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Recent Medical Supplies And Devices Inquiries

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Medical Device Manufacturing Landscape

Have a potential client that we may do research for. Am trying to get a feel for whether or not we can actually find them the right respondent types. They are looking to speak with key decision makers of medical device manufacturers, specifically looking to speak to them about the following: - identifying pain points, fears, uncertainties, and potential points of confusion that they can address through marketing communications - establishing the audiences that have the most interest in and need for the client's services - what motivates them, where do they get information, etc. - questions/concerns that manufacturers have about entering the chinese market and work with the cfda - general unmet needs or medical device manufacturers as it pertains to better grasping standards set for class ii or iii devices by the cfda, fda, or ema. If there is anyone that feels they might be the right person to speak with for this study, or know what title(s) we should be targeting at the manufacturers, please send me a message. Targeting key decision makers that actually work for a medical device manufacturer thank you!!

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    Medical Device Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance

    To plan, file, and prepare regulatory, and 510k submissions for fda on new or substantially changed products. In addition the incumbent will prepare technical files in support of ce marking, and maintain compliance with applicable device regulations including support of fda udi requirements. Finally the incumbent will serve as regulatory representative on selected project teams for new product design as well as project teams for process development, developing departmental sops/policies regarding regulatory requirements and processes. Please note: we are seeking to hire a full-time employee and are not interested in responses from those only interested in consulting. Competitive salary and benefits. Relocation offered. Job responsibilities: manage daily activities of regulatory affairs and quality assurance personnel implement all regulatory and quality assurance activities according to in-house procedures and regulatory requirements establish qa procedures for internal and vendor compliance with the fda and international regulatory requirements, quality regulations and guidelines communicate with regulatory agencies; provide oversight to ensure that the company is 100% compliant with us and international regulatory requirements lead regulatory affairs and quality assurance during fda inspections, notified body audits and internal audits; participate in all respective agency audits and responses to support audit findings or other respective actions related to such audits determine the types of regulatory submissions or internal documentation that are required, in situations such as proposed device changes, and maintain regulatory clearances and approvals with necessary filings and communications prepare fda premarket submissions (including fda 510k) and technical files as required for new and updated products qualifications: **must haves** bachelor’s degree in a scientific or engineering field or equivalent combination of experience. Minimum of 5 years working in the medical device industry within regulatory affairs role is required. Must have direct, lead role fda/iso audit experience must have proven ability to prepare and submit documents to fda, such as 510(k) premarket notifications, investigational device exemptions (ides), and premarket approval applications, (pmas); must have proven successful ce marking of devices through design dossier or technical file process. Location: greater philadelphia area, pa

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      Fda Medical Device

      We are in search of an expert witness who can evaluate whether a medical device company complied with fda regulations in validating products before shipping for commercial use. Former fda auditor preferred.

      1. Profile Picture

        Les |Principal

        I can absolutely help you. Please check my website, to view my credentials. P...

        7 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Shailesh |Independent Consultant

        Hi there, I can help you in this area. I work with a company which provides this service. Kindly l...

        11 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Timothy |Principal

        I am former FDA, engage in device and drug/device *****tegy, perform device Quality System...

        13 Minutes Later
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      Medical Device Manufacturing

      Dear all, we are starting a medical device company related to ivd (its a blood glucose monitoring wearable). We want to make sure to do the right things from the beginning. We would request your quote and timeline on all the following: 1. 510k submission for our class ii - we want someone who can guide on 510k, write the submission, correspond with the fda and get clearance for us. 2. Quality systems- write all sops for us per the fda, train our employees on all the sops 3. R&d - write testing protocols for us, write reports for all performance/bench testing. 4. Create technical file, assist in audit and help in getting ce mark. 5. Finding the right test labs for us and managing test labs. Please advise how much would it cost for each of the above individually. We personally prefer fixed price projects. Looking forward to working with you thanks, ronen

      1. Profile Picture

        Colleen |Owner

        Hello, I have had extensive experience with all of the items you have on your list. I was the Direc...

        51 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Umberto |Previously: COO, VP & Director Regulator

        Dear Inquirer, I have extensive experience in all of the areas you have requested and more. 1. I ...

        59 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Susan |President and Founder

        I would be interested to discuss further; I have experience in all of these areas. ...

        1 Hour Later
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      Medical Device Marketing And Strategy

      We are looking for a medical device professional, with a strong background in emergency medical/first responder devices, to help a start-up company develop strategy, valuations and ultimately a licensing agreement, or other arrangement, with a mid-size or major medical device company. Patents, trademarks, preclinical trials (highly successful) and fda pre-market applications either in place or in process. Greater los angeles area preferred.

      1. Profile Picture

        Barry |Principal, VP Marketing, Director Market

        I can assist with your inquiry. Please contact me through Zintro....

        10.5 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Erik |Senior Consultant

        Hi Medistrat12, I can help with your approach of the European markets, if that would be of interest....

        5.9 Days Later
      3. Profile Picture

        mark |President

        Bonifacio Consulting Services has several consultants 20+ years in medical devices both domestically...

        9.9 Days Later
      +4 Other Responses
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      Fda Medical Device

      *******, a class 3 medical device startup company is looking for and experienced chief operating officer with experience of taking a medical device from startup to fda approval.

      1. Profile Picture

        Ron |I have held the following titles, Presid

        I saw your post seeking someone with medical device start-up expertise. I have that experience and w...

        38 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Mark |Executive CEO/ GM/ Interim Executive

        Hi, thank you for the inquiry. While I am an experienced COO of start-up(s) and *****-t...

        1.7 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Michael |Principal Consultant

        What therapeutic focus? I have experience with orthopedics. Mike...

        3.2 Hours Later
      +11 Other Responses
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      Medical Device Fda Audit

      We need an immediate gap analysis performed in the philadelphia area for an upcoming fda audit. We are a start up impant company (2 years) that needs to tighten up our procedures. Hot request

      1. Profile Picture

        Joseph |President

        Can do Gap Analysis quickly. Thirty years experience including 6 years as FDA *****y to...

        30 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        James |CEO

        To Whom it May Concern: I am a certified quality auditor and conduct both internal an external audit...

        34 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Kevin |Principal Consultant

        I am a certified auditor with three ********** (including for the U.S.A.) and have pe...

        40 Minutes Later
      +42 Other Responses
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      Medical Device Remediation

      Qa remediation compliance consultant (with german /italian) following gap analysis of 100+ pharmaceutical manufacturing distribution centre documentation files, a qa consultant is required to review, sanitise and remediate 2 year-old files in line with fda regulations. This major top-10 pharmaceutical / devices company works in developing innovative medical devices, biopharmaceutical medicines, vetinary products and orthopaedic products. This is a long-term contract (up to 12 months) and the main purpose of the role is producing remediation complaint & non-conformities reports received by distributors. Skills required:  qa compliance experience, specifically in a medical device regulated environment for fda  high understanding and know-how of fda regulations  knowledge of remediation minimal requirement versus remediation expanded requirements  able to work autonomously in a production environment, and independently able to retrieve information needed  ability to deliver in accordance to timeframe target of single ncr remediation  capacity of delivery facing “limited data available” cases. Pragmatic  hands-on role. No management responsibilities.

      1. Profile Picture

        Lois |CEO

        Good Morning, I did send a proposal to you for the *****ect. My ***** hour will be based ...

        51 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        John |Consultant

        I have 20 experience as an *****ucting medical device GMP audits of medical devic...

        7.6 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Christopher |Principal Consultant / General Manager

        Hi Laura, Unfortunately, your email address was redacted by zintro. Are you on LinkedIn? If so, lo...

        15.9 Hours Later
      +7 Other Responses
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      Medical Devices Product Launch

      I am looking for an expert to support the launch of a new product in europe in 3q 2012. The competitive candidate will have demonstrated expertise in international trade, customs, supply chain, logistics, distribution and insurance for class ii & iii fda/ema medical devices.

      1. Profile Picture

        David |President and CEO

        Please let me help you I have over 150 510k to my credit, PMA and *****se contact me ...

        13 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Aaron |V.P. and General Manager

        Hello, My company supports companies to design and introduce products all over the world and I'm ce...

        38 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        John |Consultant & Executive

        I think I can help you out. I've had a lot of experience launching medical device products in Europ...

        4.3 Days Later
      +8 Other Responses
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      Fda Medical Device

      Hello, my name is jorge and i am trying to start a small company oriented to import and distribute medical adaptors such as omheda and many others in the us and eventually internationally. I am just exploring the requirements such as a cleanroom (or any other thing needed) and certifications in order to be able to operate. That is why, in order to analyze if we are able to do this, i need some guidance or information in regards to this in order to be aware of exactly what do i need to do to market these products in full compliance with the fda regulations. I would very much appreciate your help and any information to make this clear in order to proceed. Kind regards, jorge

      1. Profile Picture

        Darren |President - Owner

        I can help support this project but need the details to ensure products are legally marketed. Pleas...

        1.1 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Suzanne |CEO

        Dear Jorge, We might be of support to you. Just contact us with what you exactly need and we will ge...

        8.2 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Seth |President

        Good Morning. I am former US FDA and frequently advise on making sure imported products meet require...

        10.8 Hours Later
      +34 Other Responses
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      Fda Approval For Medical Device

      Mechanical facial stimulation on the skins surface.Natural. Targeted cellular response and lifting effect. Non invasive non agressive.

      1. Profile Picture

        Byron |President/Consultant

        I am.confident that either myself or someone else from our company can help you. Your first step wil...

        13 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Diane |Sr RA/QA Consultant

        Have many years experience with FDA submissions, including medical device. Former reviewer with exp...

        21 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Rita |Principle

        Dear FDA-7YtQ3F, I would be more than happy to help you with this project. I would need some addit...

        5.9 Hours Later
      +4 Other Responses
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      Wound Care Medical Device

      Subject -- wound care medical device 510k / pma hi all, we are looking for expert who has done a wound care 510k or pma submission this year or last year. We are looking for a long term engagement. We do not need help writing the submission, but we only need advise on deciding what claims we can make or not make, what type of concerns fda has expressed in the recent submissions, and will the product be subject to a 510k or a pma submission. Please do let us know your hourly rate. Thank you! jasmine

      1. Profile Picture

        Courtland |CEO

        Jasmine, Our team has a wound care expert. 33 years experience. Many submissions and product deve...

        4.8 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        steve |ceo

        Hi Jasmine, We have a number of long term clients, start-up and well established companies to who we...

        4.9 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Michael |Regulatory Project Manager

        Hi Jasmine, *****irs Associates (RAA) has successfully submitted over 200 medical device s...

        5.1 Hours Later
      +13 Other Responses
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