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Roof Support Products

I am an analyst with a uk-based professional services firm, with offices in london, detroit, new york, romania, and india. We provide decision support services to clients across a myriad of sectors. Currently, we are conducting a study on roof support products market (which include wire mesh and bolts) for the australian mining companies. As you hold considerable experience in this domain, we would like to ascertain the following questions: q1) what is the size of australian bolts and wire mesh market? How has the market been growing and what is the expected growth in the future? A) which bolt is primarily being used in the coal mines? Q2) who are the major players operating in the australian market? What is their market share? Q3) generally, what is the sourcing methodology followed by mining companies in australia for procuring wire mesh and bolts? A) do they procure from local manufacturers or they also import from foreign manufacturers (for example, manufacturers in low-cost countries such as china and india)? Q4) how the transportation costs impact the overall procurement cost, in case of procurement from foreign manufacturers? Q5) what are the new trends and innovations coming up in the bolts and wire mesh market? Q6) what is the cost break-up of bolts and wire mesh (in terms of raw material, labour, utilities, etc)? Q7) what are the best inventory management, procurement, transportation practices being followed by the australian mining companies? Please let us know in case you are comfortable in providing your opinion on the above questions. Also, let us know your availability and consultation charges. Look forward to your reply. Thanks and regards, anshul

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    Jamie |Director and Principal Consultant

    Hi Anshul, Thank you for your inquiry, sounds like an interesting study. Unfortunately I would not ...

    8 Minutes Later
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    Dan |President

    Hi I am hoping to talk to you about consulting with your firm. I can send my resume if interested. Y...

    11.3 Hours Later
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Roof Manufacturing

Hi i need to have made false roofs to fit on demountable steel structure which is 4 meters by 2.2 meters.

  1. Profile Picture

    Cory |Projt Manager

    Do you have a sketch of the steel structure? What type of roof ***** you wish to use?...

    17 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Ricardo |Principal

    Conditions regarding depth limits, *****ces, access for *****tenance, and connec...

    14.3 Hours Later
+2 Other Responses
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