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Recent Herbicides Inquiries

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Looking for an expert in the field of non-selective herbicides. One who can help me understand differences in mode of action, mechanism, cost, factors influencing farmers choice and economics of this market. The objective is to understand paraquat and alternative herbicides that can replace paraquat. It will be great if the expert has a good hold on the dynamics of china agrochemical industry.

  1. Profile Picture

    Miguel Elizalde |Agrochemical Projects / Manufacturing Un

    Dear Sirs: I´m living in Argentina and I´ve been working during 16 years with Agrochemicals (Glypho...

    2.1 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    yurdagul |Independent Consultant-Scientist-Researc

    Sure I can work with you. My expertise is on herbicides and mode of action, physiology, biochemistry...

    4.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Danny |Consultant

    Herbicide use, especially paraquat or *****t pesticide can include mechanical, chemical, ...

    6.9 Hours Later
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Herbicide Formulation Plant

Dear sirs, first let me introduce myself to you, we are a holding company having several subsidiaries in lebanon and africa (mainly nigeria) ; one of our subsidiaries is a company specialized in the trading of agrochemicals, feed additives, and veterinary product mainly from china. Our plan is to open a formulation plant in nigeria in order to produce our own private label products starting with herbicides products (glyphosate). Please advise if you will be able to assist us in the this project being our core consultant handling this project from a to z. I will be waiting for your feedback on the above before proceeding ahead. Regards ali

  1. Profile Picture

    Miguel Elizalde |Agrochemical Projects / Manufacturing Un

    Dear Sirs: I´m living in Argentina and I´ve been working during 16 years with Agrochemicals (Glyphos...

    4 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Erik |Erik R. Janus

    If you are interested in obtaining the necessary licensing and ***** market your herbicide...

    4.2 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Jakson |Project & Process Chemical

    Dear Ali, I worked in a similar project here in Brazil, but with the *****hesis also - not...

    5.2 Hours Later
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Agricultural Chemicals Market

We are a prominent nyc-based expert network and an authorized zintro partner. Our client has an immediate need to conduct phone consults with multiple experts who have experience selling ag chemicals, or competing products to north america end markets. Specifically, our client would like to better understand the current market environment with a specific focus on overall channel inventory levels, end market demand, and competition between the crop protection products outlined above. This project has a budget.

  1. Profile Picture

    Miguel Elizalde |Agrochemical Projects / Manufacturing Un

    Dear Sirs: I´m living in Argentina and I´ve been working during 16 years with Agrochemicals (Glypho...

    1.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Lawrence |Principal

    I can review the two main groups - pesticides and herbicides. And, I can review the general commodit...

    2 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Rod |Zintro Expert

    I have over 29 years experience in the herbicide arena in R&D and market fit and competitive climate...

    2.4 Hours Later
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I am willing to give a lot of money for a live presentation in my project. I am willing to pay for the transportation and expenses as well as a reward for your time. Please contact me. Details: i need a herbicide expert who can explain how it is affected by the environment and how it can affect the environment as well.

  1. Profile Picture

    Sivakumar |Associate Professor

    Interested. ...

    5 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Robert |Director

    Hi: I have experience analyzing the fate (i.e., transport and degradation; bioaccumulation, etc) of...

    19 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Shakil |Chief Scientific Officer

    I may be able to help. Shakil A. Saghir, MSc, MSPH, PhD, DABT, ERT Scientific Lead Director, Develo...

    27 Minutes Later
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Private Label Herbicide

My company has invented a new device for homeowners to spot kill weeds using 80% less chemicals and we are wanting to develop a line of private label herbicide to use in our new device. I am interested in creating a new herbicide brand for selective, non selective and organic pre-mix herbicide. Interested in hiring expertise in private label supplier and regulatory requirements.

  1. Profile Picture

    Vijaya |Owner


    21.3 Days Later
  2. Profile Picture


    We have printed labels for Bonide, but the *****irement work was done by them....

    25.8 Days Later
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Herbicide And Insecticides

Seeking manufacturers of herbicides/insecticides or fertilizer for green roofing. In regards to property development.

  1. Profile Picture

    Anthony |Managing Director

    Good morning, with all due respect, I am not sure if you have thought about this question. May I as...

    20.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Sarah |Consultant, Designer

    Can you please clarify why you need herbicide/insecticide/fertilizers for your green roof? None of ...

    1 Day Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Berry |Managing Director

    I would like to speak to you about this inquiry. We will be producing a large quantity of organic f...

    13.1 Days Later
+4 Other Responses
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I have created a new devise for the homeowner to dispense herbicides using 80% less chemicals while solving ergonomic and safety issues. I am looking to private label a glyphosate, 2-4d, and organic herbicide in 16 ounce pre-mix bottles for exclusive use in my new design. My need is for consultation services for suppliers, fillers, and regulatory issues.

  1. Profile Picture

    David |Founder/Owner

    Hi David-Thompson, I see that you are looking for *****ices to identify (set up bid s...

    1 Hour Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Steven |Account Manager

    Hi David, while I am not charging a few, I see that Zintro is going to charge you $*****. Steve...

    4.3 Days Later
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Agricultural Chemicals

I am looking for a consultant who is experience in manufacture, specifically in agricultural chemical who can give my company direction on how to create a good manufacture plant in china. The consultant should either be in hong kong or china, have experience with manufacture best practices and able offer his/her knowledge to help create an effective manufacture plant.

  1. Profile Picture

    MARTIN |President Agicultural Consulting Group

    Hi; ***** experience is on agrochemical development, ***** marketing...

    25 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Mark |Chairman & CEO

    I have been doing mfg of chemicals in China over 10 yrs and would like to be helpful to you. Mark Tr...

    4.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    SHRAWAN |International Marketing Manager

    Do you know in advance that are found in our country, Then there are other countries which are not ...

    5.7 Hours Later
+4 Other Responses
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Ec Herbicide And Non-herbicide Agrochemical Products

We are currently looking for the contract manufacturers that are capable to formulate, fill and package emulsifiable concentrate (ec) herbicide and non-herbicide agrochemical products only in canada. Following are the supplier details that we are looking for: i) contract manufacturers name ii) supplier's capacity or ability to produce iii) innovation capabilities iv) regulatory approvals available with the supplier kindly let us know, if you will be able to help us with the required information. Please note that we are looking for only canadian suppliers. Thank you regards, arun

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    Herbicide Formulation

    I am looking for an expert to prepare cost model for herbicide formulation that include different cost components, rm cost, packaging cost etc.

      +undefined Other Responses
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      Looking for experts for market assessment of clethodim (herbicide active ingredient). We would like to understand the global and regional production, major suppliers in each region and their capabilities.

      1. Profile Picture

        Nicoƒlas |Agriculture Engineer

        Maybe I can help you but only about Argentina Market....

        6.1 Days Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Tushar |Consultant

        My PhD colleague based in Canada can provide your detailed assessment of this market. He has extens...

        15.8 Days Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Tarun |Partner

        Hi Sriram, Please accept my proposal for this request....

        29.7 Days Later
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      We are conducting a market research study on "tridecyl alcohol 12 moles e.O" which is a non ionic surfactant used in herbicide and insecticide application. So we are looking for its 1)supply-demand numbers, 2)pricing trend and price drivers.. 3)the top players in the landscape. 4)end-use applications and their respective market share 5)regulations in the market

      1. Profile Picture

        Suhaib |Experienced Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical

        Sorry, I am a Pharma and Biotech professional. Surfactant and Industrial chemicals are outside my s...

        3.2 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Josh |Founder, CEO

        Hi - I work in market intelligence, and can work with you as a ***** this project. Please ...

        3.3 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Apurva |Process and Technology Engineer

        Janani, Please provide your requirement in detail, we are able to help you out. our charge will be...

        10.8 Hours Later
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      Used to kill unwanted plants. Selective herbicides kill specific targets while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed.

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