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Recent Raw Ingredients Inquiries

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Pet Food Raw Ingredients

Engagement strategies with pet food raw ingredients companies we are looking to understand the market landscape for engaging with pet food ingredients suppliers. We wish to understand how other pet food companies engage with pet food ingredients providers. We require answers to below specific questions: 1. In north america, do pet food companies prefer to forward contract raw ingredients? What is the percentage of pet food companies who forward contract raw ingredients? 2. What is the percentage split of pet food companies who prefer to use a broker to source the raw ingredients vs. Pet food companies who choose to directly source raw ingredients? 3. What is the level of vertical integration adopted by pet food companies? Any names of pet food companies which are vertically integrated to the farm level?

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    Jean |Managing Director

    Good morning, I am a pet food and pet food ingredient consultant with 20 + years of experience in t...

    3.3 Hours Later
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    Martin |Director

    Thank you for your enquiry but I’m afraid I cannot help in this respect . Many thanks Martin...

    4.1 Hours Later
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Laundry Detergent Formulation

I would like a formulation of liquid laundry detergent that is compared to tide including scent. I would also like to know the best source to get the raw ingredients. Thank you.

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    Jaisheel |Prop.

    We have gd ***** tide type scent. please inbox me bccjuhi***** jaisheel bccjuhi...

    1.2 Hours Later
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    Henry |CEO, Technical leader for Homecare produ

    Dear Sir, I am a specialist in laundry formulation ( commercial P&G, Henkel, McBride, Unilever). I w...

    1.3 Hours Later
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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

I am looking for experts who can help me in understanding advances / trends in api manufacturing technologies. Please find below the list of questions for which i am looking for your support. 1. What are the various api manufacturing methods and what are the new technologies in each manufacturing method and what are the adoption rates? 2. Please provide the technology evolution of api manufacturing process 3. What are the upcoming technologies in manufacturing that can be applied to all types of apis 4. What are the technology trends or upcoming technologies with respect to the manufacturing following types of apis and what are their adoption rates? Please provide the examples of few companies that have adopted those new technologies: • synthetic apis • biotech apis that includes monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins • hpapis – (highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients) 5. Please provide technology trends, their adoption rates with respect to and their applicability to all types of apis: for example, if there is a new technology in solvent recovery, will it be applicable for all types of apis such as small molecule apis, synthetic apis and all other types. • small molecule manufacturing, • microbial and mammalian protein expression, • monoclonal antibody production, • advanced process controls, • solvent recovery, • effluent treatment, • continuous processing, • particle engineering, • downstream product recovery processing (filtration, sedimentation, centrifugation, extraction, precipitation, adsorption, membrane separation, chromatography, crystallization, and drying), • process analytical methodology,

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    Larry |Presdient

    Happy to help you with this. I have over 35 years experience in this area. You can find me at nexgen...

    7 Hours Later
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    B |abc

    Dear Inquirer: I am a professional with more than 10 years of experience in Life Science product de...

    9.1 Hours Later
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    Lajos |PhD

    To Whom itmay concern The list of questions and *****ghts are too general to repond, however ...

    15.2 Hours Later
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Vaccine Raw Materials

We are a large multinational firm looking to better understand the following as it relates to cgmp (current good manufacturing practices) vaccine manufacturing raw material costs: 1. What would be typical raw material costs per dose of a liquid vaccine? By what factor would it be higher for lyophilized bulk? 2. What would be the major cost contributors to raw materials? 3. Are these the same for single antigen/ multi-antigen vaccines per unit? If not, what factor would apply to the multi-antigen vaccine? Would a factor of 4x be appropriate for a pentavalent vaccine compared to a single-valent vaccine? 4. Do the cost of these differ if manufactured in us/ europe or india? We are considering a factor of 2 for procurement abroad, would this be a fair assumption? Why would there be such a variance? 5. Would costs vary if the material is sourced from different countries? What country suppliers supply material at lower rates? Comparatively at what multiple is the cost for the suppliers offering highest quality material? 6. What components of raw materials are commodities and do not differ in cost across the world? 7. Would the raw material costs vary if procured in small quantities versus large quantities? What multiple can we consider for small volume players compared to large volume players? 8. Are there any losses associated with blending multiple antigens? Would 0.05 cents per dose be an appropriate figure? 9. Compared to the pentavalent vaccine would rota, ipv, hpv, pneumococcal vaccines have higher rm costs? What could be the reasons for such a hike in cost and by how much would the cost be higher? 10. Is there an additional rm cost due to loss of antigen for sensitive antigens like ipv? 11. What factor should we consider to account for the learning curve? What would be the initial rm costs to say 3 – 5 years down the line? Is it half or 10%? What drives this? Is it because of yield losses? Any there any other factors. 12. In summary, what be the average raw material cost differences between those for simple versus complex vaccines? *please describe your relevant expertise and attach your cv. Thank you.

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    John E. |Principal; Member-Manager

    This is not in my area of expertise. -- John E. Lincoln...

    43 Minutes Later
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    Peter |Managing Partner

    I'm happy to help. To start I'm a 33 year pharma / biotech manufacturing and supply chain professio...

    6.7 Hours Later
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    Ranjit |Sr Marketing Manager Exports

    Yes I can help you I have done similar consultancy with different clients across the globe. I have...

    17.8 Hours Later
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