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Recent Rubber Ring Inquiries

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Silicone Rubber Compound

We wish to develop silicone rubber compound and processing parameters for a high temperature application [ up to 200 deg c continuous ]. This compound is to be calendared onto cotton or synthetic fabric and vulcanized. In the application, the product is placed in a hydraulic press where temperature rises gradually to 200 deg c , stays there for about 5 to 10 minutes and then comes down to normal room temperature. The cycle is repeated 10 to 15 times every day.

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    Synthetic Rubber

    I am looking for a expert consultant to mfg. Synthetic rubber pl. Provide the necessary information

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      India Rubber Gasket

      Dear sir we are into making of rubber gaskets of nbr fkm vmq so my question is how to make perfect rubber gaskets for oe quality and want know about compounding formulation of all above mentioned rubbers so as to be assured about quality of my gaskets. Regards sunil mehta

      1. Profile Picture

        NITIN |C E O

        Dear Customer, Thanks for Enquiry, I will certainly help you in giving understanding about Gasket ...

        5 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Suzette |Consultant

        Dear Sir, This is Suzette Iskander, I am a rubber compounding expert with four engineering degrees...

        7.7 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Luis |Zintro Expert

        It is difficult to answer your question, because I need more *****: - What is your curin...

        8.5 Days Later
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      Silicone Rubber

      I am looking for someone that has an understanding of the differences in properties between fluorocarbon, polyacrylate rubber, and fluorosilicone for help in product development with my company? Would love any help i can get. The main concern is the ability to tear and have a resistance to gasoline and chemicals with these materials in the size of a ring.

      1. Profile Picture

        James |Zintro Expert

        I am an experienced polymer chemist and can help you. We can do an initial phone consult for $100 f...

        1.5 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Pal |Zintro Expert

        I can help. Have worked on heat and oil resistant ***** - *****er, fluorocarbon, and flu...

        1.6 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        James |Principal

        I am assuming that by fluorocarbon you mean a PTFE type substance. The following website should gi...

        1.7 Hours Later
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      Synthetic Rubber

      We are looking for technical experts in the production of a class of synthetic rubber known as blocked copolymer elastomers. We are specifically interested in a type of this class known as sebs. The trade name for this product, originally developed and produced by shell chemical, is kraton. The business was spun off in 2001 and is now kraton corporation.Individuals who would be of interest to us to participate in a technical team to develop an engineering design package for production of this product for an overseas client would ideally be chemical engineers who worked in a production facility making sebs. Detailed familiarity with the design and operation of a production unit, including equipment requirements and operating procedures, is important.Following an initial period of approximately 2 months to prepare a client proposal, the experts would be involved in this potential design project for another period of at least one year.Please respond with a short statement of your relevance and your availability for a quick phone interview this week.

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        Bromobutyl And Silicone Rubber

        I am a research analyst at a global market research company. Currently, i am working on a report on market intelligence on bromobutyl and silicone rubber. Currently we require assistance in the following deliverable – supply demand analysis – regulatory and technology landscape – key trends and innovation – sourcing recommendations – cost structure and cost drivers – best practices o engagement model o contract model o sourcing model supplier list for the above rubbers and the suppliers’ business model

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          Global Special Boiling Range Solvents Market

          Need an expert regarding the global special boiling range solvents market. He/she should have knowledge about the following: - various production processes i.E. With less than 0.02 wt% aromatic compounds, with upto 20 wt% aromatic compounds and with upto 50 wt% aromatic compounds. - various solvent bases i.E. Petroleum ether, rubber solvent, vm & p naphtha - various applications i.E. Paints & coatings, adhesives, rubbers & tires, resins, cleansing agents, etc. Knowledge regarding country-wise usage (or regional) and recent major changes regarding application of these solvents (or any other specific area) will be extra helpful.

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            Rubber Stopper

            Rubber stopper's extractable and leachable, compatibility i am looking for an expert for pharmaceutical packing,who is fimiliar with rubber closure.He or she did some researches on closure's compatibility ,extractable& leachable and so on.In a word i need an expert knowing much on the closure's micro-analysis

            1. Profile Picture

              SURENDRA |CEO

              We can take up development of this rubber closure.We will need details,technical requirements,specs ...

              20 Minutes Later
            2. Profile Picture

              Sidney |Independent Consultant

              I have experience with rubber closure systems for a number of biotech products in regards to selecti...

              3.6 Hours Later
            3. Profile Picture

              Douglas |Polymer Material and Processing Scientis

              Hello, I am unable to perform consultant work, however under the correct circumstances I might be...

              4 Hours Later
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            Rubber Additive

            Looking for an additive to rubber that will help neutralize the smell and off gasing of the rubber

            1. Profile Picture

              RJ |self

              Odor and off-gassing from rubber ***** common problems. I have a long history in the in...

              13.1 Hours Later
            2. Profile Picture

              Paul |President

              I am assuming the smell is from the vulcanization, but I would need to understand a bit more. Regar...

              1.2 Days Later
            3. Profile Picture

              david |Independent

              I can think of several rubber additives that will ***** odor but out gassing is more a functi...

              1.6 Days Later
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            Synthetic Rubber

            I am a reasearch analyst and currently working on procurement of synthetic rubbber in asia pacific region and specifically for india. I am looking for experts in procurement side of the synthetic rubbers. Major focus is to understand the engagement models between a synthetic rubber supplier and an end user specifically tyre manufacturer, minimum quantity required to undergo contracts, discounts offered and an overview of the indian market. Area of focus - butadiene based rubbers (sbr and pbr)

            1. Profile Picture

              Thai |Executive

              Ok. I can help. Please add me on skpe : huuthai1002...

              133 Days Later
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            Rubber Compounding Formulation

            We are a small unit manufacturing nbr oil seals, u-seals, o-rings etc. Manually with the aid of small pressing machines and hot plates heated by lpg gas. In local language we call them 'bhatties' (furnaces). We need guidance in rubber compounding formulations, vulcanisation processes and relevant trouble shooting.

            1. Profile Picture

              Mohammad |Senior Scientist

              I am available, let me how soon you want to start. Thanks Nadeem...

              2.1 Hours Later
            2. Profile Picture


              yes , I can help you in the areas mentioned .You may pls contact in the below Email Id Regards Sabu...

              10.4 Hours Later
            3. Profile Picture

              nitin |r&d in rubber and allied materials

              hi plz send me your detail on *****...

              1.3 Days Later
            +6 Other Responses
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            Rubber Molding

            I need a technical writer who has experience with rubber mold design, mold making, and rubber processing in both compression and injection molding. The work is to review a document and give feedback based on content and structure.

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