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Recent Gis Land Mapping Inquiries

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Gis Based School Mapping System

My company is seeking a gis expert to work on a project in jordan during 2016. It is to provide capacity development in gis-based school mapping system to rationalize the educational facilities network across jordan.

  1. Profile Picture

    Vishal |CTO

    Hi, I am quite interested in this opportunity. I have extensive experience working for GIS compani...

    5.2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    nikhil |GIS Developer

    Hi Team, I Have experience in providing *****d solutions in cross domains. I have created...

    5.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Krishna |GIS Specialist

    I would be in position to deliver you the best with my 16+ years of experience in this industry. Ple...

    6 Hours Later
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Autocad Map 3d

Looking for - auto-cad map 3d expert. - using cad for urban planning and land management. - working in cad standards. - cad data management. - cad layouts and map productions. - using gis formats with cad.

  1. Profile Picture

    Suraj |CEO

    Dear Sir/Ma'M, Thanks indeed for posting this requirement in Zintro. We are Indian Based CAD | BIM ...

    9 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Mohankumar |Assistant Manager Marketing

    Hi Musallam, Pls send me your requirement, inputs to mod at asecaddesign dot com. we are working on ...

    10.4 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Prahlad |Mechanical Design and Drafting, 3D Model

    Hi Musallam, Please send us your detail requiremnets at ***** sales ex...

    12.2 Hours Later
+7 Other Responses
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Maptitiude Gis Software Services

Requirement of experts on caliper corporation's maptitude gis software services, with strong knowledge on strategy and sales & marketing initiatives. Also, should be able to provide information around the revenue, geographical presence, employee numbers, key vertical focus, recent partnerships, channel partners, future initiatives pertaining to maptitude software.

  1. Profile Picture

    Armando |GIS architect

    Hello, I have been using Maptitude for 15 years, developing custom ***** GISDK for Map...

    4 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Patrick |Systems Analyst

    I have a lot of online marketing experience along with many years in GIS and mapping for mining comp...

    1.5 Days Later
+2 Other Responses
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Gis Feasibility Studies

I am looking for expert for a feasibility study in land database management.

  1. Profile Picture

    Edward |Software Engineer

    *****em Designs has been working in the GIS industry with government and *****anies si...

    10 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Rich |Vice-President & Principal Consultant

    My firm has experience in this area. We would be happy to assist you with this....

    13 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    David |Owner

    I have extensive professionally acquired experience in ***** land management. Please contac...

    39 Minutes Later
+9 Other Responses
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Gis Mapping Environmental Engineering

Gis mapping and analysis. Design of storm water, sewerage system, stp, and preparation of environmental impact assessment report and clearance from the ministry.

  1. Profile Picture

    Bonny |Graduate Surveyor

    I am a qualified GIS Analyst with over 3 years experience in mapping and engineering surveys, well v...

    39 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Alireza |Hydraulic Engineer

    Hi there, Could you please let me know what kind of software are you using? and how big is your pro...

    59 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Daniel |Consulting Director

    Dear prospective client, Thank you for submitting your inquiry. I notice that some or all of the pro...

    12.8 Hours Later
+16 Other Responses
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Tobin Land Suite

We are looking for tobin land suites (tls) consultant with with our client in bakersfield, ca. Position: tobin land suites (tls) consultant location: bakersfield, ca. Duration: long term we are looking for candidate with following skill set: arcgis tools esri mapping experience gathering gis data experience working in a gis environment experience with tobin land suites (tls) or tobin is strongly preferred develops deeper understanding for analyzing and interpreting land related documents and a variety of agreements such as oil & gas leasehold, row leasehold, granted-to-other leasehold and contracts. Please send your resume or for more information please contact me

  1. Profile Picture

    Laura |GIS Consultant

    I am interested in the position. I have over 10 years professional experience in GIS focusing on the...

    43.6 Days Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Anil |project manager

    am Interested, please provide details...

    59.3 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Bikram |GIS/RS Expert

    Please contact me via zNote....

    72.8 Days Later
+3 Other Responses
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Esri Gis Technology

Golf course technology, gps, gis, software failure

  1. Profile Picture

    Davis |Principal

    What is the specific issue or problem? ...

    15 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Paul |CEO

    I may be able to help, but need more details. I'm at *****...

    12 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Thad |GIS Consultant

    I have many years experience with ESRI GIS technology, and also some experience with golf course GIS...

    13.9 Hours Later
+5 Other Responses
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Gis Digitizing

Looking for experts to digitize paper maps using manual vectorization process. Gis digitizing (raster to vector conversion)

  1. Profile Picture

    Daniel |Senior GIS Analyst and Regional Manager

    Greetings. I am very interested in your project. I have extensive experience in GIS *****lopment...

    16 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Brandon |Sales Ask for Brandon...

    41 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Megan |President

    Hi - we can't see eachother's info because neither of us are premium members, so your email address ...

    42 Minutes Later
+32 Other Responses
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1 how to perform error matrix using gis given tm image? 2 how to calculate core area of an ecosystem (eg primary forest)?

  1. Profile Picture

    Rodrigo |Environmental Engineer / GIS expert

    Hello, can you please elaborate a bit more on topic 2 and your needs? Thanks...

    16.7 Hours Later
+1 Other Responses
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Google Earth Pro

Google earth pro expert - looking to switch over from land vision (gis system) to google earth pro. I have been searching for a few answers. I am researching google earth pro for our company and i am unable to find answers to a few questions i have. We are a real estate based company and are currently using land vision as our gis system. We currently have 14 users. We use this system where any or all 14 users can access the system simultaneously and are able to write onto project layers and the info is shared with all users or a user may write to a layer where the info is solely for personal viewing. Does google earth have this capability? What is the portability functionality? What is the cost for an executive membership with 14 users? Would we easily be able to import our current information we have stored on the gis system we are using? Does google earth pro have a backup system? I would greatly appreciate any information you feel would be relevant in helping us make this decision.

  1. Profile Picture

    Luis |Owner


    3.2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Liborio |Environmental engineer

    Good morning, maybe I can help you, I think you need to use Google My Maps Pro and not Earth Pro, tr...

    1.7 Days Later
+4 Other Responses
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Mapping Solutions

South east asia market feedback on the importance of using mapping solutions for decision making process and daily operation

  1. Profile Picture

    Megan |President

    I'd be interested in this project - Geografika...

    16 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Balasubramanian |Director

    We are *****ytics firm with one of our core expertise is in Supply Chain Analytics which include...

    1.8 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Mustafa |Land Survey & Mapping Expert

    Dear Sirs I am seeking for an excellent opportunity in an **********nization i...

    15.6 Hours Later
+6 Other Responses
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Airport Gis

We are preparing to build an initial spatial database (for current airport) of all land base and infrastructure managed by the authority along with background satellite imagery, base map data and other required data layers. The purpose is to setup a gis unit (geographic information system) within the airport by building this gis database as a central repository of all spatial data and build capacity within the organization to manage and expand this in the years to come.

  1. Profile Picture

    Jude |Oracle DBA and GIS Arcsde Admin / Develo

    Architected GIS *****ort system at Scott AFB. Used ESRI Arcgis & Arcsde on server side....

    20 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Alexander |Senior GIS Consultant

    Are you using ArcGIS in this project?...

    29 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Gaetano |COO

    Hi, my previous experience was an *****/AEC syestem for Malpensa airport in Italy. I used ...

    59 Minutes Later
+15 Other Responses
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