenges with respect to diesel cars and trucks. This project is time critical and we would like to complete the consultation by end of day on 17th march 2017 ist. Kindly respond with a brief description of your background in this area and share your contact details to set up the initial call. Thank you

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        Automotive Emission Control System

        We are developing new technology for automotive emission control system. Please contact me if you are an expert.

        1. Profile Picture

          Steven |Supplier Quality Engineer/Manager

          What kind of help are you requesting? Do you need APQP assistance? If so, I can be of some assistan...

          9.9 Hours Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Stephane |Director

          Good morning I have vast experience in *****ems and their controls,including all senso...

          11.3 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Michael |President

          Over 40 years of R&D and engineering experience in automotive emissions at Union 76 Research pioneer...

          14.3 Hours Later
        +17 Other Responses
        Area Icon

        Fuel Efficiency

        Looking for fuel consultants and experts in the field of consulting to companies on how to save fuel and reduce emissions.

        1. Profile Picture

          William |Managing Director

          Hello there - our firm provides these types of services. Can you *****her on what you are l...

          5 Minutes Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Rocio |Commercial and Technical Project Manager

          We are a group of consultant working on emission reduction projects and energy efficiency herza. You...

          31 Minutes Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Marcel |CEO

          TFM Avaition Inc, a Canadian company, employs highly experienced industry specialists with over 150 ...

          2.7 Hours Later
        +13 Other Responses
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        Zero Emission Industrial Scale Pyrolysis Processing Project In Australia

        Zero emission industrial scale pyrolysis processing project under organization in australia / victoria. 20,000 t/y food grade animal bone meal inputs converted pure phosphate mineral/carbon bone char and synthetic liquid fuel bio-kerozene. Roi <3years. The 3r science and technology is proven and demonstrated, that is priority selected and supported by the eu high commission since 2002. Seeking equity investment au$5million within a au$15 million project. Edward someus (swedish environmental engineer) 3ragrocarbon

        1. Profile Picture

          Symon |Director

          Hi our company has built a Pyrolysis plant in Victoria, Australia as a commercial test unit at 50kw ...

          36 Minutes Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Patrick |Consultant

          Hello Edward, My area of expertise is in renewable energy policy. By your message it looks like you...

          37.8 Days Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Jiang |Vice President

          thanks for the message, pls let us discuss it through my email: hardben at *****.com. thanks...

          41 Days Later
        +3 Other Responses
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