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On-demand Home Service Market

We would like to understand the business models existing for on-demand service marketplaces in saudi arabia (e.G. On-demand home maintenance). Insights we need include: 1. Key differentiator / value proposition / unique aspect for various marketplace companies in saudi arabia 2. Key customer segments a. Residential vs other customers b. Small jobs vs. Big job contracts c. One time vs. Annual maintenance contracts 3. Market size of online on-demand service categories in saudi arabia (“sar million” or based on “online adoption %”) a. Law services b. Catering c. Home maintenance (including ac, washing machine, home appliance repairs) d. Mobile and computer repair e. Packing and moving f. Photography g. Private teaching h. Web and graphic design 4. Offline and online (email, facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat) strategies for establishing and growing service provider network a. Criteria used for recruiting service providers 5. Offline and online (email, facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat) strategies for establishing and growing customer base 6. Other marketing and promotional strategies being used (e.G. Discounts, cashbacks, loyalty points etc.) 7. Strategies adopted for growing revenue streams a. Registration fees b. Membership fees c. Lead generation fees d. Visiting fees e. Commissions f. Consulting fees g. Product sales h. Any other 8. Strategies related to pricing, invoicing/billing, and payment methods/terms 9. Cost management and cost reduction strategies a. Web and mobile app development b. It infrastructure c. Salaries d. Marketing e. Office rent and maintenance f. Phone g. Government costs h. Insurance i. Misc. 10. Strategies adopted for optimizing infrastructure and resource requirements

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    Ryan (Nizar) |Insight & Business Development Director

    Hi, I am happy to see such challenging task on Zintro. I am a senior insight leader with 13 years o...

    15.6 Hours Later
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    Safwat |Export Sales Manager

    Ready ...

    1 Day Later
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    New |

    Good Post Ma'am/Sir, Would you like to try our different services, For more *****t our w...

    34.3 Days Later
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Facilities Management - Sla & Price Benchmarking

We are doing an industry benchmark best practice study for various services under facilities management: locations – uk (east london) and us (lower manhattan, new york city) key requirements: 1. Industry benchmarking for contract parameters for various service level agreements (sla’s) including payment terms, confidentiality clauses, cyber, insurance, for following services: a. Cleaning and janitorial b. Catering c. Engineering (handyman) & maintenance d. Business support e. Security services can above be customized for financial services industry, maybe with help of case studies? We can give estimates of our client size if that helps arrive at relevant benchmarks? Would require insights on how the parameters would vary for us and uk markets (our key target locations) 2. Industry benchmarking for key sourcing parameters - key price models (fixed, variable), quality of services, location, downtime, utilization etc. Any other benchmarks which our client should consider – any best practices? 3. Rate benchmarking for following services in us & uk: a. Cleaning and janitorial b. Catering c. Security services price benchmarking wherever applicable should be considered in per sq. Ft., per fte, per hour basis. We can give estimates of our client size if that helps arrive at relevant benchmarks if you are able to help with this benchmark study, please share a note with your availability on monday for a pre-consult discussion. Regards, thomas

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    Dr. Tim |President, Parker Resource Management

    I have extensive experience with benchmarking and practices for facility management services to incl...

    8.6 Hours Later
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    Joseph |Consultant

    Interesting will like to her more per scope....

    1.6 Days Later
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    Pankaj |Procurement Consultant

    I am interested....

    55.1 Days Later
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