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Recent Storage Tanks Inquiries

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Lng Engineering

Lng project in bc,canada, we are looking for investors or partners who are interested in the multi-million project, our partner is located in china, it is running lng business now, and would like to expand lng business in china due to chinese government has decided to use lng to replace coal. Should you be interested in the project, you have connection to investor, or technology to build storage tank, ship for delivery of lng, it will be welcome.

  1. Profile Picture

    Muthuramalingam |Zintro Expert

    What do you exactly want now? Chinese companies have estabilished LNG,LNG engine and all connectivit...

    4.3 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Paul |CEO

    Dear Sirs We have associted investors who could very well be interested , please forward further det...

    5.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Rafey |Zintro Expert

    Thanks for your email. I am interested in this LNG Project Engineering Position...

    8.5 Hours Later
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Storage Tank Farm

I am looking for experts in the business of tank farm construction with experience of knowledge of systems and design

  1. Profile Picture

    Ramees |Chemical Engineer

    I can help you with the process design part, that is developing PFDs, P&IDs and *****osophi...

    20 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    SALIM |Projects & Operations Manager

    I am consultant for Oil Storage Terminals(tank farms) and have developed quite a few terminals right...

    2.4 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Emmanuel |CEO

    I am a consultant for Oil and Gas storage terminals including Design, Construction and Management of...

    11.6 Hours Later
+12 Other Responses
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Tank Farm Operations & Maintenance

I represent a company based in south africa. We are looking urgently for a facilitator to do some training on tank farm operations and maintenance. Please contact me urgently.

    +undefined Other Responses
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    Rainwater Harvesting Tank Marketing

    We are a prominent research firm and an authorized zintro partner. Our client has an immediate need to conduct phone calls with experts knowledgeable about the rainwater harvest tank market from supplier/manufacture perspective more specifically, our client is interested in better understanding market size, key players, types of materials used for making above ground versus below ground tanks, and trend in choosing materials. Ideal candidates should be able to talk to our client this week. Along with your earliest availability, please also elaborate on your relevant experience and expertise.

    1. Profile Picture

      Steve |Rainsaver

      HI I have been involved with the *****esting industry since 2008. I have a strong backgroun...

      7.8 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Jim |CEO

      I am the owner of with over 20 years of manufacturing, designing, and installin...

      11 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      richard |Zintro Expert

      I have experience of household *****esting in the Maldives, where ***** 1 to 2 cub m HDP...

      16.9 Hours Later
    +6 Other Responses
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    Oil Storage Tanks

    Bunded diesel tank has imploded. An expert is needed to assess the damage and tank. I am looking for an expert to examine an imploded diesel bunded tank to assess the cause of the damage and analyse how the fuel was extracted

    1. Profile Picture

      Michael |Chief Engineer and Owner of Danko Engine

      I am a licensed professional engineer in Illinois and am ***** Aurora, IL. I am also a certifi...

      1.2 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Friso |senior specialist

      Dear sir, We at DNV KEMA have years of experience in failure analysis and root cause analysis, and ...

      18.2 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Ken |CEO

      My company has designed and built many fuel tanks as well as inspecting them. Implosion suggests air...

      1.6 Days Later
    +3 Other Responses
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    Underground Storage Tank Leak Detection Systems

    List of vendors of detection system in underground tanks

    1. Profile Picture

      Edward |Special Projects Manager

      Need more info if possible....

      4.2 Hours Later
    +1 Other Responses
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    Tanks Manufacturing

    I need 250-500-1000 gallon propane tanks i will buy 50-100 per year. Bill, pres. Us generator

    1. Profile Picture

      Steve |Consultant

      I currently manufacture 12,000 to 90,000 gallon LPG tanks. I have worked at Trinity and Worthington ...

      1.2 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Daniel |General Manager

      I have been in the propane business for 35 years and will be happy to lend a hand....

      1.5 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Ashish |Zintro Expert

      We are a multi-discipline team of Process, mechanical (***** rotating), instrumentation, electr...

      3.2 Hours Later
    +5 Other Responses
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    Liquified Natural Gas (lng)

    Expertise discussion on liquefied natural gas (lng) industry i am writing on behalf of a consulting firm that conducts expert interviews in support of industry-wide studies for many of the world's fortune 1000 companies. We help businesses answer questions by engaging with the world’s most relevant experts. So far we have delivered over 750 studies with input from over 15,000 individuals. We are an authorized zintro partner. For a current study, we are looking to understand a few trading & portfolio management topics in the liquefied natural gas (lng) industry. You should have prior experience with o&g players (ideally from shell, bp, exxon), be familiar with trading books and the separation of trading and portfolio management roles and responsibilities. We are interested in speaking with experts with strong knowledge of the following: 1. Core - p&l structure and trading vs. Portfolio vs. Origination 2. Core – performance management & incentives (for both trading & portfolio teams) 3. Secondary but nice to have – deal capture approach / it considerations (to implement the above split) please note that we are only interested in your personal point of view and expert insight and are not seeking any confidential information. We are scheduling 45-60 minute discussions with experts this and next week and are happy to offer a negotiable usd 250 compensation for each interview. Please note that we are handling the standard zintro fee separately, hence the expert is not involved in paying this. We would welcome any referrals to other relevant experts as well. Best regards, elianny

    1. Profile Picture

      Larry |President

      I have 20 years expertise in all parts of the LNG value chain. Marketing, building liquefaction, shi...

      45 Minutes Later
    2. Profile Picture

      massimiliano |Zintro Expert

      Msrs, please be advised I'm only a construction engineer, my experience is ***** the constru...

      55 Minutes Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Muthuramalingam |Zintro Expert

      Hi,i have been in the ***** Industry for more than 13 yrs and have been consultant for CNG cyl...

      1.4 Hours Later
    +18 Other Responses
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    Oil & Gas Field Equipment Manufacturing

    I am fabricating all types of storage tanks and mounting structures. For oil field and other chemical factories.If there is any orders from your side, please mail me. Regards. Trinath.

    1. Profile Picture

      Shrikrishna |CEO

      Thanks Trinath, It would be nice if you would like to share more about your company, clients, syste...

      11.1 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Thierry |Operations Manager

      Hi, thanks for your message. I am working on the design of a tank to propose to a potential cust...

      11.6 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      hamdan |consultant

      I am interested in doing this consult... it is not clear if you have a specific manufacturing proble...

      2.2 Days Later
    +8 Other Responses
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    Industrial Gas Equipment

    We are in need for a gas consultant, to review our various gas tanks on site and ,safety, containment, storage, safety, etc. Developing a new facility. James

    1. Profile Picture

      Mazen |Head of Oil&Gas department.

      Ok my experience ***** job ....

      1 Hour Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Gregory |Partner and Chief Engineer

      Have been part of design teams for over $2BB in projects in both he US and Europe/Asia where I consu...

      1.2 Hours Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Amitava |Chief Consultant & Proprietor

      We are well versed in designing and trouble shooting various types of pressurized gas storage, gas f...

      5.4 Hours Later
    +7 Other Responses
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    Tower And Water Tanks Manufacturing

    I have a need for water tower tank to store municipal clean drinking water for future use. Your help in assisting in manufacturing a water tower tank will be very appreciated

    1. Profile Picture

      Matthew |UV Water Disinfection Expert

      UV disinfection. We manufacture some new technology for UV disinfection of water. We are commonly ...

      23.2 Days Later
    2. Profile Picture

      René |Director / Interim Manager

      Pse let us have some more details about *****, loation, planning, budget , etc....

      40.8 Days Later
    3. Profile Picture

      Jeffery |Principal

      Did you ever solve your problem? There a ton of opportunities in this space, and I only see two inqu...

      68.6 Days Later
    +3 Other Responses
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    Chemical Storage And Warehouse Market

    I am working on a project understanding storage/warehouse market for chemicals in uk/scotland. Would like to understand future supply-demand, pricing trends for storage, receipt, handling and dispatch charges. Can share more details when you reach out.

    1. Profile Picture

      New |

      I worked for a technical and specialty gases manufacturer in Germany and Poland. ...

      2.7 Hours Later
    2. Profile Picture

      Disha |Manager - Research & Consulting

      sure , Can help you with the required information . In the chemicals market form 6-8 years now...

      3.9 Days Later
    +2 Other Responses
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