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Recent Healthcare Administration Inquiries

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Behavioral Healthcare Administration

We need top manager for growing 70-employee core service agency.

  1. Profile Picture

    Julia |healthcare

    Hello: I have run 100 million dollar corps, and am also a legal nurse consultant. In which *****...

    4.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Bernie |Principal

    Hello As a professional with 25 years of behavioral healthcare management and consulting experience,...

    3.1 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Laura |President/CEO

    Please provide more details. Is this a mental health position?...

    3.5 Days Later
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Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration contribute to the zintro blog! i write the zintro blog. I am looking for your expert opinion on the question below and a written response that is one to three paragraphs long. Your response may be used in an article that i will write and post on the zintro site. If it is used, you will be named in the article and a link to your expert profile will be included. Your contribution is voluntary (there is no payment involved). This will provide you with a great marketing opportunity to get your name and expert opinion published. Here is a sample blog: http://blog.Zintro.Com/ question: what are growing trends in healthcare administration and management? Where do you see these trends expanding? What is the global perspective of how healthcare administration and management is changing? If you are interested, please send me your response via znotes in the next day or two. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you! maureen aylward . .

  1. Profile Picture

    glenn |President, Storemed

    Hi Maureen, I am very interested in responding to your excellent question regarding the growing tren...

    26 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Pankaj |Partner

    Healthcare Management is different! My blog published in Medtech business journal in UK: Healthcare ...

    53 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Barry |Professor

    Dear Maureen-Aylward. I recently retired as Chie Scientific Officer IBM Global Healthcare Pharmaceut...

    3.9 Hours Later
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Healthcare And Medical Devices

Healthcare companies-medical devices- china, south east asia, south america, africa location : china, south east asia, south america, africa we are looking for experts on healthcare companies best practice in emerging markets. Our clients would like to discuss following questions; are compliance decisions taken locally/ regionally/globally? Is risk management done locally/ regionally/globally? Is sales and marketing strategy local/regional/global? Are people trained locally/ regionally/globally? Anurag

  1. Profile Picture

    Ee Bin |Owner & Consultant

    Hi Anurag, Greetings from the Access-2-Healthcare! We believe that we would be able to answer your ...

    2.1 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Michael |CMSO , Chief Medical Strategies Officer

    Great questions! It depends upon the specifics of your product. I have been involved in branding and...

    2.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    ARAAMUDHAN |President

    Hi Anurag 1.It depends on the Product . 2.Generally speaking , Compliance to the Local market is ...

    4.2 Hours Later
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Healthcare Business Development

We are a medical billing company and supplies located in new hampshire. We tried strategies such as cold-calling, ppc, etc. Without any success. We need an expert to create and implement sales/marketing strategy for us. Experience in healthcare industry is required. Specifically, someone who have experience selling services to medical practices.

  1. Profile Picture

    Joel |Animal Health Consultant

    Would be interested in learning/discussing more. ...

    13.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Ken |President

    I have over 30 years of senior Business Development experience with the leading providers of medical...

    17.4 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Ed |Dir Business Development

    I have has similar problems and I was able to find a solution. I would love to talk to you about it...

    19.6 Hours Later
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Aca Impact On Healthcare Staffing

Our firm requires us experts within the healthcare staffing (or private equity) space concerning how the affordable care act (and it's potential repeal under a new administration) might affect growth for the healthcare staffing industry. Specifically, i am interested in discussing growth potential for behavioral health staffing companies. The ideal candidate is either (1) an executive in the healthcare staffing industry or (2) an equity investor in the healthcare staffing industry. Referrals are also welcomed, thank you.

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    Healthcare Administration

    I am an attorney involved in personal injury litigation who is seeking an expert in the area of healthcare administration. More specifically, i need someone who is familiar with creation and management of pace organizations. The litigation does not pertain to medical malpractice.

    1. Profile Picture

      Helen |Director of Operations Management

      Perhaps I may be of assistance with *****aining to elder care. Please let me know specificall...

      13.8 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Adam |Healthcare attorney/consultant

      I have personal injury experience (clerked at a large plaintiffs law firm) as well as MLTC Plan expe...

      15.4 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Minhaj |President

      Hi If I know the goal what you want to achieve then reviewing any system is not an issue. Thx Minhaj...

      29.3 Days Later
    +4 Other Responses
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    Healthcare Administration

    I'm a reporter on deadline seeking outside, uninterested parties to comment on the recent announcement that genesis healthcare system (zanesville, ohio) is taking over some management duties of coshocton county memorial hospital (coshocton, ohio). Looking for opinions on what this type of management deal means for the two communities when hospitals combine services.

    1. Profile Picture

      Kathleen |CEO Principal

      Yes, I can offer comments on this kind of *****; my background is healthcare administration -...

      14 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Bill |CEO

      I have extensive knowledge and experience in the hospital industry and can discuss a wide variety of...

      4.1 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Bruce |President, American Health Care Appraisa

      I would be glad to assist you in most any area of healthcare administration. I have consulted for t...

      14.6 Hours Later
    +11 Other Responses
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    Healthcare Strategy Planning

    Looking for facilitator for 1-day offsite strategy planning meeting in dc/md area - focus on healthcare, pharma, payors, physicians/health systems around medication management/adherence. July 10.

    1. Profile Picture

      Danny |Independent Consultant to Life Sciences

      I am part of an experienced team of healthcare / life sciences consultants experienced in strategy f...

      4 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Shyam |VP of Finance

      Hi Richard, I have deep healthcare experience and regularly speak at a number of conferences includi...

      4.8 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Mary |President

      Hi. I am a pharmaceutical *****ultant in marketing, pre-launch planning, and product valu...

      15.5 Hours Later
    +8 Other Responses
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    Healthcare Staffing

    Our firm is seeking healthcare executives who have hired nurses and/or behavioral/mental health staff members through staffing firms. Please respond only if you have been personally responsible for making an operational decision to hire a member of your staff via a staffing firm.

      +undefined Other Responses
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      Korea Healthcare Industry

      Subject : korea(south korea)healthcare pr industry. Pr activities related to healthcare and pharmaceutical firms the insight on korea pr industry is required 1) pr industry market size and cagr till 2016. 2)swot.Pest and porters analysis of pr industry in korea(emphasis on healthcare) 3)how top pharmaceutical firms are sourcing healthcare pr services in korea. 4) sourcing strategy and pr category startegy for a pharmaceutical firm. 5) helathcare pr industry landscape in korea.

      1. Profile Picture

        Helith |VP / DIrect Strategic Development, Busin

        Sorry, I do not know the south Korean market...

        10.3 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Rita |Principle

        I would be happy to assist. Please clarify for me what is meant as PR. Is this for advertising and m...

        1.1 Days Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Ron |Principle Engineer

        This is our 20th year in consulting business, Mobile IT, App development, *****, modeling ...

        15.9 Days Later
      +3 Other Responses
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      Healthcare Regulatory Compliance

      I am looking for consultants/experts/trainers for online training and in-person seminars in healthcare/clinical regulatory compliance with 30+years of experience. In **** we associate with industry experts and create professional training for our customers. If you are interested in training and education then please let me know and i can explain the entire training and consulting proposal for your consideration. Interested consultants can mail me ****

      1. Profile Picture

        Michelle |CEO

        I am a healthcare professional with over 30 years of expertise in ***** compliance. I also ...

        7 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Paula |Consultant

        I am interested in talking more with you about your specific needs. I am a *****liance ex...

        8 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Frederick |Principal

        I have expertise in *****ection and Affordable Care Act, individual and small group health in...

        15 Minutes Later
      +19 Other Responses
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      Healthcare And Occupational Health

      Currently, one of our fortune 500 client, belonging to bfsi sector and having its principal business based out of uk is currently looking to understand the best practices with respect to rewards recognition, healthcare and occupational health. Scope – brazil project background – our client has more than 420 suppliers in rewards & recognition with spend of more than 500,000 usd. With respect to health care they have around 50 suppliers and spend is more than 76 million usd. In occupational health, they have around 40 suppliers with spend of more than 6 million usd. Deliverables: best practices- •what are the key sourcing levers for rewards recognition, healthcare and occupational health? – (we are looking to build the solution based on following components of preferred relationship, strategic relationship, category impact, value opportunity, supplier preference). -category assessment diagnostic tool -category definition for each sub-category -opportunity grid – (savings potential and time to achieve savings) – (we are looking to develop an opportunity grid for each of the mentioned categories) •what are the sourcing best practices for the mentioned categories in brazil? •what are the internal opportunities available in brazil? Highlighting the best practices in organizational structures whether centralized, decentralized etc. – indicating sub-category functions and corresponding roles and responsibilities for the respective functions? •what are the external opportunities available in the given categories for the mentioned geography? Highlighting negotiation levers , key performance indicators and external benchmark with respect to suppliers? •what are the best practices for consolidating the tail spend in brazil? – highlighting cost saving opportunities, contract management? •what are the best practices with respect to regional consolidation of suppliers? Supplier analysis :- •who are the top suppliers for the respective categories in brazil and what is the supply market outlook for each of the mentioned categories in brazil? Cost and price analysis :- •what are the cost elements present in rewards recognition, healthcare and occupational health services?

      1. Profile Picture

        sethuraman |Mr.

        I can certainly offer you the expertise in this regards. I could be of help to you. The project s...

        6.5 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        samson |QHSE Leader and ISO(HSE) Lead auditor

        Am interested. Please contact me on +*****. Thank you...

        6.8 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Shyam |VP of Finance

        Experienced in rewards recognition, *****th sourcing and can assist...

        1 Day Later
      +8 Other Responses
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