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Outsourcing Relationship Management

Management consulting firm having outsourcing consulting practice in australia or newzealand or europe

  1. Profile Picture

    William |Contracts Specialist / Technical Writer

    Could you provide some additional *****ted to what type of Outsourcing / Consulting you p...

    37 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Marcel |US Head of Operational Consulting

    Hi, I am a consultant with diverse background running outsourcing projects from Europe and NorthAmer...

    4.4 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Francisco |E&O Manager

    Dear Sir. We can handdle it in Europe and Asia Pacific. if you are interested to contact us , skipe:...

    4.9 Hours Later
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Cpg Outsourcing

Looking for an expert advice on below study outsourcing of selling services – cpg company title: outsourcing of selling /brokerage services industry focus : cpg geographic focus: united states key questions: opportunities of outsourcing of headquarter selling services . Best practices in outsourcing selling service sourcing models (in-house vs. Outsource) cost comparison between in-house vs. Outsource selling services (ex- categories should keep in-house vs. Outsource & cost involved) roi analysis for in-house vs. Outsourcing approach of companies in the peer group with respect to outsourcing of these services and best fit service providers in this space key words: headquarter sales, brokerage services, selling services

  1. Profile Picture

    Shyam |CFO Advisor

    Have done a couple of projects with CPG group at Beroe and one ***** outsourcing of selling in ...

    1.2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Scott |Director of Analytics

    I have 8 years of experience working for the largest broker is the U.S. and have subsequently worked...

    1.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    sethuraman |Mr.

    I have worked on this ***** a long time. I will be able to give you the ***** the...

    1.7 Hours Later
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Mining Operation Outsourcing

We are an international management consultancy looking for senior outsourcing experts with prior experience in mining, metals, chemicals, oil and gas or other heavy industries preferably in south africa. Experts we are mostly interested in held senior management positions or were consultants in companies which successfully underwent major operations outsourcing projects organizational design around such or similar integration projects. We wish to conduct multiple interviews by phone as a starting point to our discussions. The context of our request is the intent of one of our clients to outsource the operations and maintenance of its processing plant to an external business partner. In this context, we are aiming to gain insights to the following questions (excerpt): - what are the key success factors of outsourcing a function that is by some regarded as being a core competency of mining companies? - how did you design and improve the organizational structure in the transition towards an outsourced (plant) operation? - how did you manage interfaces with the business partner and ensured an effective relationship management? - how did you manage the cultural integration of the external business partner into your business? How did you manage employee expectations?

  1. Profile Picture

    Osamudiamen |Consultant

    As a consultant in manufacturing I will be able to help you. Bringing my experience in the areas of ...

    38 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Adriaan |Management & Business Implementation

    Dear Client, My fee to assist Regards Adriaan...

    40 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Suresh |Principal Independent Consultant

    I did this type of work for a large mining company ***** South Africa. The company was an int...

    1 Hour Later
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Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll outsource expert who can share their views for the market for payroll in the us region. Reply asap

    +undefined Other Responses
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    Outsourcing Business Development

    We are an outsourcing company the serves clients from various industries, such as retail, telecommunication, finance, e-commerce, healthcare, airlines, hotel reservations and bookings. We need you to increase our revenue by looking for potential clients that wanted to outsource their customer service, back office, technical support and other administrative needs. We are looking for a business developer who could help us acquire clients from us/uk/australia market on customer service outsourcing.

    1. Profile Picture

      Charles |Management Consultant

      We help companies improve their sales and performance. If you would like to explore how we might add...

      8.6 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Simona |Business Consultant/Financial/HR Manager

      Hello, I can help....

      8.7 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Donald |Principal Program Manager

      Hello, I have 19+ years in business development working for small to large sized companies involved...

      8.9 Hours Later
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    Electricity Procurement Outsourcing

    Electricity procurement strategy q 1. Are companies outsourcing electricity procurement function (end to end) or preferring inhouse arrangement in fully/partially deregulated markets such as north america, europe, and australia? Q 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing electricity procurement function to third parties? Q 3. Prove with case studies of companies (preferably with company names) who have opted to outsource energy procurement q 4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping energy procurement function in-house? Prove with case studies of companies (preferably with company names) who have opted to keep energy procurement function inhouse

    1. Profile Picture

      Agustin |Directs & Energy Procurement Manager LAT

      I have big expertise in Energy (Electricity & Gas) ***** Procurement in Argentina. Highly reg...

      1.4 Days Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Marty |CEO

      It all depends on how the tariff for each site is structured. Sometimes the best deal that you can ...

      1.6 Days Later
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    O&g Downstream Plant O&m Outsourcing

    Our client wants to look into the possibility of the outsourcing of the operation and maintenance of downstream refinery and petrochemical plants. For that, they want insights on- i. Comparison between different types of o&m contracts adopted and various suppliers who offer such services. Ii. Cost analysis for o&m services and pricing mechanism competitive insight and best practices iii. How other companies/sectors outsource their o&m contracts to 3rd party (adoption level; case examples of such contracts) and scope coverage under such contracts – full or partial outsourcing for facilities kindly let us know if you can help us in providing these pieces of information and your quote for the same. Thank you

    1. Profile Picture

      Disha |Manager

      I can help you with this ***** may contact me on ***** *****...

      5.2 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Kartik |Assistant Vice President, Head of Procur

      Dear Team, I am procurement professional with over 13 year of proven skill-sets Outsourcing contra...

      5.6 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Natt |Managing Director

      We are experinced downstream and upstream company, Please take some time to have a look at our webs...

      5.7 Hours Later
    +23 Other Responses
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    Absence Management In Netherlands

    Absence management -how much amount is spent on absence management. -make vs buy: how much money and time is consumed in make vs buy option( if companies do absence management in house vs if they give to third party admin) - what is the increase in productivity due to use of absence management. -engagement model in netherlands for benefit administration outsourcing

    1. Profile Picture

      Khiem |Country HR Director

      Hi there, I am HR Manager at Sumsung. May I help? Notes: I am working in Sumsung Vietnam - the bigge...

      1.6 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Simona |Business Consultant/Financial/HR Manager

      Hello, I have experience on The Netherlands market,I can help you....

      7 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Sara |Int'l HR Expert/Author

      Hello, I will be happy to assist with your query. My 10 years in Human Resources and *****s ...

      13.7 Hours Later
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    Legal Process Outsourcing

    I have the following questions regarding the use of legal process outsourcing. 1) what are the different types of fee models used and describe their suitability by the type of service provided?What is the approximate price of each service(hourly rate or per doc rate)?How does a typical commercial engagement work in legal outsourcing(fte/per transaction/hourly billing)?What negotiation levers can a client use to reduce cost? 2)who are the major outsourcers of legal services (trends in adoption)?What is the average spend of general counsel in their overall budget and what is the future outlook?What are the different steps/stages in legal outsourcing? 3)what is the step by step approach involved for a corporation to outsource their legal services to a lpo directly? What is the step by step approach for corporation to outsource their legal services to a lpo via a law firm? What is the prescribed governance structure for a corporation when they outsource legal. How can they monitor successfully?

    1. Profile Picture

      Shyam |CFO Advisor

      Deep expertise in Legal process outsourcing sourcing and I can assist with this project and these qu...

      2.2 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Marcello |Procurement Officer

      As you may notice in the enclosed resume, I have over nine years of work experience within procureme...

      2.4 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Arun |

      i can help u with this project. i have helped you on LPO assignments before.....

      3.8 Hours Later
    +6 Other Responses
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    Outsourcing O2p And P2p Process

    We are looking for an expertise for the below mentioned requirements for one of our pharma client – brief introduction- our pharma client would like to outsource the complete end to end procurement management for tail end suppliers covering o2p process and p2p process completely. In order to meet this objective, they would like to understand the below mentioned market related information. • who are the major global suppliers who could perform the o2p and p2p process and manage all the existing suppliers of client on their behalf? • major clientele/industry served by the outsourcing partner • what are the market trends pertaining to o2p and p2p process outsourcing? • what other best in class companies are doing? O are they outsourcing the o2p and p2p process? O what are their adoption level % ? • pricing models/supplier markups prevailing in the market or followed by the outsourcing partners • raci matrix for the process involved between outsourcing partner vs suppliers vs client. • other questions to be answered includes:- o from a legal perspective, are client allowed to share prices/terms etc. From suppliers with outsourcing partner?  what does client need to consider for being able to share this with outsourcing partner, e.G. Do client need to ask for permission? O who is responsible for supervising the suppliers ordered via outsourcing partner? O who is responsible to onboard and train suppliers and document that training has happened? Outsourcing partner or client? O who is responsible in a scenario were the supplier has an accident? What about the insurance? O do they offer guaranties/ warranties? O what if outsourcing partner is ordering from an eu country? Shall the client toll agents been used? What needs to be considered? O what if the work done by the supplier is not as ordered and client is not satisfied? Who is claiming damages?

    1. Profile Picture

      Chandra |Partner

      I am senior P2P specialist with over 30 years in the industry with indepth experience in hard core p...

      1 Day Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Tarun |Partner

      Hi, I am currently managing 5 big fortune 50 clients and have complete details that are in line wit...

      6.3 Days Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Hector |Strategic Advisor and Principal Consulta

      Not available at this time....

      6.4 Days Later
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    Outsourcing Sales

    We are software company, looking to outsource part of our sales/marketing.

    1. Profile Picture

      Scott |Co Founder

      Hi, I own a small consulting company that helps other like yourself outsource sales and other functi...

      1.2 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Prashant |Principal Business Development Consultan

      Hi Usman, I have over 10 years of experience in IT sales and Marketing, worked with major firms like...

      12.4 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Suhas |Sales Head - USA

      usman, if you want to proceed, please Accept my Proposal by clicking on the Accept button....

      18.1 Hours Later
    +18 Other Responses
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    Waste Management Outsourcing Services

    Seeking an sme with operational experience in the waste management brokerage/outsourcing services.

    1. Profile Picture

      Andrew |Principal

      Hello I have extensive experience in Waste management and brokering recyclables ... I would be inter...

      38 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Ali |Sr. Drilling Engineer

      This is Ali Garkasi, senior drilling advisor, have very extensive experience in drilling waste manag...

      55 Minutes Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Joel |Senior VP - R/D

      Hello -- I am Dr. Joel Shertok, who holds a PhD degree in chemical engineering. I have over 40 ye...

      56 Minutes Later
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