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Hfc Networks

We have just started a new project in hfc networks that will require a fair amount of primary research. The project has a fairly short timeline (~2 weeks), so we’d like to start scheduling calls as soon as possible. Four project areas: 1. Market overview – want to understand optical components markets for hfc networks; also want a view on the key drivers of growth under the different decisions that the msos can make with regards to their architectures 2. Competitive landscape – want to understand the key players in the optical equipment space and what differentiates them (products, capabilities, strengths/weaknesses, etc.); also want to understand the customer buying process (key selection criteria, decision-making criteria, key decision makers, pain points, etc.) 3. Growth opportunities – want to understand the key growth opportunities in optical component markets for hfc networks and what is driving this growth (goes hand-in-hand with market overview above); also want to understand risks to this growth 4. Customer feedback – want a very in-depth understanding of how the market/key buyers view different players in the optical equipment space • targeting two types of experts (there will likely be overlap between these two) 1. Buyers (in msos) of optical components (for areas 2 and 4 above) – this is our main priority 2. Industry experts (for areas 1 and 3 above) • want a healthy spread of geographical expertise, but with a heavy focus on north america (80% na, 10%-15% latam, 5% eur) • the ideal experts will likely be people in network planning, likely in a regional role • our goal is to get a complete perspective on all major msos (cablevision, charter, twc, comcast, cox), and we will need as many interviews as it takes to achieve that (likely at least 8-10, plus more if there are regional differences/divisions within a single company) buyers (and possibly sellers) – msos are our main priority; need at least 1-2 interviews per company target interviewees can speak in-depth about: o key competitors/players in the optical equipment space and their key differentiators (service/product quality and capabilities, breadth of products/services, support, etc.) o rough market shares of players o customer buying process- key decision-making criteria (technical and financial), process of sale (who buys from whom), customer needs, pain points o geographical differences/nuances between na, latam, eur target companies: • msos- must have worked at relevant company in last 2 years and have been a key decision maker in buying optical equipment; likely someone in network planning and in a regional role. Examples: na, cox, cablevision, time warner cable, charter, cable one, comcast, latam, net. • optical equipment providers- must have worked in relevant industry/company in last 2 years and have had experience selling to msos. Examples: arris, cisco, teleste, bktel. For both providers and msos, we likely want to speak with people leading the day-to-day network planning and sales/buying/decision-making, rather than people at the top of the company who might not be able to comment on specific details of their technical/financial needs industry experts – secondary priority target interviewees can speak in-depth about: o uses of optical equipment for msos and the different drivers of growth (present and future) o where tier-1 msos are today/where can they go in the future and how that impacts providers of optical equipment for hfc networks (e.G., arris) o geographical differences/nuances between na, latam, eur • ideally, has enough technical background to discuss the uses/quantity/types of optical equipment, and what happens to optical equipment when nodes are split • preferably have had a network planning role at some of the following: o msos – cox, cablevision, time warner cable, charter, cable one, comcast o optical equipment providers – arris, cisco, teleste, bktel, etc. Screening questions: • how specifically have you been involved in the optical components market for hfc networks? What was your job description/role in relation to optics and hfc networks? • what is the geographic space in which you mainly worked? Did you have any exposure to other geographic areas? • have you been involved in the buying/selling of optical equipment within the last two years? • can you speak in-depth about the uses of optical equipment of msos and drivers of growth for this market? • can you speak to the following changes in hfc networks and how they might lead to msos buying more or less optical equipment?: o node splitting o drive to n+0 o broadcast / narrowcast architecture shifting to full spectrum • can you go through the buying/selling process between msos and optical equipment providers (who is buying from whom) and provide detailed information on key decision criteria as well as major competitors and their differentiators? Thanks

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    Network Simulation

    Anyone who knows how to work on network simulation tools such as opnet, conmet ..etc. I want a part time professional who can implement simulations about computer networks specially routing. You can contact me at***

    1. Profile Picture

      Bob |Owner

      Hello, I could not see where you are based in the work and your number was just *** as Zintro does...

      4.9 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Greg |Zintro Expert

      Hello, I have experience with OpNet, Qualnet in this domain. I have bid and proposal experience as ...

      5.5 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Cedric |Principal Research Architect, Adjunct As

      Hi, for routing, I would suggest ns-3 or mininet as well. Would you be providing the opnet license? ...

      2.6 Days Later
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    Network Security Policy

    Looking for experts in the network security policy management & orchestration space. A 30 minute telephone consults is required.

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      Telecom Networks

      I would like to know how much it costs to implement such a mobile phone network as verizon ? Who are the best providers for the required equipments and where to find specialized documentation. Regards.

      1. Profile Picture

        Pramod |Regional Product & VAS Manager

        Setting up a mobile phone network would be to the tune of billions of dollars depending on the geogr...

        14 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Chandra |Head - Software Engineering, Architect,

        Hi, I can talk to you about IMS/LTE *****ils. But it all depends on the place where yo...

        34 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Ibrahim |telecom operations or project management

        Hi, The cost for Implementing the mobile phone network is depend upon the Region, number of users ta...

        1.4 Hours Later
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      Hfc Networks - Referral

      Hi. I am the founder & ceo of zintro. I would greatly appreciate if you would provide me with some feedback on an idea we are working on. An increasing number of zintro clients work for private equity and/or management consulting companies. Often times, these types of clients are seeking to connect with a highly targeted expert profile. For example, they may want to talk with a former executive of company xyz that left the company at least six months ago but no more than 24 months ago. Bometimes we "get lucky" and find the client an ideal expert that exactly meets that spec. However, sometimes we don't. We would like to find a more systematic approach to consistently find highly targeted experts. The majority of experts on zintro are independent consultants that came out of industry five or more years ago. These experts have deep industry and/or technical knowledge, but may possess information that is slightly "dated" from the perspective of the client. In reality, the independent consultant's knowledge is probably current because he/she is working with many clients in the space. Even so, we have to respect the wishes of the clients and try to find them their more targeted expert(s). The good news is that the clients are willing to pay a high enough fee that we can cover both the cost of the expert and pay out an attractive referral fee. So, here is the idea. Many of the industry consultants on the zintro platform know people who are exact matches for the client's inquiries. The concept is simple. We would like to provide an easy way for zintro experts to monetize their rolodex's in addition to their expertise. Is this something that would appeal to you? It always helps to provide a real-life example. Some of you may have already seen this inquiry come through the platform. However, the client is looking to perform paid interviews for former employees of three specific companies. Do you know someone who may fit the bill? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- client is offering $200 to anyone that refers an expert who meets the following criteria and is hired for this consult: 1. Expert worked (or currently works) at comcast, cablevision, or timewarner cable within the last two years. 2. Expert was a key decision maker in network planning and buying of optical equipment for hfc networks; likely someone in network planning and in a regional role. Do you know someone who may be a good fit? Client is going to wrap up interviews this week, so please let me know if you would like to refer someone asap. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i also would welcome feedback on the general concept of "experts monetizing their rolodexes". Thanks so much! --stuart

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        Fiber Optic Network Equipment

        We are a private equity firm who is interested in identifying a possible consultant who could help assess a potential debt investment in a 3pt (open-source, non-oem third party) provider of optical transceivers and open-standards based fiber optic network components in the united states. The company is a global supplier of open standards-based, carrier-grade network solutions for the service provider, cable, and enterprise sectors, encompassing optical transceivers, optical filters, and switches optimized for use with the industry's leading oem platforms. The preferred candidate will have executive or board experience with a fiber optic network equipment supplier (oem or third party) or with a telecom or cable company with significant fiber optic networks. An understanding of long term industry trends, oem versus 3pt providers, competitive dynamics, key performance indicators, and customer procurement decisions will be important. The assignment would likely begin with a general perspective on the industry, open source networking and movement to third party components, and the company’s competitive positioning within the industry, potentially progressing to a more detailed assessment of the company. If interested, please respond with a brief description of your expertise in this area.

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          Passive Optical Networks (pon)

          Hi   looking for information on the passive optical networks (pon) for the telecom networks.  key areas for information are :   -key coming up technologies -global and regional evolution of technologies in these networks. -virtualization of pon networks -types of suppliers and their capabilities. -disruptive technologies,  -alternative last mile technologies such as 5g.

          1. Profile Picture

            Jeffrey |Consultant

            I used to work in the telecom space, for an IC (chip) supplier of network sync products, along with ...

            2.1 Hours Later
          2. Profile Picture

            James |President

            Have worked in FTTH and optical design and marketing. recently in disruptive technology like cloud t...

            2.7 Hours Later
          3. Profile Picture

            Anand |Zintro Expert

            Can help for the same...

            10.1 Hours Later
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          Senior Network

          We have an immediate opening with one of our client. Kindly confirm your interest by replying to this inquiry with your updated resume and convenient time/number to discuss further. You can mail me via zintroin case if you are not currently available or not interested in the below position, i apologize for the inconvenience and request you to forward my mail to your friends or colleagues whom you feel would excel this opportunity job title   :senior network engineer (10 + yrs) location    :san ramon , ca terms       :long term contract  role summary/purpose: -senior network engineer responsible for implementing, operating and supporting multi-tenant, scalable network solutions. -the role will routinely review, analyze and recommend network improvements to ensure that the network can scale with the needs of the applications and services riding on it.   job description  - routing expertise – cisco & juniper routers and switches - ibgp, ebgp, ospf, is-is with hands-on experience managing enterprise wan - mpls, ipsec tunnel, ssl vpn, firewall, and dns - firewall & dns expertise - palo alto & f5 firewall - infoblox dns & ipam solutions - project management – must know agile to drive teams backlog - track and update the user stories to ensure the project(sprint iteration) is delivered with agreed content on time - monitor and optimize network performance and assure network security in a high availability environment. -work with telecom providers to report, troubleshoot, and resolve wan related issues. - enforce and execute user policies and procedures regarding the use of network resources. - provide on-call support to the first level support  requirements:  - bachelor's degree in information systems, information technology, computer science or engineering from an accredited college or university or equivalent experience - minimum 5+ years of experience supporting large enterprise network infrastructure (e.G. At a fortune 500 company) - must have 1-2 years of project management experience in agile methodology to help drive the day-to-day backlog\ 

          1. Profile Picture

            John |Zintro Expert

            JOHN D. DAUS 2053 Crossing ***** Vienna, VA ***** Phone: ***** Email: *****...

            1.6 Hours Later
          2. Profile Picture

            Walid |Network Architect

            Resume attached...

            5.4 Hours Later
          3. Profile Picture

            Navin |Zintro Expert

            Hello, We can help you. Let us know. Navin...

            45.9 Days Later
          +7 Other Responses
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          Building Social Networks

          We are looking to build a business intelligence network among medical practices. I want to leverage the internet and social media as a means to building the network. I am looking for someone with experience in building business networks through social media.

          1. Profile Picture

            Victoria |CEO

            Hello! Thank you for your inquiry. May I ask your location? I noticed you requested some work be do...

            16 Minutes Later
          2. Profile Picture

            Talyn |Director, Grassroot Diplomat

            I am interested in providing you with the service of building social networks. We have developed soc...

            23 Minutes Later
          3. Profile Picture

            David |CEO

            I can help you with this opportunity. We have a wide array of experience in this ***** I person...

            28 Minutes Later
          +35 Other Responses
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          Ip Multimedia Subsystems

          Ims sme/ architect/ expert for all ip network pan india greenfield rollout

          1. Profile Picture

            Jayateertha |CTO

            I am interested and have the required expertise. Would like to know more and further steps....

            5.5 Hours Later
          2. Profile Picture

            Mansij |CEO

            I have 29 years of experience og which around 16 years I have worked on IP domain. I have worked on...

            6.7 Hours Later
          3. Profile Picture

            Girija Krishan |Zintro Expert

            Would like to learn more about this project. Thanks...

            10.1 Days Later
          +3 Other Responses
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          Television Network

          Looking for a c level executive\former executive in one of the leading tv networks for the following questions: 1. Advertising models on premium content, both on traditional tv online content 2. Advertising monetization models on tv experience working in one of the major networks, paytv, content companies - a must.

          1. Profile Picture

            Stephen |Senior Business Analyst

            I've been working with executives at major networks and distributors for nearly 20 years and expect ...

            1.3 Hours Later
          2. Profile Picture

            David |President

            My background seems to fit your needs and I would enjoy discussing the project....

            1.7 Hours Later
          3. Profile Picture

            Lori |Managing Partner/Consultant

            If you are looking for *****-channel modeling that works for Direct Response, look no furt...

            1.7 Hours Later
          +33 Other Responses
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          Neural Network Hybrid

          Hi i am writing a thesis on a neural network hybrid of extreme learning machine and logistic regression comparing it with the generic back propagation. Currently, my hybrid does not perform as well as the generic back prop and i would like to know if you could help figure out what the issue is. Thanks

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