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Recent Green Energy Inquiries

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Green Energy

I am looking for green energy experts for interviews for radio shows on radio-shalom in december of 2012 and for the year 2013. Please let me know if you are interested. Kindly contact me through znote. Thanks.

  1. Profile Picture

    Henry |Renewable Energy Consultant

    It would be great if i can help with this. best Henry Garcia...

    58 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Martin |General Manager

    We have a very knowledgeable and Hebrew-speaking ***** Israel, willing to help you. Plea...

    1 Hour Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Adrian |President

    Samuel, Glad to speak with you. Best regards, Adrian Tylim...

    3.8 Hours Later
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Green Energy Hedge Fund

I would like to take over three related corporations in the uk that deals with sustainable & renewable green energy all over asia and africa that incorporates production of biodiesel, bioethanol, biomass, forestation & reforestation over million of hectares of lands. One of the subsidiaries sells hedge funds like commodities hedge funds to their client in the uk.

  1. Profile Picture

    Peter |CFO, COO, Alternative Investments Risk M

    Hi, I am not an expert in green investing but I can talk you through the important principles of hed...

    26 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    mike |SVP;

    I can help. I have worked on acquisitions of companies. I am ***** a green energy company...

    1.2 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Peter H |General Partner Innovis Investments

    How can i help you? with kind regards, Peter...

    1.9 Hours Later
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Wind Turbine

Wind turbine manufacturing and wind farm construction(finacial consultant) we are an egyptian green energy a newly established company our project is going through 2 stages the first stage will be manufacturing the wind turbine second stage is to install the wind turbine into a wind farm. Wind technology, the production line, the management will be through a union of american and french companies our factory will be mobile, fully automated, can produce onshore, and offshore wind turbine, also can produce either small or huge wind turbines. Our target is to produce 2000 turbines of the 10mw/ h during one year. It is a huge project as we believe we will depend on 100% leasing module in financing the project. Now we are forming our board experts members, and the supporting consultant teams. We need experts in financing services, our experts will be paid through a percentage of the net profit our project value evaluation may be as much as 4-5 billion dollars. If you feel it is a challenging project and suits you please contact us my email address is **** best regards, sameh

  1. Profile Picture

    Cyrill |Consultant

    Dear Sameh, We - Privilege Partners - are a financial advisor based in Switzerland. We do have a pa...

    21 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Xiaoyu |Senior Manager

    So, what can do I do remotely? I am working on the field on wind turbine design and power converter ...

    23.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Nenad |Engineer

    Dear Sameh, Very interesting development project you have presented. As far as the fit, I could off...

    4.1 Days Later
+6 Other Responses
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Europe Building Energy Management

Need an expert in building energy management systems in europe to discuss: the current state of market across europe competition in each major european country

  1. Profile Picture

    Sidharth |Managing Director

    Can you share more details? Are you looking at validation, trends, technical work, or *****...

    4.5 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Alastair |CEO

    Hi, please see our website We specialise in Building Energy Management to EN***** (E...

    4.6 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    John |Senior Consultant

    Please, check my profile on LinkedIn at John Zolotas, then we can talk. ...

    7.6 Hours Later
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Green Energy

I have a need in building spin out company in green energy solid fuel conversion

  1. Profile Picture

    Steve |Chairman

    HI, Im happy to talk with you about solid fuel conversion....

    7.2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Kaushik |Scientific Officer

    I am an *****rt in green energy. I have got awards from various *****es. I...

    11.7 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Gerry |Zintro Expert

    I have experience in the SOFC fuel cell industry, working on development projects globally. I have ...

    12.8 Hours Later
+5 Other Responses
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Roadmap For Global Energy Procurement

Heading: roadmap for global fossil energy procurement (in or out -source) for an f&b sector major seek expert consulting on 1. Black energy (oil & natural gas) procurement which includes vendor selection, budget preparation, contracts, pricing negotiation, etc. Should it be insourced or outsourced? - would same strategy work across regions (na, eu, latam, apac) for a corporate? Need good supporting examples of corporates with their procurement strategy. - need to test our hypothesis: outsourcing is highly preferred in case of deregulated markets. Need strong case studies related to big corporates 2. Green energy - strategic roadmap to achieve set targets of 100% renewable energy with good case studies please let us know how your expertise covers our above-mentioned key asks along with your consulting fee. Afterward, we would like to discuss the engagement possibility in 5 to 10 min pre-consulting call.

  1. Profile Picture

    Joe |Zintro Expert

    I've provided supply side consulting services with multiple companies both ***** internatio...

    1.2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Lawrence |Principal

    I have worked with oil & gas companies on renewable *****. I can help Black Energy procurement,...

    1.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Ron |Founder & CEO

    After 40 years of project development and project management, I've developed considerable experience...

    1.6 Hours Later
+22 Other Responses
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Green Energy Investors

Looking for jv partners or investors for renewable energy projects in bulgaria, all shovel ready.

  1. Profile Picture

    Jacek |President & Owner & Freelancer

    Nelly-Weisbloom Dear Nelly, many thanks for your kind email and interest. I believe I could...

    10.2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    John |President

    I have considerable experience in finance for both ***** energy projects, and electric power p...

    8.4 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Carlos |President

    Our team has worked putting together business plans for biorefineries and have had some experience w...

    11.2 Days Later
+5 Other Responses
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Alternative Energy Investment

A number of years ago i had a semi-private stock offering set up with the help of ray dirks - who you most likely have heard of before. Unfortunately, i was offering an energy saving technology and suddenly the price of oil tanked. That was the end of that offering. The price of oil is back up - even higher than it was before - and by all reasonable accounts it will stay near this level for the foreseeable future. With that in mind i will like to move quickly to raise a relatively small amount of money and then reenter this market on a global basis.

  1. Profile Picture

    Rammohan |Energy Auditor, Trainer & Consultant (si

    I have 22 years of energy *****rtise with MS, MBA, total 37 years of industrial experien...

    5.6 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Julien |Founder & CEO

    We frequently provide advisory services to investors during their due diligence process and are some...

    24.5 Days Later
+2 Other Responses
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Eu Structural Funds 4.2/green Energy/project Development

Landfill gas to energy project development landfills are owed by public entities and operated (concession) by private companies. Which is the entity i need to contract with to develop the project: public or private?

  1. Profile Picture

    Bernard |CEO & Director, Economics Services

    Dear lcaron, We have just finished working on a similar project in Malta for a *****t th...

    2.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Bill |Consultant

    My experience in the solid waste industry included the management of departments that acquired priva...

    18.7 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Shay |CEO

    Hi There , I would happy to get some more info. about he projects and the needed consultants S....

    19.1 Hours Later
+11 Other Responses
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Renewable Energy Procurement Strategy

Questions to energy management consultants/experts: on green energy (electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, etc.) q 1. Explain with case studies, how large industrial consumers are procuring green electricity each case study should include i. Case background - sustainability goals (timelines and status) ii. Types of renewables tapped and sourcing agreement details (such as onsite vs offsite, generation vs investment, ppas – physical vs virtual, eacs - recs vs gos vs tigrs, and such other details) iii. Goal achievement details iv. Failures, if any and reasons q 2. Typical strategy road map/approach followed by companies in different regions such as north america, europe, apac and latam? Answer should include: i. Each region’s nuances explained in terms of adoption of renewable source, agreement type and supplier maturity ii. Specific approach for each type of renewable source a. Buy now (if the market is suitable in terms of low price, high supply, etc.) versus b. Wait & watch on black energy (electricity generated from coal, natural gas, oil and other fossil fuels) q 3. Are companies outsourcing energy procurement function (end to end) or preferring inhouse arrangement for procurement of electricity in fully/partially deregulated markets of north america, europe, and australia? What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing energy procurement function to third parties in deregulated markets? Prove with case studies of companies (preferably with company names) who have opted to outsource energy procurement q 4. Are companies using inhouse teams to handle electricity procurement (end to end) in fully regulated markets such as in majority apac, latam countries? What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping energy procurement function in-house in fully regulated markets? Prove with case studies of companies (preferably with company names) who have opted to keep energy procurement function inhouse. Thanks!

  1. Profile Picture

    Paulo |Consultant, Owner and Entrepreneuer

    I can cover the topics regarding Brazil ...

    2.3 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Mireille |Owner - Managing Director

    Hello, I am a professional with 15 years of experience in renewable energy. I have been working with...

    2.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Bert |CTO

    I have 8 years direct experience addressing these types of questions for utilities, energy manageme...

    2.9 Hours Later
+45 Other Responses
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Alternative Energy Solutions

I am a research analyst at zintro, and am interested in talking to experts in biodiesel and biofuel industry and potential solutions to the increasing energy crisis, particularly in the farming and shipping transportation sectors. Does the environmental costs and current inefficiencies outweigh the benefits? Are there other energy sources that can offer a more effective solution? Although at this time i cannot offer payment for expert opinion on the subject, i would be happy to help optimize your current profile on zintro in exchange for your time. I look forward to hearing your expertise on these pressing issues. Sincerely, danielle berger

  1. Profile Picture

    james |VP Investor Relations

    sure i would like to support your cause....

    16.3 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Anna |Managing Member

    Danielle-Berger, you might want to put your query on linkedin in the clean energy group. If you go ...

    19.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Asgeir |Chemical Engineer (M.Sc.Eng.), Chemist (

    Dear Danielle. If you have not already found somebody to help you with your *****, I'm int...

    7.2 Days Later
+4 Other Responses
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Alternative Energy

We are developing a proposal to install a network of wind and solar energy related parameters in a large area. It will be dense network of measuring solar radiation wind, humidity, precipitation and dust for a period of 12 months. The information will then be processed to develop atlas on solar and wind energy. We are looking experts to help us in selecting sensors, deployment of sensors, calibration, data collection and analysis. Please contact us if you are interested to join our team.

  1. Profile Picture


    I have contacts in Hermosillio, Mexico who are already collecting this data....

    8 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Geoffrey |Design Engineer

    Greetings, yes, I can help you identify instruments for your *****ection and work at the system...

    1.8 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Curtis |Program Coordinator

    I am a Clean Cities Program ***** Dept of Energy. I would be willing to take a look at yo...

    3.6 Hours Later
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