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Recent Philadelphia Pedestrian Car Accidents Inquiries

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Car Carriers Trucking Market

We are pursuing a study on car carrier trucks - which is used to transport cars. We are looking for information on below questionnaire.  1. Market overview on trucking industry in specific to car carrier trucks 2. Supplier landscape for car carrier trucks  3. Supply and demand scenario or seasonality for car carrier trucks  4. Engagement model and best practices between car carrier trucks and shippers. Kindly contact us if you can help us with any information on car carrier trucking industry.

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    Electric Car Manufacturing

    Setup electric passenger car factory in china. Hello,we would like to setup an electric car manufacturing plant in china. Where can i find a company that can partner with us or assist us for designing, developing and setting up the plant manufacturing electric passenger car.

    1. Profile Picture

      Bal |Principal Associate

      You have a big project.. Try making a joint venture with Tesla Motors....

      1.7 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Francisco |E&O Manager

      Dear Sirs. we can do it . in fact we are doing nowadays, and last years. Also with staff in China. g...

      1.8 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Joseph | ----------------Director---------------

      Zi61c1141c We have manufacturing experience as a production foreman, general foreman, industrial e...

      1.8 Hours Later
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    Classic Car Restoration

    Looking for experts in classic car restoration

    1. Profile Picture

      steven |GM auto auction

      auto repair and collectors cars are my specialty...

      3.7 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      George |Senior Consultant

      Since "experts in classic car restoration" is extremely broad, I am responding with some basic infor...

      7 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Paul |Lead technician/team leader

      What make of car are you looking to restore? I am well versed and experienced on Mopar vehicles back...

      8.3 Hours Later
    +5 Other Responses
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    Airline/hotel/rental Car Loyalty Space

    I'm looking for another group of experts, this time in the airline/hotel/rental car loyalty space.The expert must have direct experience overseeing or developing programs for buying/gifting/sharing of miles/hotel/rental car points.An example of this would be: an american airline flyer, can have the option of buying additional miles to purchase a ticket, or they can “gift” their miles to family/friends or share them for a fee. The same applies to the hotel/rental car industry.Some questions we are looking to answer include:· the % of people buying vs gifting vs sharing miles· do you have any information on how many people (in the us) buy/gift/share miles or how many miles are actually bought/gifted/shared annually?· best practices/innovations in the space· targeting strategies· what is the biggest challenge in monetizing this loyalty currency? Is it educating people about the perceived value?· how have you seen people game the system of buying/gifting/sharing miles? One example we’ve noticed is how some people might not share miles if they can redeem a ticket for a family member on their own account and avoid the service fees. Are there any more to be aware about?· to what extent do accelerator programs drive buying miles? That is, do they really result in a substantial spend lift vs promoting buying miles at a discount? This question aims to see if people are more affected by “buy 10,000 miles, get 10% more miles now” vs “buy 10,000 miles and get 10% off your order”· how does seasonality affect marketing strategies towards buying, gifting, and sharing? More specifically, does the activity/number of transactions/amount of people gifting and sharing miles increase more than people buying miles for the holiday season?· what kind of marketing tactics for buying/gifting/sharing have had the highest response rate? That is, are people really more willing to buy miles if they get an exclusive email offer, vs seeing it advertised for everyone online? (exclusive offers vs publically available)i’m looking to conduct 3-4 interviews.

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      Car Rentals

      Need an expert in the rental car industry that can testify about industry standards about key fobs on rental cars and vehicle information listed on key fobs

      1. Profile Picture

        Lloyd |Senior Partner

        Lloyd expert witness for the car and truck rental industry, owner and CEO of Payless Car Rental at L...

        7 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Denis |Manager

        Sure. Familiar with this topic in European markets....

        41 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Shahzad |CEO, COO

        I am available to discuss the issue and help in any way possible. Shahzad...

        52 Minutes Later
      +4 Other Responses
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      Electric Cars

      I'm looking for engineers who have experience/knowledge of electric cars. We are working on a new battery innovation that will cut down the charge time in half.

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        Electric Cars Designing

        I am looking for a design engineer in the automotive industry who is experienced in designing electric cars.

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          Driverless Cars

          Driverless cars experts on the technology and market

          1. Profile Picture

            Natalya |CEO

            SCHTM has extensive experience in artificial intelligence and will be glad to contribute expertise...

            19 Minutes Later
          2. Profile Picture

            Marco |Sales and Product planning manager

            I am interested to the topic. Can you specify your needs. Regards...

            15.1 Hours Later
          +2 Other Responses
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          High Performance Sport Cars

          Credentialed expert on high performance cars, specifically lamborghini aventador. Court testimony on specs of this car as compared to others (to be determined)and acceleration and handling capabilities of the aventador.

          1. Profile Picture

            Didier |Accredited Associate of the Institute Fo

            Hello, I'm a test driver for Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi R8, Maserati, ... in Belgium. I already made...

            17.1 Hours Later
          2. Profile Picture

            Ernesto |Engineer

            Good evening, I'm working by a Drive security (Passive) car components company, and I know process t...

            1.2 Days Later
          3. Profile Picture

            Brad |Auto Broker

            Hi, I'll be in Florida in December. I know my way around Sports Cars, have a SCCA racing license and...

            29.1 Days Later
          +4 Other Responses
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          Fleet Cars Remarketing In Russia

          I am working on a project to understand the remarketing market for fleet cars in russia. I seek your support to get insights on the following information: 1. Best practice to sell used fleet vehicles (to employees/in auctions/online auctions, any vendor who take used vehicles) 2. To suppliers who will accept these vehicles. Kindly let me know your feasibility and fees for the engagement. Thank you midhun

            +undefined Other Responses
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            India Passenger Cars Registration

            We are market research firm and we are looking for experts who can provide information on the number of taxi cars, hotel cars, leasing/rental cars and airport fleet cars registered yearly in india during 2010-2017. Also require current data (or up-to 2017 end data) on the total number of the above cars running in the country.

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              Chauffeured Cars Providers

              I would like to know the best practices followed in chauffeured cars market.  what are the engagement models and pricing models of these providers?  i would also like to know the top suppliers globally of chauffeured cars.  goegraphic scope- global

              1. Profile Picture

                Steve |Principle Consultant

                Hi I am working with a number of companies that offer Chauffeured Cars as a service both short and l...

                3.6 Hours Later
              2. Profile Picture

                Rajesh |General Manager

                Experience in this industry in India and the Middle East. These two are big markets for corporates a...

                3.9 Hours Later
              3. Profile Picture

                Shaun |Director

                Hi One of my team can help as they have just finished a project in this area. Please share full scop...

                1.7 Days Later
              +4 Other Responses
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