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Recent Oilfield Inquiries

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Oil Field, Application Of Surfactants In Oilfield

I am looking for an expert who has worked for a company that supplies surfactants (or blends) to oil field industry. Some one with hands on experience of working with surfactant formulas used in down hole / oil field applications. I like to have a broad understanding of what all is involved in oil field. When they dig a well how and why the surfactants are used in these. What is the role that surfactans play to get the oil out. What are some of the commonly used surfactants. What is the criteria for selection of surfactants. An expert who knows about the oil field and about surfactants and can teach us about various aspects and needs and requirements for this sector of the surfactant market. Thanks.

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    Denison |Senior Engineer

    I did some pilot tests with surfactants. Feel free to contact me. Regards....

    1 Hour Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Jay |Petroleum Consultant

    I have 33 yrs oilfield experience mostly in the mud engineering side but have varied ***** s...

    4.5 Hours Later
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Remote Power And Oilfield Equipment

We are looking for experts in "remote power and oilfield equipment" to provide commentary and insights towards a company that develops industrial scale thermoelectric generators for waste heat recovery that can be applied in oil & gas, manufacturing and automobile. We are an angel investing platform dedicated to connecting deep-tech startups with angel investors. By deep-tech we mean startups founded on scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations that create lasting impact on mankind. As a participating expert* in this process, your involvement is limited to answering anywhere between 8-12 investor-submitted questions. This takes about 45 minutes (+/-) . Once you are vetted, we send those questions via a web form for your responses. If your contribution is published, it will be view-able by potential investors in this startup, giving you an opportunity to make connections, socialize virtually, and gain bragging rights in a vibrant entrepreneurial and angel investing community. *at this point, we cannot guarantee any monetary reimbursement. You do get insights to new upcoming technologies in your field and a tremendous networking opportunity!

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    Oilfield Equipment Rental & Personnel

    I need expertise on price bench marking for day rates of equipment rental and personnel for the following operations across us, india, middle east and south east asia slickline services wireline services fishing high rate pumping services

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      Oil & Gas Thermoelectric And Remote Power Systems

      I need market estimates (market size and forecast (2015-2020)) for the following: 1) global remote power systems market in oil and gas industry 2) global remote power systems market in oil and gas industry by power capacity between 1kw and 10kw (in usd million) 3) thermoelectric solutions in oil and gas market demand forecast to 2021 (in usd million) 4) thermoelectric solutions in oil and gas market demand forecast to 2021 (in usd million) by power capacity (in kw) 5) thermoelectric solutions in oil and gas market analysis, by geography 5.1 north america 5.2 europe 5.3 asia-pacific 5.4 rest of the world 6. Thermoelectric solutions in oil and gas market analysis, by power capacity 6.1 below 100w 6.2 100 - 300w 6.3 above 500w 7. Thermoelectric solutions in oil and gas market analysis, by type of application 7.1 cathodic protection 7.2 telemetry 7.3 others i don't think we have a decent timeline for this and has to be real quick. Please contact me with your quote to deliver this. Thanks!

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        Oilfield Chemicals Formulation

        Looking for latest suitable effective formulation products in oil field area applications. Biocides/corrosion inhibitors/dispersants/de-emulsifiers. Etc.

        1. Profile Picture


          38 years of global experience as an oilfield services company owner and consultant involved in the p...

          6.6 Hours Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Gary |Oilfield Chemistry Consultant

          Multiple years of experience with the top two oil field chemical manufacturers...

          11.3 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          John |Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals Consultant

          I have bought oilfield chemicals at a ***** ***** onshore E&P. I have also worked at...

          16.2 Hours Later
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        Oil & Gas Field Equipment Manufacturing

        I am fabricating all types of storage tanks and mounting structures. For oil field and other chemical factories.If there is any orders from your side, please mail me. Regards. Trinath.

        1. Profile Picture

          Shrikrishna |CEO

          Thanks Trinath, It would be nice if you would like to share more about your company, clients, syste...

          11.1 Hours Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Thierry |Operations Manager

          Hi, thanks for your message. I am working on the design of a tank to propose to a potential cust...

          11.6 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          hamdan |consultant

          I am interested in doing this consult... it is not clear if you have a specific manufacturing proble...

          2.2 Days Later
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        Oilfield Consumable Chemicals

        We are a prominent nyc-based expert network and an authorized zintro partner. Our client has an immediate need to to conduct phone consults with multiple experts knowledgeable about oilfield consumable chemical solutions and the market for drilling fluids in canada and the united states. Ideal candidates should have a deep knowledge of canadian energy services. This project has a budget.

        1. Profile Picture


          38 years of Canadian, US and global experience as a Canadian oilfield drilling mud, fluid & specialt...

          50 Minutes Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Marvin |Consultant

          I've worked in chemicals systems for over 40 years in drilling , completion, workover fluids primari...

          2.9 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Jay |Petroleum Consultant

          30+ years experience in drilling/completion in the fluids business worldwide. Currently in managemen...

          8.1 Hours Later
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        Oil & Gas Equipment And Processes

        Hi - i'm interested in speaking with someone that is very knowledgeable about the equipment used in the drilling, exploration, completion, production and transmission of oil and gas. I also would like to get a better understanding of how these processes work - who hires who, and who does the work, who owns the equipment, etc. Thanks!

        1. Profile Picture

          Chad |Measurement Coordinator/Consultant

          I'm an SME on the production, metering and pipeline side of the oil and gas industry. My standard ra...

          2.1 Hours Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Frederick |Sales Manager

          I can provide ***** the equipment used in drilling and completion ***** who hires who,...

          8.9 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Mehaboob |Team Lead (Field Development)

          I will be able to help. Let m know how you would like to proceed...

          20.3 Hours Later
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        Oilfield Equipment

        I am looking for information on what application & tools the major oilfield equipment companies (slb, bh & hal) are focusing on next.

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          Corrosion Inhibitors For Oilfield Applications

          Our company requires a consultant in corrosion inhibitors for oilfield applications: 1. Identifying areas where our company can develop and market corrosion inhibitors in oil and gas industry. 2. Conducting laboratory testing and monitoring and collecting required data and its interpretation 3. Developing new corrosion inhibitor formulations for different types of corrosion in oil & gas industry. Referrals are also welcomed, thank you.

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            Searching for consultant in corrosion inhibitors for oilfield applications

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              Technical Translation For Oil, Gas And Mining

              We seek your technical partnership in exploration of oil field/well in nigeria. For us to get full accreditation and award documents, it beckons on us to provide a technical partner who is vast and has a broad knowledge of the oil exploration. Regard olawale ****

              1. Profile Picture

                Diana |Executive Consultant

                Please all details to me on my email at *****...

                47 Minutes Later
              2. Profile Picture

                Cordell |Principal Consulting Landman

                I can assist by telecommute unless you're wiling to pay for travel or ***** expenses....

                1.8 Hours Later
              3. Profile Picture

                Patrick |Systems Analyst

                can you pride more details. Have 25 years experience in technical services in mining, mapping, surve...

                2 Hours Later
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