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Auto Dealership Sales & Marketing Software

We are looking to conduct multiple phone consults with experts knowledgeable about the auto dealership sales & marketing software space. The ideal expert has experience purchasing, evaluating and/or using sales and marketing software for dealerships, ideally in the u.S., canada or the uk. We are also interested in talking with mid- to senior-management at the vendors in this space. Thanks. M.

  1. Profile Picture

    Harold |Director/Vice President

    HAROLD LLOYD COCHRAN 1050 E. Gartner Rd, Naperville IL, ***** Home: (440) ***** Wk cell: 440-...

    23 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Jonathan |Sales and Marketing

    I would reach out to Syd Micheals, he has the experience and the know how to integrate a complete pr...

    1.6 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Mike |Dealer Relationship Manager

    I'd be happy to discuss the Automotive space and lending software from a credit union perspective. ...

    10.1 Hours Later
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Sales And Marketing Of Food Brands

The zintro blog needs you!i am looking for your expert opinion on the news below.Your response may be used in an article that i will write and post on the zintro site.Your contribution is voluntary,and while there is no direct payment involved,getting your name and expert opinion published on our blog is a great marketing opportunity that will increase the amount of traffic to your expert profile. As a featured expert,you will be named and a link to your profile will be included.Here is a sample: http://blog.Zintro.Com/2012/01/16/keystone-xl-pipeline-pros-and-cons/ if interested,please send me your one-to-three paragraph response to the following news via znotes within the next few days: in 1910,the four largest companies in american food sales accounted for less than 4% of the market;a statistic that rose to 37% in 2010 and was expected to continue growing.Consolidation of suppliers leaves consumers fewer shopping alternatives and limited options.What changes have you seen in your industry over the past few years as a result?What does this mean for consumers? Please include your full name so we can link it to your expert profile and get you more presence on zintro.Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! gabriela meller

  1. Profile Picture

    Joyce |President, & Owner

    While there has been ***** food sales in the U.S. over the past several decades, this doe...

    30 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Puru |Consultant

    hi - my name is Puru Gupta and I represent, that is a health advisory and retail com...

    8.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Bill |Senior Vice President

    I am interested in learning more. Contact me at *****....

    20.9 Hours Later
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Pharma Sales & Marketing

We are looking for experts who can comment on bench marking process for the organisational structure of sales & marketing function in pharma industry in united states. Experts from companies like teva, sandoz, actavis, perrigo, mylan, sun pharma, endo pharma, par pharma, lupin etc would be preferred.

  1. Profile Picture

    Sepand |President

    I can help in the bench marking process for the *****cture in the Pharma Industry....

    8.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Alex |VP, Business Development & Commercial Op

    Hello, I have 10+ years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I am currently a VP and Head of...

    8.9 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Charles |Sr. Director of Marketing, Market Resear

    I have worked on both sides of the sales and marketing structures for pharma/biotech in both operati...

    9.1 Hours Later
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Sales And Marketing Industry

Looking for expert advice on the sales and marketing agencies industry ; interested in understanding the differences in business model, value proposition and execution of the largest players, the economics of players in market (average margins, roics) as well as recent trends and disruptions that are impacting the industry's growth, stability and future outlook

  1. Profile Picture

    Frank |Market Analyst and Strategy Consultant -

    Hi, If you are looking for *****t the market research industry and *****ulting fi...

    1.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Farnaz |Principal/Founder, Consultant, Speaker

    I have had over 25 years experience in marketing and advertising....6 years on the agency side (medi...

    2.6 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Ranjit |CCO

    Globalization, ***** consumerism are key mega-trends when combined with analytics, mobile...

    8.1 Hours Later
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Laac Sales And Marketing Strategies

We are interested to speak with multiple experts who are executives, directors, vps, senior principals, and senior managers from the sales and marketing segment to better understand the sales and marketing strategies and the approaches relating to left atrial appendage closure medical devices. An incentive of $250 will be paid to participants for this 1-hour online interview. Please provide a brief answer as to your relevance to the space below: 1. Please describe briefly your role at the company. 2. How familiar are you with left atrial appendage closure (laac) medical devices? Please explain briefly. 3. How familiar are you with approaches to sales and marketing for laac medical devices? **please note that we are only interested in your personal point of view and are not seeking confidential information. ***referrals are highly appreciated

  1. Profile Picture

    Jason |KOL Strategy and Sales Enablement US Str

    I am happy to help with this project. ...

    43 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Gail |Committee Member

    I do not have the relevant expertise....

    46 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Tim |Manufacturer's Rep

    Thanks anyway but I'm in sales in the Aesthetics sector, not CV. Best of luck!...

    1.7 Hours Later
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Winter Sports Gear Sales And Marketing

Need a winter sports gear sales & marketing consultant/expert advisor to assist with market approach global sales channel set up for a new new "smart" ski helmet created in sydney australia. Amazing product (with integrated camera, comm, tracking, audio, etc) will be well received, retailing from approx. $500-$1000. Extensive sports retail sales and channel experience required. Current relationships & ability to make warm introductions and optimize approach to market would be ideal. Will start with a phone call and take it from there.

  1. Profile Picture

    Benjamin |Owner/Managing Partner, YP2M (Your Produ

    I am former distributor and *****ic partner to Rossignol of France, currently serving as Launc...

    10.1 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Todd |Director of Sales

    I have 25 years sports and medical equipment manufacturing from factory floor to end user can get yo...

    12.6 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Claude |Owner/Consultant

    *****eting Specialist in the Ski/Snowboard sector as well as product launch for North A...

    42.8 Days Later
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Sales And Marketing Development

Expert in sales and marketing needed in u.Ki.To advise on sales improvement

  1. Profile Picture

    Lloyd |Director, Investor & Advisor with 12 yrs

    Hi Stanely, happy to help, please let me know more details, thanks Lloyd...

    5 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Marc |Sr. Development Scientist and Principal

    What area os sales and marketing are you looking to improve upon? I.e. what is the technology? There...

    19 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Rupert |Founder

    Hi Stanley, I am a sales and marketing consultant with experience in the UK, Europe and South East ...

    32 Minutes Later
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Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing

We are looking to engage with a senior sales or sr. Marketing manager expert in spain who is involved in the pharmaceutical sales process. We are conducting a research project and looking for individuals who are knowledgeable about marketing to hcps, regulatory influences and limitations, major therapeutic trends, top pharma brands, etc. We would like to have a confidential 45 min telephone interview with you. We are not interested in your company specifically, just the market broadly. 1. What level of recent, direct experience do you have selling for pharma companies to health care providers locally? 2. How well do you understand the regional pharma market (market share between brands, trends, etc)? 3. Do you have expertise in spain specifically thank you.

  1. Profile Picture

    David |Retail Business Manager Europe, Africa &

    I am interested inti attending the call. I’ll be available starting Tuesday next week...

    3.2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Cristina |Director of Integrated Communication & P

    yes, I am available after 5PM ...

    4.2 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Susana |Cardiovascular Sales Regional Manager

    Rate: $200 1. What level of recent, direct experience do you have selling for pharma companies to h...

    1.7 Days Later
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Point Of Sale Merchandising

Currently, we are working with a us-based cpg client who has procurement challenges (for marketing posm category). The study is primarily focused on china, but will cover few other asian countries too (hong kong, taiwan, singapore, malaysia, thailand, and dubai). The key points of discussion are mentioned here: 1. We would like to understand the posm (point of sale merchandising) category sourcing strategies in terms of centralized vs localized sourcing, their pros and cons, posm sub-categories which are suitable for centralized/localized sourcing, along with few client examples who are adopting either of the sourcing methods. It would also be interesting to note if there are any other operating model/s (maybe cloud based or anything else). 2. Finally, we aim to understand the best practices in minimizing logistics cost and response time in centralized sourcing. We will share a more detailed questionnaire as we proceed. Thank you.

  1. Profile Picture

    Ryan (N) |Senior Insight & Business Development Co

    Happy to take part in the project, expert in POS for the different retail format, food & non-foods F...

    1 Hour Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Mihai |Business Manager

    I can deal with this task. Please hire me...

    1.8 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Chandra |Partner

    I am a Senior Purchasing Specialist a C.P.M from Institute of Supply Management-Arizona-USA with ove...

    2.4 Days Later
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North America Point Of Sales Marketing

Point of sale marketing services geography: north america i would like to understand the best practices adopted by clients for all pos marketing services in north america

  1. Profile Picture

    New |

    Sales .Marketing,Purchasing, I have in hand experience. ...

    2.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Polina |Oversight & Monitoring Lead, Health Care

    I can speak tom POS marketing best practice ***** they support Sales/Marketing Alignment...

    11.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Shyam |CFO Advisor

    acquired POS marketing service business and can assist...

    16.6 Hours Later
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Sales And Marketing Alignment

Sales marketing alignment experts & consultants

  1. Profile Picture

    Mark |Sales and Marketing

    I would be interested in assisting you, could would propose a pre-discovery call to examine the scop...

    5 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Joesph |CPA, CVA, CMA, CFM

    Hello Sale8G, My expertise is in business *****ling. I have found this technique, with t...

    15 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Baxter |Manager

    What are you looking for exactly? I have been a conference speaker on sales & marketing alignment, ...

    1 Hour Later
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Impact Of Covid 19 On Sales & Marketing For Pharma

We are looking to speak with multiple experts based in the us that has significant input into the effect of covid 19 in sales for pharma companies. Looking to speak with experts in neurology, psychiatry, pulmonology. I’m interested in having conversations with people who are in sales/marketing for these companies in the us. This is a paid 1-hour phone consultation. Please provide a brief response below as to your relevance in the space. 1. Can you discuss a brief statement on how covid 19 impacts the sales of your company?

  1. Profile Picture

    Lewis |Retired - Was Pharmaceutical Specialty R

    Yes, I can give you an *****ysis on how COVID 9 will and is affecting sales, especially in t...

    15 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Tom |District Sales Manager

    I cam easily discuss at length now we have been impacted by covid. Our sales force has temporally tr...

    21.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Susan |Distict Sales Manager

    1. Can you discuss a brief ***** how COVID 19 impacts the sales of your company? --> Yes, I c...

    21.6 Hours Later
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