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Chemicals Industry Webinar

Zintro is proud to launch a new free webinar series titled "chemical industry insights & innovation". It will cover the most important trends impacting all sectors of the chemical industry and will be presented by top business and technical experts who are part of the zintro community. We are pleased to invite you to the first installment of the series on thursday, june 19th at 1.00 pm (et). Our first presenter is david a. Hurwitz, managing director of edica-garnett partners llc, a global strategy and execution consultancy. "evolving coatings industry, emerging technology - a look ahead...A glimpse at the past!" click here (or copy into your browser) to register (free): http://bit.Ly/1l3tzto presenter's note: the coatings industry continues to evolve. To the outsider, much might look the same as it did just a decade or two ago. To the insider, industry restructuring and globalization have changed its footprint, regulations have impacted formulations, product stewardship is adding new business challenges, and technology has evolved such that products are actually different in some meaningful ways from the clean air act became law in the united states over 40 years ago. This look at how things have changed but also at how some things have remained the same, provides one observer's view of the paints and coatings industry, key participants, and the drivers that continue to shape the industry and inspire continued innovation. About david a. Hurwitz: david has worked for over twenty years in chemical industry consulting. Addressing specialty chemicals, polymers, advanced materials, fine chemical and many downstream industries. He received a b.S. Degree in chemical engineering from cornell university, an m.S. Degree in chemical engineering from washington university in st. Louis, and an m.B.A. From the university of chicago. David is active in the societe de chemie industrielle - american section, the american institute of chemical engineers and the american chemical society. Click here (or copy into your browser) to register (free): http://bit.Ly/1l3tzto

  1. Profile Picture

    Patricia |Wordsmith and Office Organization Par Ex

    Are you looking for someone to transcribe your webinar?...

    1 Minute Later
  2. Profile Picture

    SHRAWAN |International Marketing Manager

    Yes, madam...

    1 Minute Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Slobodan |Specialist of biology of microorganisms

    Thank you for the information. Best regards, Slobodan *****ć...

    1 Minute Later
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Construction Chemicals

Need an expert regarding the global construction chemicals market. He/she should have knowledge about the various types of construction chemicals especially surface treatment chemicals, repair and rehabilitation chemical, grouts and anchors and cement grinding aids. Please respond with your relevance to this request and a few availability windows for a 1 hour paid phone consultation. Regards, rajat

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    Pool Chemicals

    We are interested in having an interview in the coming days with an expert in the pool chemicals space. More specifically, we are interested in speaking with someone who is knowledgeable about chlorine sanitizers, e.G., trichlor, dichlor, calhypo, bromine and alternative sanitizers (uv, salt generators, etc.) we would be interested in speaking with the following types of people: · manufacturers: someone who works for a chemical company manufacturing chlorine/sanitizer products for pool use · distributors: someone who works for a distributor (e.G., poolcorp) who sells pool chemicals · specialty retailers: someone who works for a specialty retailer (e.G., leslie’s pool supply, pinch a penny) with direct knowledge of the chemical side of the business we would look to speak with an upper-level executive or someone with operational or marketing background. Please let me know if you need any more information from me regarding this request. Thanks, tara

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      Chemical Import

      Chemical import from hong kong to the us. We have been trying to import some ingredients from our perfumes from hong kong into the us. Once with ems and again with fedex, both times it was held and being returned by us customs, even with fedex trade networks as the broker it still got held and sent back. Looking for someone who has experience in importing chemicals(oils,powders, pigments,etc..) from china (hong kong) into the us. Work would consist of you talking with customs and finding out any additional information or forms that are required, we will fill out the forms and submit them back, then we will follow up again and see if anything else is needed from them. Overall, pretty straight forward, we just seem to be missing a piece for it to go through successfully.

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        Automotive Chemical International Market

        Experts with knowledge of automotive chemical products: additives, sealants, lubricants, chemicals. Esp. For suppliers not currently servicing the italian market

        1. Profile Picture

          Tony |Managing Director

          I could probably provide some ***** independent lubricant blenders in the UK who may be int...

          9.8 Hours Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Angelo |Principal Consultant

          Good morning Marc- I would be interested in discussing this opportunity and confident i can add valu...

          10.2 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Bernard |Business Broker and Managing Partner

          Mr. Marc-Hirsch, I was a Manager in the Parts and Accessories Department for Ford Motor Company f...

          12.8 Hours Later
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        Aroma Chemicals

        I am looking for an expert in chemical industry (aroma chemicals) who could help us in building the cost model or provide cost related data regarding aroma chemicals such as flor acetate(jasmacyclene) and frutene ( florocyclene). Also, who is good at stoichiometric ratio balancing. Kindly revert. Thank you.

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          Lab Chemicals Market

          We are looking for an expert to share insights to the following questions on lab chemicals: 1. Global market size (revenue in usd) split by region and applications 2. Market trends in lab chemical reagents 3. Market growth rate with outlook let us know if you can provide us answers to above questions.

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            Textile And Construction Chemicals

            We are a chemical company having presence in textile and construction chemicals having turnover more than 150 cores, in process of setting up a 10000 sq ft analyitcal, r&d and application lab. We are looking for a senior r&d expert who can devise develop and innovate products range for textile and construction chemicals

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              Chemical Absorbent Market

              I am looking for experts on sourcing chemical absorbents such as bleaching earth on behalf of a global agro-chemicals company. They interested to understand the feasibility of moving towards more centralized strategy with global suppliers such as clariant, taiko etc and their annual volume is 23,000 tonnes

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                Laboratory Chemical Reagents Market

                I am currently looking for information in the life science lab chemicals reagents market looking for the following information in detail (detailed and deep insights needed). Please respond at the earliest and we can get the process started. Category – laboratory chemicals reagents market (life sciences category) deliverables needed – • market size (global & regional – us, eu & asia) • implications/barriers/opportunities/market trends (region wise analysis) • innovation o i am interested to understand what the suppliers will be doing in 2020 o past success story of innovation o future strategies – for example – how will clones buying change in the years to come? • how do suppliers price their material? O cost structure & pricing model o pricing scenarios • risk, regulatory & compliance environment – regional & china in specific o any major changes that i need to be looking out for? • environmental aspects o environment policies & safety policies are less pronounced in asia than in europe and asia. How is this impacting the market in the concerned regions? • who are the major suppliers (top 10) for laboratory chemicals reagents? O what are the specific tools that suppliers use? O what is their market share? • procurement best practices? O which strategies to use to procure laboratory chemical reagents? Like for example, can i look at cherry picking from libraries and pay per compound? • who are the unique and niche manufacturers? – how diverse is this supply chain regards, virat

                1. Profile Picture

                  Disha |Manager - Research & Consulting

                  Hi, I am provide with the chemical reagents market ***** are looking for. I can be contact...

                  3.2 Hours Later
                2. Profile Picture

                  Venkatesham |Scientist-Project Leader

                  Hi Virat, Yes we can discuss, mail id: ***** ***** id: *****1 i...

                  4 Hours Later
                3. Profile Picture

                  Eugene |Scientific Director

                  Hello. I'm Director of CRO. We can do it. Dr Eugene Zadorin ( ***** ) www.nbs...

                  18.2 Hours Later
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                Chemical Blending

                I'm looking for chemical blending consultant to aide in the design and build of a small/medium chemical blending plant in the mid-east. Products expected to be manufactured will include degreasers, construction chemicals, detergents..etc. Scope of work will include design, identification of equipment sourcing and working with our company to implement the plan. Some on-site work will be required

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                  We need chemicals by order. Looking for fuel additives, petrochemicals, organic and nonorganic chemicals, api's, catalysts, metals, industrial chemicals, fine chemicals, chemical reagents, intermediates, gases, rubber, plastics,ore, oilfield production chemicals

                  1. Profile Picture

                    Andrew |CEO

                    I can assist with expertise in biocides/*****, surfactants,organic chemicals and inorganic c...

                    22.9 Hours Later
                  2. Profile Picture

                    Alan |Director R&D

                    I tick some of these boxes. Regards Alan...

                    11.7 Days Later
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