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Gstreamer / Cctv System Design

Our company develops a cctv (videosurveillance) product of our own. Recently we have been working on a full rebuild of our core platform to support h.264 recording and live streaming of ip cctv camera's. The basic principle: streaming h.264 video for live streaming using one (low quality) h.264 stream of the camera, a second live stream of the camera (high quality) to record the video in mkv file format to disk. For all the streaming related back-end we use gstreamer. The back end is written in c++, the business logic (configuring streams, receiving motion detection events and other less performace-critical modules are written in python. Front-end is built in javascript / angular.Js. The video streaming is handled by a ppapi plugin in chrome, also using gstreamer. We have found that we lack some knowledge on the gstreamer / rstp / videostreaming and are looking for an expert on gstreamer that we can use for consultancy, and optionally for development work.. please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions expert can work remotely. Must need experience in: 1. Gstreamer 2. C++ 3. Rtsp & h.264 familiarity

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    Sreekumar |Software Architect

    Thank you for your enquiry. I have years of experience in a/v streaming in broadcast and internet te...

    23.3 Hours Later
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    New |

    I am a DFW area developer with extensive gstreamer experience and would ***** opportunity to...

    22.3 Days Later
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The project concerns a camera from basler (http://www.*******.Com/products/pilot.Html?Model=143) which is being used in a task for industrial computer vision. The camera is connected to a linux box (currently running ubuntu 12.04). The task we need your help with is to make a server daemon which is be able to take the input images from this camera (this is straightforward - an api is provided) which are served as char pointers, and stream these to a web front end using either webm or flv and show it in the browser real time using a client such as video.Js or similar.

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    Morteza |Software Developer

    this is a typical web service problem, that I can do in c++ or java. On the client side, you can hav...

    6.3 Hours Later
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    Mayank |Head Division

    Hi, I need full description of project before given any time commitment. you can mail me: mayankchaw...

    10.1 Hours Later
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    Mike |Principal

    You need to use a gstreamer plugin, aravis looks like the one. The char* API you seem to be suggesti...

    7.4 Days Later
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