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Recent Groundwater Analysis Inquiries

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Groundwater Contamination

We are arguing with out local council in south suffolk about e coli in our groundwater and thus into our surface well. How it gets there and how best to deal with it to provide safe drinking water. Looking for someone who knows and prepared to argue if necessary as we think the council don't know.

  1. Profile Picture

    Jan |Senior consultant

    There are several issues to be clarified in this inquiry: - The ***** the ***** wi...

    31 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Steven |Independent Consultant

    What is the specific arguement with your local council, e.g., source of E. coli; allowable/acceptab...

    7 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    John |Consultant

    My understanding is that south Suffolk is a rural ***** such, surface intrusion from animal husba...

    1.4 Days Later
+4 Other Responses
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California Prop 65

Pce groundwater contamination as a public health concern.We need help.

  1. Profile Picture

    Vadim |Product Applicaitons Manager

    Do you look for technical or legal help here?...

    14 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    James |Production Manager

    Hi, My name is James Ilgunas and I am the production mnager ata company in the UK called Ecolutia se...

    40 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Aaron |Senior Geologist

    I can certainly help. I have worked on a number of projects concerning PCE in *****uding...

    50 Minutes Later
+4 Other Responses
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Water Treatment

Looking for partners interested in physical water treatment technologies - like water disinfection, scale prevention, irrigation technologies, concrete & concrete products, domestic waste waters treatment, etc....

  1. Profile Picture

    Arunav |Chief Executive

    Let me have your specific area, size and other criteria and get back to me at the earliest, I shall ...

    2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Nasr |Research Scientist

    I am interested in physico-chemical *****tment. What is your proposition in this issue?...

    6.8 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Yves |CEO

    dear Lyudmil, send us details on your offer; we can be reached through Zintro....

    8.9 Hours Later
+12 Other Responses
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Water Management

Looking for university and companies partners for r&d+i projects on water management, groundwater management, applied geology and geomorphology, natural hazards and enviromental geology, civil engineering and sustainability. Worldwide, specially russia and cis

  1. Profile Picture

    Albert |Business Development

    Hello Ignacio, have a look to our services at and Kind rega...

    5.3 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Hayk |GIS Analyst

    Dear Sir/Madame, We are an Armenia-based company and have a vast experience in *****gement, Ge...

    5.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Jose |Geotechnical and geological advisor

    I am interesting...

    5.8 Hours Later
+8 Other Responses
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Water Testing

I believe my water is contaminated by sewage. I need an expert to test my water, and if there is sewage in it, possibly testify for me in court. I live in a city close to dallas texas

  1. Profile Picture

    Peter |President

    I have 40 year's experience in ***** *****tment and have had my own consulting company...

    37 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Anwar |Training Manager

    Dear sir if you suspect that your ********** sewage ***** to have sterile ...

    10.2 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Aaron |Senior Geologist

    I can help and I can help you do this cheaper than getting too much costly expertise up front. Be in...

    3.1 Days Later
+4 Other Responses
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Water Quality Meters

Horiba is looking for an "expert" to help identify companies that would be interested in reselling our water quality meters in central america, ecuador, bolivia, paraguay, uruguay, countries north of brazil and chile. Our instruments are used to measure ph, conductivity, orp, dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, turbidity and many ions. We have very simple meters to multiparameter meters to perform these measurements (ex: model b-213, model u-53)

  1. Profile Picture

    Juan Antonio |W&S - Water Utilities Specialist. Intern

    Dear Pamela, I'm not *****ity expert but civil engineer with a strong background on *****i...

    11.6 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Andrew |MD

    i am based in UK but work in Europe, i use Polaris *****ity monitoring at present but would be ...

    7.7 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Malikireddy |Technical Lead.

    Dear Ms/Mrs. Pamela , Please Contact Dr.Ulrich Hann for the same. Below is his website. Also plea...

    12 Days Later
+5 Other Responses
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Groundwater Assessments

I am looking for an expert for middle east groundwater.Please contact through znote

  1. Profile Picture

    Harvey |Director

    I have a good knowledge of the subject area and am willing to be consulted. It is a large and compl...

    23 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Aaron |Senior Geologist

    In which country are you looking to do this work?...

    56 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Mario |PMP, Msc,

    I am a consultant engineer specialized in the whole cycle of water. I could help you. Give me more d...

    2.8 Hours Later
+16 Other Responses
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Mineral Water In Us

Greetings! i am writing to you on behalf of 10eqs, where we work with industry experts to support industry studies for many of the world's fortune 1000 companies. For a current study, we are seeking experts who could help us understand potential u.S. Market acceptance of a premium mineral water that is currently well established in other countries such as russia, ukraine and countries. We are particularly interested in insights from potential channel partners. Examples of desired channel companies include but are not limited to: "whole foods" or "new seasons market" or draegers or "premium waters" or corepower yoga or "organic food choice" or lifetime or lifeway or "mother's market & kitchen" or "wild oats" or amazon or fleming's or "ruth's chris" or "w hotel" or "sprouts market" or "jimbo's" or "trader joe's" or krogers or kroger or "bristol farms" or "smart & final" or "ritz carlton" or "st. Regis" or "morton's steakhouse" or "mccormick & schmicks" or "aqua maestro" or "igourmet.Com" or "bottled water web" we would like to conduct a ~45 minute discussion with you to help us better understand your point-of-view on this topic. We are only interested in shared industry learnings and are not looking for any confidential information. We would be happy to compensate you for your time. It would be great if you could let us know whether you would be available for this effort. We are organizing discussions throughout this/next week, if this works with your schedule. Kindly reply with your details as i would like to provide more information on our project and schedule a mutually convenient time to connect. Thank you in advance, and we are looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, lizbeth

  1. Profile Picture

    Debbie |CEO

    Hello Lizbeth I am available for the phone consult and I have extensive experience in the trade chan...

    39 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Mohammad M. Salem |Zintro Expert

    Dear Lizbeth Thank you for your offer , yes i would like to be a part of your survey in the futur bu...

    11.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Kunthur |Freelance Consultant on Organic Agricult

    Please provide details of your requirements on mineral *****g my mobile contact number *****...

    16.8 Hours Later
+6 Other Responses
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I live at caroline, alberta. The county is putting in a gravel pit on the quarter west of us, and we have grave concerns about how the hydrology will be affected. They plan to dig about 3 metres below the water table, only a few hundred metres from where underground springs feed our creek. I also wondered if we have species that would be considered at risk - lightning bugs in particular. My # is ********* i hope that you can advise me or know someone closer who can. Thank you so very much, marianne

  1. Profile Picture

    Steven |Principal Hydrologist/Hydrogeologist

    Marianne Give me a call and I will help you ID questions and prioritize issues. My hourly fee for in...

    16 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Andy |Project Geologist

    Hi Marianne, My expertise is in Florida, but we have very similar subsurface conditions in many par...

    39 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Daniel |Principal Hydrogeologist

    Hello Marianne! I am a groundwater "expert" and have some experience with gravel pits and groundwat...

    48.5 Days Later
+3 Other Responses
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Water Well Driling

Looking for experts in water well drilling for irrigation purpose , philippines , diffun quirino isabila

  1. Profile Picture

    Pedro |Agricultural Engineer

    My Experience is ***** this work as PROJECT MANAGER – CONTRACTOR. San Juan Farm. La Mana, Ecuado...

    2.4 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    ALLAN |president

    I've worked in Panama/Haiti?Africa drilling all types of *****s. need details of your needs. Al...

    3.4 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    alex |President

    I specialize in agricultural wells. What is the question?...

    4.7 Hours Later
+4 Other Responses
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Bottled Water Plant

Hello zintro, a locally respected family in south west ohio is looking to secure startup funding to establish bottled spring water, sports drink and/or beer brewing/bottling operations. The mineral/spring water source once supported mineral water bottling operations the japanese owned beverage company sundtory ltd., and ds waters of america - collectively these two enterprises bottled water products under the name talawanda springs. The exceptional water source (formally known as talawanda springs), in terms of purity and capacity, has the potential to support lucrative water based ventures. Any comments regarding startup direction and potential funding consideration based on formal business plan would be greatly appreciated. Regards, marco

  1. Profile Picture

    Malcolm |President

    I have experience in this space. I was SVP of PomWonderful and worked with it's sister company Fiji ...

    18 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Michael |Principal

    Marco, I have over 25 years expertise in the bottled beverage business including bottled water, spo...

    30 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Christian |Commercial Manager

    Hello Marco. We have more tan 40 years in bottling business (water, beer, soft drinks, juices, etc)....

    8.4 Hours Later
+9 Other Responses
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An area i live in has approximately 13000 residents that rely on an aquifier , there is a proposal for an additional 25000-30000 more people through heavy development(town houses condos etc) could we expect and problems with this development. The aquifer in questions is the brookswood aquifer in langley bc canada. Thanks.

  1. Profile Picture

    B |ceo

    To find *****r ground, take a Green Branch 12 inches, in the center tie a string, move 12 inche...

    2.8 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Kade |Hydrogeologist

    It does appear that the BC Ministry of Environment maintains a sufficient monitoring system in the L...

    14.6 Hours Later
+2 Other Responses
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