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Recent Financial Data Providers And Inquiries

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Data / Intel / Advisory For Financial Institutions

We are looking to understand the market for data, market intelligence, and advisory services sold to financial institutions. Most of the work is done through research consultants who leverage data and domain expertise to provide reports to their financial clients. Clients rely on the data to measure and benchmark performance against competitors, gain competitive intelligence including market share trends, service ratings and strategies. Customers fall into 4 categories, banking, markets investment management and financial technology with customers including bofa, j.P. Morgan, nomura, fidelity, blackrock, thomson reuters, bloomberg etc. Players in the space include: bcg, greenwich associates, finalta, bai, novantas. We are looking to speak to either a) customers or b) players in this space.

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    Manish |Consulting Director

    Hi I have been in the management consulting, ***** business development roles for the past 1...

    1.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Spencer |General Manager

    Hi: Happy to discuss. We have considerable experience doing B2B telephone research in the US and Eur...

    18.8 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Scott |Senior Consultant

    Currently work for management consulting firm. Previously, I have worked in the financial services a...

    6.6 Days Later
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Data Analytics Solutions

Urgent expertise request for discussion on data analytics solutions for cfos dear experts, i am writing on behalf of a consulting firm that conducts expert interviews in support of industry-wide studies for many of the world's fortune 1000 companies. We are an authorized zintro partner. For a current study with a professional services client, we are interested in understanding how technology and analytics solutions are being used to drive critical insights and answer important business questions for chief financial officers (cfos). We would like to conduct a ~45 minute discussion with current or very recent cfos who could help us better understand their personal point-of-view on the topic. They should ideally work at medium to large sized companies (that purchase big name brand consulting solutions). The top priority industries of focus are financial services (insurance & banking), consumer goods and technology, however we are open to other industry suggestions as well. We are only interested in personal expert perspectives and are not looking for any confidential information. We would be happy to compensate you for your time. We are organizing discussions over the next few days (until tue, may 12th), including the weekend, if this works with your schedule. Kindly reply with your contact details (e.G. Phone number, email) as i would like to provide more information on our project and schedule a mutually convenient time to connect. Thank you in advance, and we are looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, lou senior specialist, delivery & expert community

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    Eric |Owner

    I'm not a fit. Sorry. ...

    1 Hour Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Armen |President & Founder

    My background (Visa and JPMChase) provides experience and skill set in developing global payment sol...

    1.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Shyam |CFO Advisor

    Deep expertise around *****ytic solutions (speak at *****erences on this topic) and...

    5.7 Hours Later
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Pet Supplier Transactional Data

Hi we are looking for experts urgently, who can provide information about 2012 and 2013 prices and also provide information on the discounts provided based on volumes. We will also require the expert to provide the source with data.

  1. Profile Picture

    Ron |President, Lead Consultant

    Are you talking about PET bottles for beverages o Pet supplies?...

    14 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Gregory |Business Development Manager

    Are you talking about PET food?...

    5.4 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Enrico |Director of Operations and Founder

    We can help you with pet resin data? What country are you interested in and what volumes you think y...

    2 Days Later
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Financial Modeling

I am looking for experts in financial modeling

  1. Profile Picture

    Gary |Managing Partner

    Is this modeling for an existing business or project, or is it something new or in a planning stage?...

    9 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Balasubramanian |Director

    I am interested in your work. I am the director of Pexeta Analytics and presently heading the financ...

    2.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Helge |Executive Management Advisor

    Hi Gary, I am sure that I can help you with your financial modeling. I have a MBA specializing in m...

    5.3 Hours Later
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Financial Data Management

We are looking to speak to paid customers of mx technologies. We are looking to do multiple paid phone consults with customers/ prior customers of financial data management such as mx technologies. We want to speak with experts who can share their insights on purchasing criteria, use case, pros and cons, and evaluation of other vendors in this space. This would be a 1 hour paid phone consultation. To be considered for this, please respond with your relevance to the questions given below: 1. Were you the primary decision maker in evaluating, selecting, and implementing mx technologies at your company in the last 18 months? Please elaborate on the extent of your involvement in evaluating and selecting mx technologies. 2. What were you using prior to mx technologies and who else did you evaluate besides mx technologies during your evaluating process? Please comment on the vendor you used prior as well as the other options you evaluated alongside mx technologies. 3. Have you been a live customer of mx technologies for 12 months or more? ***referrals would highly be appreciated.

  1. Profile Picture

    Mark |Market Data Manager

    hello I am a consultant and my clients are financial services firms. Mostly I deal in market *****...

    40 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Patrick |Northwest Sales Director

    Hello, I have not used this technology nor do I know anyone who has. FWIW, when I researched this...

    58 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Shyam |CFO Advisor

    Current customer of MX technologies and can discuss ...

    1 Hour Later
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Panel Data

I am running growth regression on panel data(64 countries, 11 years) to investigate the impact of financial development on economic growth of china. I need tutoring for stata and econometric through skype.

  1. Profile Picture

    Merav |Principal

    Hello, I have been teaching financial econometrics with ***** I have years of experience researc...

    2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Muhammad |Lead Econometrician, Data Science Consul

    Globally recognized, I am an expert *****ntist and *****ultant, member of *****nc...

    10.7 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Afsar |Principal Consultant - Analytics & Innov

    Hi, I will be able to help you with this as I have thought ***** analysis to many students from...

    11.7 Hours Later
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Oracle Financials

Writing code, reports, interfaces, etc for oracle e-business suite r12. You should be capable of working on all technical aspects of the oracle e-business suite modules and designing and developing programs and procedures around oracle applications. 5+ years of experience in designing, developing, implementing interfaces, extensions and reports in oracle ebusiness suite environment hands-on development / support experience of oracle e-business suite r12 experience developing rice components in ap, ar, gl, po, fa, hrms and cash management modules proficiency in sql plus, pl/sql, reports 10g, forms 10g, discoverer reports, oracle workflow, sql loader, bi (xml) publisher and unix shell scripts strong experience with oracle applications framework (oaf). Experience working with toad, mysql, obiee or other enterprise reporting solutions experience with etl and data warehouse technologies prior experience with oracle approval management.

  1. Profile Picture

    Ray |Global Engagement manager

    should you be open for contracting, I will be happy to share a few solid resumes of our employees. I...

    21.1 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Muhammad |Alimukati

    Senior oracle developer /erp technical consultant, working freelancer as an oracle developer, looki...

    20.9 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Naumaan |CEO

    Hi, Thank you for contacting us. We have the required skill set and available resources who can ass...

    23.8 Days Later
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Financial Planning Practices

I am writing on behalf of a consulting firm that conducts expert interviews in support of industry-wide studies for many of the world's fortune 1000 companies. We help businesses answer questions by engaging with the world’s most relevant experts. We are an authorized zintro partner. For a current study, we would like to speak with experts who can share their perspectives on the income tax environment and industry trends concerning personal financial and retirement planning in switzerland. They would need to represent large corporate firms from the following industries: financial service company consulting/auditing company hr management company we will be conducting discussions with leading experts and we hope to find such available for а 60-min call to share their thoughts on the topic. We are interested in speaking only with experts with current experience, based in switzerland and with knowledge on the local market. We would be happy to offer a flexible compensation for your time and insights. Please note that we are handling the standard zintro fee separately, hence the expert is not involved in paying this.

  1. Profile Picture

    Vladimir |Zintro Expert

    That's not for me Vladimir...

    3.4 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Ioana |Business Analyst

    Hello I am an ***** UK CEE financial planner and consultant and analyst with an American ...

    4 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Christian |Manager

    Due to my engagement with Credit Suisse and Deloitte (Switzerland) I can offer you such insights. Ev...

    1.8 Days Later
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Financial Data & Analytics Solution/services

We are hosting an online focus group composed of leaders responsible for and actively involved in decisions made for financial data & analytics solutions, services, and vendors within their organization. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the sponsor’s modern solution—used by industry leaders and connect with others to share ideas and opinions. This is not a sales pitch, but market research. We are offering an incentive of up to $350 for your participation in a 90-min online focus group discussion. A bonus of $150 is also available for any successful referrals from another organization. If you are interested in participating, please kindly answer the question below: - which, if any, of the following statements apply to you. Select all that apply. A. I use financial data and analytics products, services, or solutions as part of my job function. B. I make decisions regarding the financial data and analytics products, services, or vendors my company selects c. I directly influence decision-making regarding the financial data and analytics products, services, or vendors my company selects. D. I work in the energy or commodities market industry. E. I work at an original equipment manufacturer (oem) within the automotive industry. Please note that we are only interested in your personal point of view and are not seeking confidential information. Referrals are highly appreciated

  1. Profile Picture

    ZONG |Zintro Expert

    Yup, this topic is perfectly fit my expertise. I can help further. A. I use financial ***** a...

    3.4 Days Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Rick |

    Hello. A, B, and C apply to me. I am happy to help. ...

    4.2 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    New User |

    A,B, C, and D, apply to me....

    6 Days Later
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Financial Report Writing

My company has changed from paychex to another company and we are in need of someone to assist with writing a report from our paychex p[ayroll data. The report needs to be in an excel format. If anyone is able to do this, please respond.

  1. Profile Picture

    Afsar |Principal Consultant - Analytics & Innov

    I will be able to help you on this...

    2.3 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    R. M. |Development Consultant

    I am interested to take responsibility to write this financial report. I am looking forward your ki...

    3.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Michael |CFO

    I am interested. Where is your company located? let's talk via phone. Mike *****...

    8.4 Hours Later
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Data Analytics Strategy

We're a young fintech company looking to bring on board a senior data scientist as a mentor who can guide our data analytics strategy, and help us set up the necessary tools and infrastructure. Please reach out asap.

  1. Profile Picture

    Jerrod |Owner, Managing Consultant

    Good morning. I am an expert in *****ysis, *****gement, and a variety of *****pul...

    4 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Rich |Consultant Instructor

    Hello, I a consultant/instructor teaching classes in *****nce, Hadoop and IT-as-a-Service. I pre...

    5.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Krishna |Zintro Expert*****/a12 Above link gives my profile on linkedIn. I have ...

    6 Hours Later
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Financial Analysis For Healthcare Projects

The government financial consultant will lead the project management of the accurate and timely data and financial analysis on large and complex state managed health and welfare projects. This position will be the financial/accounting and/or financial operations expert for projects and proposals, as well as the mentor for more junior financial/actuarial staff and oversee their basic financial and operational work. While actuarial or financial expertise is desired, previous history in medical economics will be considered. Key responsibilities are: • project manage the government division's projects related to government sponsored health and welfare programs. After a project is sold to the client, the government consultant works with the lead client manager to initiate the project. This includes meeting with the client and clearly defining the scope, timelines and deliverable of the project as well as develop and propose essential project documents, including the budget and work plans • ensure project team is within budget, on time and producing work consistent with the scope. Coordinate tasks with specialists on the project team, keep the client leader informed on the project, ensure regular team meetings and maintain project documents. As the project team leader, may produce documents stating project results, including reports, charts, analyses, etc. • provide updates to the client team, gather additional information, coordinate data requests and advise client team on interim analyses. In conjunction with the client manager, may present project results to client • work on multiple projects with multiple clients simultaneously. While frequently in the role of overall project manager, may project manage tasks on large client deliverables in which a peer in the lead project manager role. • in this position, will also work with peers who are specialist to coordinate the specialist's contribution to the project • may focus on specialties that can include nursing, behavioral health, certified public accounting, pharmacy and coding. These specialist can project manage government projects unique to their specialty or project manage specialty sub projects in larger government projects • may directly supervise junior staff members and frequently provide supervisory feedback, training and mentoring to junior staff that have a project reporting relationship with them. People management responsibilities include: assign, direct, and evaluate work; conduct performance evaluations, progressive counseling and career development discussions; ensure appropriate orientation and on-going education/training; provide critical input regarding hiring and firing employees; promotion, salary and bonus actions • involved in the selling process with the senior client leader. Drive the request for proposal (rfp) process. Develop project approach and budgets. Work with internal marketing team and write up rfp response • keep self current on health policy environment and considers the implication of policy, law, political, etc. Changes impact client and client's programs • develop intellectual capital; lead or participate in the development of tools or processes that can be leveraged for multiple clients. To be considered for this opportunity, we require the following qualifications and experience: o ba/bs degree o minimum seven years of relevant experience required o strong analytical and mathematical skills; strong command of excel o excellent interpersonal skills; strong oral and written communication skills o ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks in a demanding work environment o strong critical thinking and analytical problem-solving skills o ability to work independently and on a team o if a specialist, certified public accounting certification

  1. Profile Picture

    Dana |Principal

    Good Morning- I have over 25 years healthcare finance, auditing and consulting experience. This app...

    3.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    John |Managing Director

    I am a forensic accountant with 30 years of experience. My credentials include both a CPA and a Cer...

    4.2 Hours Later
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