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Recent European Law Inquiries

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Europe Brand Protection

I work for a market research firm serving global 1000 corporations. We are working on a project related to the brand protection industry in central and eastern europe (particularly russia and ukraine) .We are currently seeking support from legal consultants and brand-protection experts for the following: 1. What is the size and growth of the brand protection market in cee (particularly russia and ukraine)? 2. Can you tell me of certain counterfeiting market trends in the cee region? 3. Can you throw some light on the online anti-counterfeiting market size, trends and demand analysis for the central and eastern europe regions? 4. Can you identify certain methods which are adopted to track counterfeiting (both physical and online) in the cee region? 5. Can you help us identify some key law firms who provide brand-protection services in the central and eastern european region? 6. What are the benefits and drawbacks of engaging with the following types of firms for brand protection services? A) international law firms b) regional law firms c) local law firms it would be great if you could tell us as to what extent and depth you can provide this information.

  1. Profile Picture

    Eleonora |Lawyer

    Hello, thank you for your inquiry. I am a Lawyer from Burgas, Bulgaria. I have over 12 years experie...

    5.8 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Vaughn |Chief Strategy Officer

    Thank you for your inquiry. We would welcome the opportunity to ask your questions and understand y...

    2 Days Later
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Sharia Law

The justice sector support program (jssp) seeks a professional ethics adviser. Duties are as follows: duties include but are not limited to the following; assist in developing and managing an in-house ethics training program within the attorney general office, ministry of justice, ministry of womens affairs, and the supreme court. Coordinate with the jssp embedded staff in assessing current practices and procedures within the justice institutions. Develop an improvement plan in coordination with the justice institutions. Help the justice institution conceptualize the elements of professional ethics practices and procedures in accordance with international best practices. Develop training materials on professional ethics based on international best practices with relevancy to afghanistan and any applicable afghan laws. Conduct training in the justice institutions with an emphasis on public service and patriotism. Build capacity by providing day-to-day mentoring in the justice institutions on improving professional ethics and supporting the justice institutions in developing a cadre of professionals who perform their duties with objectivity, due diligence and professional care, in accordance with professional standards. Develop capacity of the afghan colleagues to help in transition. Provide regular reporting on work activities or other reports required by the project management. Be able to converse in-depth with senior ministerial leaders on ethics and sharia law. Perform any other duties as assigned by the section lead, technical director, deputy chief of team and chief of team. Qualifications: bachelors degree required. Degree in sharia law highly preferred. Ten years of work experience with at least three years of relevant experience is required. Experience in conducting training for government officials is preferred. Experience working in cross-cultural environments. Knowledge of current professional ethics trends and best practices. Demonstrable knowledge of sharia law. Good understanding of capacity building within the afghan justice institutions. Knowledge and understanding of the development sector. Knowledge of afghan justice institutionsã‚â™ codes of conduct. Skills: excellent communication skills. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively verbally and in writing with staff at all levels of the organization. Excellent written and oral english. Excellent computer skills in using microsoft word, excel and powerpoint. Ability to build effective working relationships remotely and quickly. Ability to analyze complex situations and problems and identify an appropriate response to them. Deadline oriented. Ability to work independently, and as part of a team, to build relationships with partners and clients. Development and management of an effective and motivated team. Ability to manage conflicting priorities and balance a heavy workload.

  1. Profile Picture

    Dennis |CEO

    We would be delighted to assist with this request. Our lead consultant with regard to Afghanistan (...

    15 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Steven |Partner

    Professor Andrew White of DAC Beachcroft LLP has exactly the experience you need for this job. Prof...

    20.3 Days Later
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Generic And Patented Drugs In Europe

Hi, i am looking for distribution mark-up of generic and patented drugs in europe regards, arun

  1. Profile Picture

    Shaun |Director

    Hi Arun I can help, can you give more details as to the drug types and manufacturers? Is it all eea ...

    3 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Eugene |Scientific Director

    Hello. I\m Expert in pharma distribution in Europe. Can help...

    17.2 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Samer |Pharamcist

    as a canadian pharmacist, I could help...

    3.1 Days Later
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Pharmaceutical Distribution Europe

We would like to understand the current pharmaceutical cold chain distribution models and marketing structure adopted across the european countries in order to distribute cold chain products. In addition, we also would like to understand the list of major distribution hubs in europe and different temperate controlled packaging practices adopted for distribution. Geographic scope: united kingdom, netherlands, germany, belgium, france, italy, israel, austria, spain, switzerland, nordics, portugal, greece. - cold chain distribution models - engagement models - pricing models adopted for distribution service if interested please share your contact details; email and phone number.

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    Turkish Law

    Looking for experience regarding â€âœtransposition or implementation or impact analysis of issues stipulated by directive 2005/36/ec or directive 2006/123/ec

    1. Profile Picture

      Sanli |lawyer

      Hi am a gualified Turkish lawyer based in Istanbul with advanced language skills. I have the backgro...

      19.2 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Eleonora |Lawyer

      I think I can help, because I am a Lawyer from Bulgaria. Please, write to my email eleonorarizova@ab...

      19.4 Hours Later
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    Legal Services - Emerging Trends & Market Size

    We are looking for sme who can help us with following data points - for legal services a. Market size: validating and including market size for legal services (outside counsel) and growth numbers for key regions - we have values for global, na, europe • need for africa, central america & copec, latam, apac (north) & apac (south) b. Industry trends: overall adoption % of following trends and also % of companies (fmcg, tech, etc.) adopting the key trends and examples of which companies 1. The rise of virtual law firms 2. Suppliers rationalization 3. Rise adopting in-house legal counsel 4. Audit firms moving into legal counsel in case you are willing to help, please drop a note and we can have a consulting call asap. Thanks, thomas

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      Glucose Sourcing And Engagement In Europe

      Glucose (95de, 28de)–sourcing and engagement best practices in europe a) market overview a. What is the market size of glucose in europe • market outlook and growth b. What are the key buyer and supplier trends impacting the overall market? • supply demand situation • supplier capacity • impact of sugar quota removal in eu etc. C. Pricing trends (future outlook of glucose pricing in europe) b) industry best practices a. Sourcing strategy–how do global organizations source glucose across the european region? • centralized vs. Decentralized sourcing • dependent factors such as industry, geography, spend etc. B. Engagement strategy–how do global organizations engage with the suppliers for glucose across europe? • local/regional/global suppliers • single/multiple suppliers c. Contract strategy–how do global organizations engage in contracts with glucose suppliers in europe? • negotiate on glucose as a standalone or as a basket of goods • duration of the contract c) supplier analysis a. Supply market overview b. Supplier profiles (service capabilities, geographic capabilities etc.)

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        Meetings & Travel Industry In Europe

        We are looking for an expert to help us understand: 1.How do companies manage meetings and events management internally? Is it using a centralized approach or a local/decentralized approach?(with centralized we mean regionally centralized sourcing decision making and decentralized mean national/local sourcing decision making). Please provide case examples thereof, preferably of european companies or pharmaceutical companies? 2.Are companies trying to consolidate their meetings management and travel management program? If yes, which companies have initiated this process(case examples)? What are realized savings(qualitative and quantitative)? What are the prerequisites for consolidation? What are the challenges to consolidation? 3. Which suppliers can provide travel management as well as event management services to pharmaceutical companies in europe?

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          Online Gambling Law

          My name is shawn, business development officer for private companies in europe. I have a team in czech republic who plan to launch an online casino business (target global market) by the end of this year. They have put me to manage this project, budget of approximately $1mil usd. We would like to consult with an expert from your internet gaming law team regarding licenses and tax regulations. If you can reach me via email, i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Regards, shawn ************@gmail.Com

          1. Profile Picture

            Roger |Director

            Hi Shawn, this is certainly something we can help you on in all respects. However, the moderator h...

            36 Minutes Later
          2. Profile Picture

            Dotan |Legal counsel

            Hi Shawn, I would be happy to assist. You may contact me at ***** (I did not manage t...

            45 Minutes Later
          3. Profile Picture

            Seamus |Consultant

            Hi Shawn my name is Seamus Murphy, Gambling Consultant, if you want to chat let me know, ***** id: s...

            46 Minutes Later
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          International Consumer Law

          I am looking for an expert for international consumer law (specifically consumer warranty in france) i am a distributor, considering to sell us products in france

          1. Profile Picture

            Miguel |SVP Director Operations

            I am available at any time keep me posted...

            21 Minutes Later
          2. Profile Picture

            Carlos |Investors relations consultant / Interna

            Sorry, not my field of expertise...

            54 Minutes Later
          3. Profile Picture

            Francisco |Partner

            Dear law 765; Our firm works with European Consumer Law and has a long practice in *****...

            1.8 Days Later
          +3 Other Responses
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          Europe Reactive Adhesives Market

          We are working on a project on europe reactive adhesives market. We are looking for experts who can help us in defining and estimating the market and also supply-demand scenario. We are mainly looking for the distribution channel scenario in european region categorized as follows: - specialty chemical distributors - fasteners, tools, abrasives, etc. Distributors - mro distributors please respond with your relevance to this request and a few availability windows for a 1 hour paid phone consultation.

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            Europe Building Energy Management

            Need an expert in building energy management systems in europe to discuss: the current state of market across europe competition in each major european country

            1. Profile Picture

              Sidharth |GM

              Can you share more details? Are you looking at validation, trends, technical work, or *****...

              4.5 Hours Later
            2. Profile Picture

              Alastair |CEO

              Hi, please see our website We specialise in Building Energy Management to EN***** (E...

              4.6 Hours Later
            3. Profile Picture

              John |Senior Consultant

              Please, check my profile on LinkedIn at John Zolotas, then we can talk. ...

              7.6 Hours Later
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