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Speech Technology In Language-learning Software

We are looking seeking a phone consult with an expertise in the human language training/nlp field that will be able to discuss about current and future implementation of these technologies in the field of language-learning software. We are interested especially in discussing the following questions: •current implementation of nlp/hlt in language-learning software •current implementation of speech synthesis in language-learning software •current implementation of speech recognition in language-learning software •obstacles that developers of such solutions have encountered •implementation of combined nlp, semantic spectrum, and speech synthesis for language-learning – current situation and potential in the foreseeable future.

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    David |Technical Director - Consulting

    I have extensive experience in this area - would be interested in this consult....

    1 Day Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Steven |Creative Destructionist

    Expert in NLP. Extensive experience with compilers, grammars and linguistics. Knowledge of machine l...

    1.5 Days Later
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Pattern Recognition

I am trying to do a project in pattern recognition, the problem statement is: to classify news and articles content automatically extracted from specific websites under predetermined set of categories using support vector machines (svm) algorithms implemented for both the linearly separable training case and nonlinearly separable training case. I will give more details when i find an expert who can help me on that.

  1. Profile Picture

    Esben |Senior Data Science and Machine Learning

    How can you be sure that SVM is the best *****ine learner to your particular problem?...

    22 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Mayank |Head Division

    I want to discuss in detail about the project....

    1.2 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Mohammad |Head of Research and Planning

    Can help if using supervised ART networks is acceptable....

    1.4 Days Later
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Ontology Software

Im looking for the best software engineers who specialize in ontology design, web semantics and associated fields. Either fulltime or advisor roles. We have assembled a team to change an outdated industry and unfortunately one of our experts has had a death in the family. Ww vps from salesforce and other companies have recently joined.....We are based in singapore. Ps i asked a question earlier today but for some reason couldn't reply to 2 people

  1. Profile Picture

    Andrea |Senior Bioinformatics Scienstist

    Hi, sorry for this *****er. We are starting up a small consultancy firm (2-4 people) and we p...

    4.5 Days Later
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Sales Enablement Software

Our firm is looking to do multiple paid phone consults with customers/ prior customers of sales enablement software such as highspot. We want to speak with experts who can share their insights on purchasing criteria, use case, pros and cons, and evaluation of other vendors in this space. This would be for a 1-hour paid phone consult. Please respond with a few short statements to the questions below. 1. Were you the person personally responsible for evaluating, selecting and implementing highspot? Please comment about the extent of your involvement in the decision-making process. 2. Can you speak to detail about sales enablement software, specifically, highspot? Please briefly elaborate 3. Who are the other vendors that you evaluated during your decision-making process? Please comment about other vendors you evaluated closely during your buying process. *** referrals will be highly appreciated.

  1. Profile Picture

    Charles |VP Finance & Treasurer

    I have done a lot of CRM implementation. Is this the expertise you are looking for?...

    1.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Bobby |Principal

    Thanks for the opportunity but this is not a good fit for me. While we do CRM implementation, all ...

    2.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Bradford |Global Lead

    1. Were you the person personally responsible for evaluating, selecting and implementing Highspot? ...

    3.5 Hours Later
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We have a text comparison service that uses lsa and semantic spaces. We need someone to consult with us in terms of building the spaces, making domain specifications, and comparisons.

  1. Profile Picture

    Fernando |CEO

    We are experts in machine learning, neural networks, markov chains and have our own version of Lucen...

    17.7 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Putcha |Founding Professor and Proprietor

    Dear przybyszewskion My interest is in Semantic Network and the Meaning of Meaning. Please if my i...

    29.1 Days Later
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I have an existing retail cosmetic client who we have an existing project where we are doing a large scale data warehouse implementation utilizing netezza, and microstrategy cloud. We are looking for experts in microstrategy who have a strong background in dimensional and data warehouse methodology (kimball bus architecture) and know how to set up the semantic layer of microstrategy to work atop a multi fact conformed star schema.

  1. Profile Picture

    Seth |Business Intelligence Consultant

    Robert - Am a fully certified MSTR expert with extensive architecture experience. Would be interest...

    21 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Pradeep |BI Consultant

    I am interested,can you please let me know if you think my skills ***** your requirement....

    7.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Santosh |Principal

    Hi Robert, Thanks for your reply. We have a team with vast experience in different functions of Dat...

    1 Day Later
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