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Recent Population Demographic Forecasting Inquiries

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Hello, i am writing an article for a storage company about the fastest-growing college towns. I need a quote from a population expert by monday, july 29 about why college towns are a big draw - what people find appealing about living there. I can take quotes by email if preferred and only need one or two sentences. I'll be happy to provide more information as needed. Thank you so much!

  1. Profile Picture

    Sri |Consultant and Researcher

    I am very suitable and have this knowledge for this *****. Pls contact me to shrachmat@y...

    2.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Juan |President/Owner

    I have done considerable research on college towns from a commercial real *****stment perspect...

    19.6 Hours Later
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I need demographic expert who have a command on population projections of a water supply project in peshawar,pakistan

  1. Profile Picture

    Erick |Project Manager

    I can do that, contact me ...

    53.5 Days Later
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Clinical Demand Forecasting

We are looking for a clinical demand forecasting specialist. Ideally, an experienced user of optimizer capable of building and management of the system models, not just a user of the reports and data. Need is immediate. Must be us based, preferably north east location.

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    Pet Dog Population

    I am involved in a project wherein i have to estimate the market size of small(adult dog weight between 6 -10 kilograms) and medium pet dogs in europe (adult dog weight between 10-25 kilograms) and country-wise pet small and medium pet dog population. What is the country-wise population (data on major countries like france, uk, germany, italy, spain, and portugal would suffice) of small and medium pet dogs in the european union? Small and medium pet dog population in european union as a whole. Breed-wise small and medium dog population would also be helpful.

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      Demographic Study

      We are looking for a demographic research consultant who can help us with a membership organization of 80k- 100k members. Our survey wishes to look at race, ethnicity and gender and we are looking for a consultant who has this experience as well as can work with non-profit organizations

      1. Profile Picture

        Frances |Consultant

        My partner and I are both well versed in demographic and survey research. My partner worked for a me...

        6 Minutes Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Anita |President/Chief Data Scientist

        I have been a Market Research Consultant for 20+ years and assisted many Fortune 500 companies with ...

        16 Minutes Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Nizar |Client Service & Sales Director - linked

        Senior research director with specialized panel ***** member panel Recrutment . Pls let...

        59 Minutes Later
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      Population Health Management

      I am looking to speak with an expert in population health management (likely a consultant) who has extensive experience assessing a company's phm need, defines service gaps, and helps select vendors. This person should have a great sense for what is out there, what customers' selection criteria are, and have a good sense of the current market landscape. The specific niche of the market i am most interested revolves around phm companies that a) aggregate data (potentially using outsourced software ) b) analyze client data and segment population c) enroll certain populations into a care coordination/management program d) provide care coordination/management/patient engagement services e) analyze outcomes of interventions. The types of questions i would like to discuss are: 1) the approximate size of is the phm private sector market and growth rates? Roughly what % of employers (>5000 employees) use an outsourced phm company that provides services like i described above? How is this rate changing? 2) what % of a company's population is typically selected to be eligible for care coordination/management/patient engagement programs? What are average enrollment rates/what is considered a good enrollment rate? 3) what roi levels are being touted as selling points from vendors? Do customers believe in the roi calculations? Is there a method that is considered gold standard for calculations? What would be considered industry average roi for the vendors that provide the services i listed above? 4) how do companies select a vendor and on what metrics? Are companies using consultants to get the outside help needed to make the correct decision or do they make the decision in-house? 5) how crowded in the market for companies providing services like i described above? How do vendors differentiate themselves? Who are considered the top 5 players offering the services i described above? 6) insurance companies/tpa often offer a 'free' population health management program. How do these compare to those offered by private vendors? Why do companies select one over the other? Why do companies so frequently select a different phm vendor from who provides their erm? 7) how does the public sector and medicare/medicaid differ from the private sector when it comes to the opportunity for vendors such as i described above? How do aco's select which vendors to partner with? 7) how critical is the selection of partnerships for phm providers? Are customers focused on who is providing services such as post-acute care and emergency care?How important are the aco partnerships that vendors are able to secure? 8) what role do phm vendors typically take in pharmacy benefits management?

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        Population Health Management Purchase

        I am researching population health solutions and would like to speak to any chief medical officer, chief informatics officer, chief nursing officer, coo, chief innovation officer, vp innovation about their experience evaluating and purchasing a population health management solution.

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          Population Health Management

          Our us research firm is interested in a phone consultation with an expert in the area of population health management and biometric testing. Our focus in on employers and population health management companies (phmc) that provide wellness programs which include biometric testing. The ideal expert would have been in a leadership/consulting role in developing or purchasing corporate wellness programs that included biometric testing. Desired is someone with an understanding of how biometric testing fits within employer/phmc programs. Questions would relate to: • how biometric testing fits with employer/phmc programs • expectations related to biometric testing providers referrals are also welcome, thank you.

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            Demographic Research And Analysis

            I am looking for an expert in demographic and economic data analysis

            1. Profile Picture

              Marta |Data Analysis

              hello. I am more than happy to help you with your analysis. How can I help you? Marta ...

              8.9 Hours Later
            2. Profile Picture

              Engg. Abdullah |Zintro Expert

              I can help you with Demographic and Economical data. I had done my project on human ***** i...

              11.9 Hours Later
            3. Profile Picture

              Anita |President/Chief Data Scientist

              I have 20 plus years in demographic and economic research and analysis....

              12.5 Hours Later
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            In need of an expert in demographics to assist with jury composition for a military case

            1. Profile Picture

              Boris |head

              You may wish to contact me for details. I am a demographer at Moscow University, Russia *****...

              4.3 Hours Later
            2. Profile Picture

              James |Consultant

              We can provide those services, Can you email me with more details so I can provide a scope of work a...

              10.1 Hours Later
            3. Profile Picture

              Galekgatlhe |Researcher

              i can assist you with the services: *****...

              2.1 Days Later
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            Population Health Management Service

            I am seeking expert advice to formulate/validate assumptions pertaining to the market size (in $ terms) of various population health management service segments including data management (data aggregation & normalization, risk stratification), care coordination, patient engagement and performance management (clinical and financial). We are not reporting on any one organization, but rather rolling up all responses to provide a market viewpoint. We do not quote anyone, nor tie any comments or conclusions drawn in our market analysis to primary research with any one entity. I am seeking 60 minutes of tele-consultation support in exchange of a fixed honorarium. Please let me know your availability for the week of 7th august through 17th august, 2017 during 8-11 am ct. Best regards koustav

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              Direct Marketing To High End Demographic

              Looking for direct marketing experts to help put together financial and business assumptions for direct marketing campaigns. High end demographic only.

              1. Profile Picture

                Ann |Principal

                Dear Prospective Client, I am available to learn more about your specific needs. I offer 1/2 hour f...

                7 Minutes Later
              2. Profile Picture

                DiAnne |Direct and Integrated Marketing Professi

                Good Morning angelinvestor: I would love to discuss this project with you. I have a great deal of e...

                17 Minutes Later
              3. Profile Picture

                Bryan |President & Creative Genius

                I'd be interested in helping you out regarding your request for *****rding direct marketi...

                2.2 Hours Later
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