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Facial Recognition

I am taking a class at manhattan community college about protection from terrorists given to us citizens by the government. I wish to know how the use of facial recognition helps protect us from these dangers. Would like to ask one of your experts various questions about this topic and would be most willing to pay some fees for these answers.

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    Balwant |President & Founder

    Hi I am working in forensic odontology .I also wrote two books ie evidence based forensic dentistr...

    7.1 Hours Later
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    Sergey |Principal

    Over 15 years of experience in face recognition. Will be happy to assist....

    18.7 Hours Later
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Growth Strategy

I have started a non-profit voluntary venture to be the source of good news background: when being constantly bombarded by the media with the negative news, we tend to create an image about things and makes us lose objectivity - politicians are corrupt. Pakistan is giving space to terrorists on their soil. Traffic police take bribe. These are some of the dogmas many of us have. I had a few of these. And the reason is we are not told of the good side of things. We are not told of a politician who is truly working towards making the life of his people better. We don't come across news of how a christian nun is improving the life of several children in the streets of kolkata. How a farmer is innovating to pump water efficiently and in an environment friendly way. Clearly, there is a need for source of good news where good deeds happening around us are highlighted. These news would act as positive stimulus to our brains to think about solution, to get inspired. It would make us believe that life is not all that bad and that there is hope , there are good people and good things do happen. South asian good news channel is a step towards spreading positive news. Ask: despite a clear demand, i am not able to generate enough readership. I want to understand how should i go about spreading the word for about the channel? How do i reach the right target audience.

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    Shelley |Chief Strategist

    Sounds a great idea! Sorely needed. It bothers me that we focus on the bad news of hunger and not ...

    4.9 Days Later
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