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Recent Film Licensing Inquiries

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Digital Rights Management (drm)

Hi, i am planning to launch a movie on demand service primarily to non resident indians streaming latest and greatest south indian movies to them. The content is going to be premium and initially we would be offering this service on a pay per view basis. Initially the content will be streamed to end users pcs/macs and eventually to other otts. My requirement is that the content cannot be captured using softwares like replay media catcher. It is also observed that users can run screen capture softwares like camatasia studio or windows media encoder to capture the whole of the movie and pirate the same in torrents. Is there any possibility to arrest the screen capture? I am evaluating the secured streaming frameworks from widevine, adobeflashaccess 3.0, irdeto and ezdrm. Being a small business i am going to see a stiff competion from the goliaths. Can you please let me know who are the best drm vendors or evaluating the above is sufficient keeping my requirements in mind. Thanks, --mayur

  1. Profile Picture

    Dom |Co-Founder and Director

    happy to advise you on the realities of DRM. Frankly all DRM can be circumvented. However in certain...

    10 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Scot |Technical Product Manager

    Hi Happy to discuss via phone or ***** your requirements. Can i ask are your going to use multiscree...

    12 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Jack |CTO

    Mayurpuli: Screen capture based copy prevention is a difficult problem. You will need to consider cu...

    17.9 Hours Later
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Film Based Packaging

We would like to speak with multiple experts who are able to share insights on the flexible based packaging industry. Ideally, senior-level executives who can comment on the trends in the raw material used for films, recent technologies, backward integration and also someone who understand the global trends. This would be for a 1-hour paid consultation call. Please respond with a few brief answers to the questions below. 1. Can you share a brief background and your experience on the film based packaging industry? 2. Would you be able to discuss the market and global trends of this space? Please give a short insight. *referrals are highly appreciated.

  1. Profile Picture

    Shakeel |Associate Director

    I am available on appointment. Kindly advise ...

    36 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Paul |President

    Sure I’ll participate ...

    58 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    ANIL |Head of Packaging Development and Operat

    I have good exposure to current market trend on the film based packaging multiplayer to *****...

    1.4 Hours Later
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Film Agent

I have a feature film psychological vampire thriller. It is nearing its final stages in post-production. I want to connect with an agent that can keep me connected and steady stream of distribution. I want to start making a film every year or two. Hoping the first film will be career launch and funding for second and third film. I have a very unique ability to make a film for much less than the average film production and can create much larger profit margins when finish the films. Vampire trailer: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?***********

  1. Profile Picture

    Sindee |Attorney

    The best thing you could do is go to a film market, like American Film Market in Los Angeles (it's i...

    6 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Mike |CEO

    I'm interested to view this trailer. Please email me the URL to ***** Cheers Mike...

    14.7 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Dick |International Consultant

    Sorry, cannot open the link. Not via Internet Explorer, neither via Google you have an...

    1.6 Days Later
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Ldpe Films

I need project consultant for mfg. Of ldpe films

  1. Profile Picture

    Kenneth |Consultant

    I have experience with LDPE and with film *****se contact me so that we can discuss how ...

    1.5 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    New |

    We can help is setting up the complete project. For project consultancy and project management the f...

    3.2 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Alan |Zintro Expert

    What type of help are you looking for? If you can be more specific about exactly what you need I can...

    4 Hours Later
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Independent Film

Hi. I'm anu. I'm looking for a consultant who can help us finding financial backers for a movie project. The project's status right now is pre-production stage. We have script ready. And starting finding right people to get involved in to this. This is a documentary fiction about a girl who suffered with leukemia and died in 2010. Jennifer born in america, origin of india was a bright student in dallas. Her father is a doctor in dallas. She aspired to become an oncologist and her father built a hospital in dallas for her future. She got seat in harvard university too. Everything was going smooth until she visited india in 2008. She was diagnosed with cancer while she was in india. She was admitted in indian private hospital where she had suffered a lot with the negligence of the hospital staff. She caught infections in two days. She was brought to dallas and admitted in dallas children medical center. Two years she fought for life. She has seen the plight of patients in india where there is no value for life. Before she died she asked her parents to do something for cancer patients who are dying with negligence. This documentary tells a story of about a couple who were dreaming about their one and only daughter's future. Who were saving money and planning for her future and the girl who was dreaming to do something in life. Suddenly an element called cancer came in to their lives and changed everything. It changed their priorities. It broke their dreams and it left them with no future. At the end when their daughter was leaving she left a new goal a new future for their parents and made them to move on. This story was told showing true sufferings of cancer patients and also established a comparative study of indian hospitals poor management and american hospitals where they give value to life. This film will bring awareness about cancer and tells how to give value to a life. The parents of this girl are the producers of this project. This will be made in indian languages and in english. This needs shooting in india as well as in dallas. The budget of this film is 1.5 million excluding artists. A jp production is named after their daughter jennifer priya. This company is new born baby. This has no earlier record of films. As they want to do something for cancer awareness and throw light on the plight of cancer treatment in india also show how the american society gives value to life they are making this documentary. They have few other documentary fictions in line to produce in health and social issues in future. At present this company has a trust in india named global helping hands. Looking forward to hear from you, best.

  1. Profile Picture

    Ron |Chief Experience Officer

    UAnu, I would be happy to provide consult, guidance and or assistance to get your project funded. ...

    13 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Norman |CEO

    Anu, of course, I'd be more than happy to help get your pointed toward the money. I don't raise fund...

    22 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Lawrence |CEO

    Anu, OK, how do you want to proceed? Do you have any funds in the Bank or a Financial Instrument w...

    41 Minutes Later
+10 Other Responses
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Film Extrusion Machinery

We are looking to do multiple paid phone consultations on experts that have knowledge on film extrusion machinery manufactures including blown film line manufacturers. We would be particularly interested with experts who can share their insights on film extrusion machinery market dynamics and sustainability trends and their impact on flexible packaging. The ideal expert should be senior executives / cxo level experts and able to give an in-depth discussion of the market dynamics, competitive edge, and other variables that drive growth in this space. To demonstrate your relevance, please consider briefly answering the question: 1. What is the extent of your experience that will showcase your overall knowledge on film extrusion machinery manufactures? Please answer briefly. 2. Can you share your insights into the current sustainability trends and their impact on flexible packaging? Please answer briefly. 3. Would you be able to provide/discuss the overall size of film extrusion machinery market (blown film and cast film extrusion) and the likely impact on extrusion machinery suppliers due to the emergence of sustainable packaging films? Please answer briefly.

  1. Profile Picture

    Pierre |Managing Director

    Ok ready...

    1 Hour Later
  2. Profile Picture

    A1 |Zintro Expert

    My name is Angelo Iannicca, my technical sales experience knowledge with LLDPE Blown Extruded Film M...

    1.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Shakeel |Associate Director

    Please review my profile. I am available, please contact me ...

    1.5 Hours Later
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Content Acquisition And Licensing

We are looking for mobile and internet rights of movies/short films/documentaries/life style videos/ comedy videos etc.

  1. Profile Picture

    Francesca |Executive Producer

    Hi there, I've been involved in the *****, outreach and rights research part of a number of med...

    2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Steve |Chief X Officer (Technology, Content, M&

    I have extensive, hands-on experience licensing on-demand and streaming content rights from licensor...

    7.8 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Stephen |Chief Rocketeer

    Thank you for your consideration, but I don't really have that type of content acquisition expertise...

    8.5 Hours Later
+10 Other Responses
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Battery Separator Films

We are looking for experts in battery separator films, specifically lithium ion battery separators. We are trying to understand how these films function, along with what properties are most important. We would also like to learn about the major manufacturers in the market and what their differentiating qualities are.

  1. Profile Picture

    Robert |President

    Let me know how I can help you - via phone or other means....

    2.2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Srinivasan |Retired Technical Director

    I am interested in being a consultant. I have worked on *****lopment for alkaline rechargeabl...

    5.7 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Aravind |Business Leader

    Hi I'm a chemical consultant with over 12 years of experience working with different chemicals and m...

    5.8 Hours Later
+18 Other Responses
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Polyester Films

We are interested in speaking to experts about the use of polyester films in flexible food packaging. We are especially interested in knowing what film properties are valued by converters and end users (e.G. Kraft, pepsico, etc.) for different types of food packaging groups (e.G. Produce, salty snacks, coffee, etc...)

  1. Profile Picture

    Herb |Sr Manager - Engineering

    Good evening. I've worked many years as a packaging engineer for large F100 food companies. In my ap...

    4.5 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Pete |Innovation Consultant + Principal

    I'm an *****ultant who specialized in plastic packaging. I'm a Plastics Engineer with an ...

    5.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Tom |Owner

    I'm an independent packaging sales rep. My resources facilitate a variety of primary, secondary and...

    5.5 Hours Later
+10 Other Responses
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Films Industry

Hi, i want to know about how social media has impacted the film industry in thew recent years, and if it has had any influence for the film making companies and distributors

  1. Profile Picture

    Simeon |Training / Coordinator

    Hi, fds africa is a field research agency in Nigeria, kindly email us and will we will provide you w...

    15.5 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Jim |Connector Director

    Hello, I have been involved in the marketing and production of content for 20 years including of cou...

    3.7 Days Later
+3 Other Responses
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Film Production

Dear madam, dear sir, "i didn't shoot sara" is a full-length machinima animated thriller. It means the start as filmmaker for me. There are lots of experiences i have that help me realizing this project: computer programming, photography, videography, editing, graphic design, writing. The only thing i'm new to is marketing a film like this one. Unfortunately i cannot offer a budget. Therefore i'm looking for someone who believes that i can produce an excellent movie ready to bring to the cinemas. As you don't know me, i will give you any information you desire. Firstly, to learn a bit about me just google "kuhrmeier" and you will find me (arthur) five times on the first page. Secondly, there are websites where you can find the movie and the progress of it. In short: the script is finished, the cast is growing, production has started. Simply google "i-didnt-shoot-sara" and check the first eight hits. Thirdly, i will answer any question you have about me or the movie. Though i don't have a budget (yet), i was able to gather a team willing to work on the project accepting a share of the income. When it comes to finances this is everything i can offer. But i believe there is more that i can offer: my strong will to succeed, my passion for movies and filmmaking, and my crazy perfectionism. These are things that don't count on your bank account, but they count in life. I very much hope that you contact me. Just talk to me, give me a chance, and then decide if this project is the right one for you to support. I do thank you for your time. Love and success, arthur

  1. Profile Picture

    Dena |Managing Partner

    Arthur, unfortunately, I don't work for free, but at such time where you raise a budget, I would be...

    3.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Houston |President

    I might be able to help you Arthur....

    5.6 Days Later
+2 Other Responses
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Pvc Film

We are looking for a consultant to product rigid pvc film by blown process. Regards, vinod

  1. Profile Picture

    Ricardo |Flexible flms Expert

    Have experience in many blown films. Not in PVC...

    7.4 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Marco |General Manager

    Technician more than 40 yrs blown+cast PVC and coex up to 13 layers PO-EVOH-PA installed and started...

    8.6 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Gaurav |Gaurav Biraris

    Hello, Please visit*****a37 to assess my potential exper...

    1.4 Days Later
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