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Recent Plastic & Fiber Manufacturing Inquiries

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Chemicals Industry Webinar

Zintro is proud to launch a new free webinar series titled "chemical industry insights & innovation". It will cover the most important trends impacting all sectors of the chemical industry and will be presented by top business and technical experts who are part of the zintro community. We are pleased to invite you to the first installment of the series on thursday, june 19th at 1.00 pm (et). Our first presenter is david a. Hurwitz, managing director of edica-garnett partners llc, a global strategy and execution consultancy. "evolving coatings industry, emerging technology - a look ahead...A glimpse at the past!" click here (or copy into your browser) to register (free): http://bit.Ly/1l3tzto presenter's note: the coatings industry continues to evolve. To the outsider, much might look the same as it did just a decade or two ago. To the insider, industry restructuring and globalization have changed its footprint, regulations have impacted formulations, product stewardship is adding new business challenges, and technology has evolved such that products are actually different in some meaningful ways from the clean air act became law in the united states over 40 years ago. This look at how things have changed but also at how some things have remained the same, provides one observer's view of the paints and coatings industry, key participants, and the drivers that continue to shape the industry and inspire continued innovation. About david a. Hurwitz: david has worked for over twenty years in chemical industry consulting. Addressing specialty chemicals, polymers, advanced materials, fine chemical and many downstream industries. He received a b.S. Degree in chemical engineering from cornell university, an m.S. Degree in chemical engineering from washington university in st. Louis, and an m.B.A. From the university of chicago. David is active in the societe de chemie industrielle - american section, the american institute of chemical engineers and the american chemical society. Click here (or copy into your browser) to register (free): http://bit.Ly/1l3tzto

  1. Profile Picture

    Patricia |Wordsmith and Office Organization Par Ex

    Are you looking for someone to transcribe your webinar?...

    1 Minute Later
  2. Profile Picture

    SHRAWAN |International Marketing Manager

    Yes, madam...

    1 Minute Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Slobodan |Specialist of biology of microorganisms

    Thank you for the information. Best regards, Slobodan *****ć...

    1 Minute Later
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We need chemicals by order. Looking for fuel additives, petrochemicals, organic and nonorganic chemicals, api's, catalysts, metals, industrial chemicals, fine chemicals, chemical reagents, intermediates, gases, rubber, plastics,ore, oilfield production chemicals

  1. Profile Picture

    Andrew |CEO

    I can assist with expertise in biocides/*****, surfactants,organic chemicals and inorganic c...

    22.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Alan |Director R&D

    I tick some of these boxes. Regards Alan...

    11.7 Days Later
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Chemical Process Engineering

This defense case involves an explosion and fire at an oil refinery. We are seeking an expert chemical process engineer/scientist has: (1) recent experience in the petrochemical industry experience; (2) recent experience with the chevron isocracker process for converting crude oil into diesel and jet fuel; (3) recent hands on experience at the operational level and knowledge of the risks and hazards, including the risks and hazards of failure of system components and explosion arising from cold weather start-up following maintenance or other shutdown of the process. Our client is seeking an expert with excellent/world class credentials.

  1. Profile Picture

    Amarjit |CEO/VP/ Project Director/CTO

    I have 30 years experience in oil refining industry and Lummus formed a joint partnership for hydro...

    2.5 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Michael |President & Principal Consultant

    This sounds like a potentially interesting engagement and while I may not have all the required expe...

    2.8 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Bart |Principal Engineer

    This is a very interesting project. We would like to assist. We are currently in the petrochemical...

    3.2 Hours Later
+14 Other Responses
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Payment Terms In It, Retail And Chemical

Payment terms adopted in it, retail and chemical industry a. We are trying to understand payment terms across different categories (mentioned below, an exhaustive list will be shared later) and regions (north america/ latin america/ emea/ asia) b. Do payment terms for categories change based on region(geographically) and if they do what are the key reasons behind them. C. We would also like to get qualitative information for the exclusive characteristics of payment terms by category and by region. D. We assume that payment terms are from date of invoicing, however, are there specific categories which would follow different payment cycle (example: payment terms are calculated from shipping date) e. Also get an overview of regional regulatory implications on the payment terms for categories. Please find below an overview of the categories. Broad categories • catalysts and chemicals (catalysts, chemicals & solvents, acids, polymers, industrial gases, and lube & base oil) • it procurement (it software, end user computing devices, datacenter equipment, workplace services, infrastructure services, application development & management services • retail and marketing (branding, retail equipment, retail services, retail cards, and technology) please let us know if you have experience in any of the above-mentioned categories. Experience in procurement in oil & gas industry would be preferred afterward, we would like to discuss the engagement possibility in 5-min pre-consulting call.

    +undefined Other Responses
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    India Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

    We are working on a study related to indian boiler and cooling water treatment chemicals market. We are looking for the experts who can provide information on the above-mentioned market. The requirements are specific to product chemistry i.E. Basic and blended chemicals in various end-user industries including power, steel and metal, pharmaceuticals, oil refinery, petrochemicals, chemical, sugar, paper, food, and breweries among others. The company names include: 1 ecolab (nalco water) 2 solenis 3 veolia 4 suez 5 bwa 6 ion exchange 7 kurita 8 chemtex 9 sicagen 10 cleanflo 11 vasu chemicals 12 chembond chemicals limited 13 buckman 14 thermax global 15 wetico ltd 16 aes arabia ltd 17 improchem pty ltd 18 initiative chemicals pvt. Ltd this would be for a 1-hour phone consult. Please respond with brief statements on the following: 1. What is your experience related to the indian boiler and cooling water treatment chemicals market? 2. Are you able to discuss information related to product chemistry i.E. Basic and blended chemicals in various end-user industries including power, steel and metal, pharmaceuticals, oil refinery, petrochemicals, chemical, sugar, paper, food, and breweries among others?

      +undefined Other Responses
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      Disinfectant & Antimicrobial Chemicals

      We have a new technology of antimicrobial chemicals that can be formulated into plastics, elastomers, silicone rtvs to have a controlled release rate to surface. I am seeking an industrial expert that has a comprehensive knowledge and experience in applications of such antimicrobial chemicals, especially in healthcare industry. This person should have knowledge in incumbent antimicrobial chemical technologies and where each technology is used in various thermoplastics, thermosets, and silicone products that are important substrate materials for devices, tools, equipment, fabrics, disinfectant, sanitizer, etc. In hospital and surfaces with public health concerns. The end goal is for this expert to help formulate a strategy to enter into an antimicrobial chemical business. It would be especially attractive to us if this person also has good contacts in antimicrobial plastics, thermosets industries. The consulting job could extend to a long term contract or a permanent position.

      1. Profile Picture

        Joe |technical Director

        Ah another antimicrobial vendor with claims of having a product that everyone else has in this marke...

        16 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Dan |VP- GM

        We manufacture hand-lay up and closed mold thermoset parts that contain anti-microbial compounds in ...

        35 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Leonard |Consultant

        Have experience with some of the ***** (thermoplastics, compounding, antimicrobial chemicals) an...

        5.5 Hours Later
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      Glycerol Monostearate

      I am sriram d.S., a chemicals industry analyst at beroe inc., a procurement intelligence firm which provides procurement decision enabling information to fortune 500 companies. I am working on a project on glycerol monosterate. I want to understand the factors that drive the cost and price of glycerol monosterate 90% which is used as an anti static additive on plastics. I would like to understand what are the best practices involved in sourcing this chemical in various end use industries. I would also like to understand what could be an optimal contract length and contract structure for this particular chemical.

      1. Profile Picture

        PAul |CEO

        I am well versus on GMS, GMO and GMiS systems, using them for many years ***** polymers, emulsi...

        5.1 Days Later
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      Chemical Import

      Chemical import from hong kong to the us. We have been trying to import some ingredients from our perfumes from hong kong into the us. Once with ems and again with fedex, both times it was held and being returned by us customs, even with fedex trade networks as the broker it still got held and sent back. Looking for someone who has experience in importing chemicals(oils,powders, pigments,etc..) from china (hong kong) into the us. Work would consist of you talking with customs and finding out any additional information or forms that are required, we will fill out the forms and submit them back, then we will follow up again and see if anything else is needed from them. Overall, pretty straight forward, we just seem to be missing a piece for it to go through successfully.

        +undefined Other Responses
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        Oil Refinery Heat Exchanger Cleaning

        I run a strategic planning consulting firm and my client is in the process of developing their strategic plan. Their business model uses a new and significantly better way to clean heat exchangers in oil refineries. I am looking for a resource(s) who can assist in getting industry data re: 1) typical refinery decision makers for the purchase of exchanger cleaning services 2) the current heat exchanger cleaning process (methods used / pros & cons) 3) global heat exchanger cleaning market industry data (annual cost expenditures by refinery by country) if you are such a resource or know how i could connect with one, please contact me.

        1. Profile Picture

          Sean |Senior Water and Process Consultant

          Dear YellowKite, I have 23 years experience in *****tment. Almost my entire tenure has been s...

          13.5 Hours Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Amarjit |CEO/VP/ Project Director/CTO

          I have experience in the oil and gas business for over 3 decades and know the process of mechanical ...

          1.9 Days Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Hiren |Project Consultant

          Dear Nick, Definitely, we can do *****ime next week is fine. I guess, since we are connected t...

          2.5 Days Later
        +13 Other Responses
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        Biodegradable Plastic Formulation

        Looking for a chemist to tweak a basic biodegradable starch plastic formula (starch, acid, glycerin, water) to break down outside in natural elements in weeks. The process will need to be simple enough for mass production. The product will need to have a special coating (can be shellac) to withstand natural elements for up to 3 days outdoors and create an extended shelf life indoors of several years. The currently formula is lacking consistency and i would like a professional's opinion.

        1. Profile Picture

          Kenneth |Consultant

          I am a chemical engineer with almost 30 years of experience in plastics processing including much fo...

          1.4 Hours Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Adam |Managing Director

          Happy to discuss some basics for free seeing as this is a non-profit. It looks like the key here is...

          1.7 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Stephen |Scientist/Engineer

          I'm interested in hearing more about this project. What kind of products are you thinking? Many of t...

          2.3 Hours Later
        +20 Other Responses
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        Polylactic Acid (pla) Market

        My client is working on behalf of a pla fiber manufacturer, they would like to speak with a recent former from "natureworks" which is the biggest producer of pla slice. They would like to discuss on overall usage of pla market, including growing trend by market and industry; the ksfs for the pla producer to satisfy client need.

        1. Profile Picture

          David |CEO

          Hello, I have worked heavily with PLA in molding *****. I know a great deal about the market...

          1.2 Hours Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Muthuramalingam |Zintro Expert

          I can provide info on PLA market trends and its *****oved properties in various *****.I...

          1.8 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Robert |Director / Owner

          I have work with ***** special on fibers development with Sukano master ***** PLA www....

          16.3 Hours Later
        +5 Other Responses
        Area Icon

        Textile Chemicals

        We are currently looking to recruit an executive chairman for a textile chemical company located in switzerland. The company is a specialty chemicals company which develops, produces and markets textile performance effects for high-tech applications. They employ c. 23 staff w. Direct sales and agents covering the key global textile markets. The functionalities currently offered by the company include: pure (antimicrobial, odor and infection preventing silver-based technology), barrier (water, oil and soil repelling technology), adaptive (evaporation cooling technology) and oilguard (oil-absorbing, water-repelling technology for nonwovens). This placement could also potentially become the role of ceo. Our client would like speak with people with extensive experience in the textile chemical sector who would be interested in fulfilling this role one day a week. We would like to connect with people who have many years in this industry and ideally live in switzerland. Those from other countries who are interested are also welcome to connect.

        1. Profile Picture

          Desmond |Executive Director and Board Member

          Dear Ms. Atheneum, Thank you for contacting me through Zintro regarding your search for an Executiv...

          1.3 Days Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Giovanni |Manager and Advisor

          Good Morning. It is more than 40 years I am in the textile world. I have a huge experience in the ap...

          1.8 Days Later
        3. Profile Picture

          PAul |CEO

          This would be a extremely intereszting opportunity as I have work in the textile field for more than...

          29.1 Days Later
        +6 Other Responses
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