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Recent Thermal Stake Inquiries

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Thermal Power Plants

We are looking for experts for consulting services for the construction of thermal power plants.

  1. Profile Picture

    Muhammad |Electrical Maintenance Engineer

    I have experties to do that.....

    6.1 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Bhaskar |Technical Officer(Last)

    Over 40 years experience in coal, oil, gas, biomass based power and *****ts-concept to c...

    6.2 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Claudio |Environment and Energy Expert

    Since October 2009 I leave the post at ACTIVE S.p.A. to undertake a professional *****nted act...

    6.4 Hours Later
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Thermal Recharging Batteries

We are looking for experts in "powering underwater vehicles using thermal recharging batteries" to provide commentary and insights towards a startup that is harvesting energy from temperature differences in the environment and converting it to stored electrical energy to power underwater vehicles. We are an angel investing platform dedicated to connecting deep-tech startups with angel investors. By deep-tech we mean startups founded on scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations that create lasting impact on mankind. As a participating expert* in this process, your involvement is limited to answering anywhere between 8-12 investor-submitted questions. This takes about 1 hour (+/-) . Once you are vetted, we send those questions via a web form for your responses. If your contribution is published, it will be view-able by potential investors in this startup, giving you an opportunity to make connections, socialize virtually, and gain bragging rights in a vibrant entrepreneurial and angel investing community. *at this point, we cannot guarantee any monetary reimbursement. You do get insights to new upcoming technologies in your field and a tremendous networking opportunity!

  1. Profile Picture

    Robert |Business Development

    Contact Peter Guggenheim at 512 415 0756 *****...

    4.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    David |Design Engineer

    I can help you with the design of a BMS, but I need more definition on the thermal power method you ...

    5.7 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Steve |CTO

    Hi, Have built *****cles and many *****red *****ems. Have used primary a...

    6.4 Hours Later
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Thermal Spray

Need an expert on thermal spray equipment market with expertise regarding the various thermal spray coating technologies (combustion, lvof, hvof, plasma etc.), equipment being used, and their pricing. He/she should especially have extensive knowledge regarding usage of following equipment: 1) combustion spray equipment with simultaneous fusion of self-fluxing powders? 2) plasma transfered arc (pta) equipment? 3) suspension plasma spraying equipment?

  1. Profile Picture

    Srinivasan |Co-founder

    I have been in this business since 1977 and am available for consultation...

    5.3 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Jay |President

    Based on my experience I am very much familiar with different types of reactive adhesives, applicati...

    5.3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Joseph |Plant technical manager/ Owner consultin

    Some of the plasma *****pment developed is very innovative. Do you have more ***** ...

    8.7 Hours Later
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Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems

Can you help me forecast u.S. Demand for solar thermal systems for heating, cooling and heating hot water over the next decade and key drivers of that demand?

  1. Profile Picture

    Mohammad |Co-founder (M.Sc. Control Engineering)

    Dear analyticmystic, We specialized in control and *****, among other areas, optimization ...

    3.6 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    James |Principal

    I would be happy to help. I am currently involved with solar thermal to make electric power, and des...

    15.9 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Thane |CEO

    Hello. How is your project coming along? If you care to share, I would be interested in learning m...

    5.1 Days Later
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Thermal Power In Indonesia

My organisation is looking for an expert to give us an overview of the coal-based thermal power sector in indonesia to help in preparing for a workshop we plan to conduct in october or november 2016 in jakarta.

  1. Profile Picture

    Peter |CEO

    Hello. I have extensive experience in the *****mal coal sector, particularly in Indone...

    9.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Bhaskar |Technical Officer(Last)

    I am an Indian Citizen well experienced in thermal power - concept to commissioning and O&M manageme...

    10.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    David |PRESIDENT

    38 years of Indonesia and global experience in electricity & power projects, including Indonesian co...

    11.1 Hours Later
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Thermal Power (coal,oil,gas)

Expert for feasibility study of 200mw oil based thermal power

  1. Profile Picture

    Dirk |Management Director

    Please provide us with some *****t the project; for which country?...

    2 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Johannes |Director

    would be interested...

    36 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    David |Founder/Owner

    Hi Ther86Nkz8, Yes I have experience with CCCT, SCCT, coal fired plants, oil fired plants and mainta...

    2.8 Hours Later
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Thermal Power Generation

We are looking for the following senior experts with international experience: 1. Power generation and transmission expert (team leader) 2. Thermal power expert 3. Energy and water efficiency expert

  1. Profile Picture

    Deepak |Senior Mechanical Specialist

    I am interested. Can you send me JD for these positions?...

    36 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Eduardo |CEO

    I am interested. Please provide an email address where to send personal information....

    57 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Razvan George |Operations Manager/Supervisor

    I am interested for Thermal Power Expert. Can you provide more details, including a description of t...

    59 Minutes Later
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Thermal Carbon Black

We are looking for an expert on thermal carbon black market for a phone consult. Please describe your relevant experience.

  1. Profile Picture

    Nigel |Managing Consultant

    I worked in the carbon black market for some years with a market leading producer. I have a good und...

    4.1 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Martyn |Chief scientist

    I have 30plus years experience in the rubber industry and have with carbon black for most of that ti...

    5.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Nitin |C E O

    Dear Customer, I am a Polymer Consultant and has done Rubber Technology from England. Well versed w...

    19.9 Hours Later
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Thermal Spray

I require an urgent consultation regarding the thermal spray equipment market and the revenues being generated by various components in the thermal spray coating process (eg. Noise-reducing enclosures, guns & nozzles, feeder equipment, dust collection equipment, control systems & consoles etc.).

  1. Profile Picture

    Arthur |Protective Coating Specialist

    *****enson researched and bought all the equipment you described. He has performed work with it ...

    6.4 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Mark |President and CEO

    This is somewhat beyond my expertise. But, I do know a gentleman who would be an excellent person fo...

    1.3 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Joseph |Senior Research Chemist

    Sorry but I cannot help in this area....

    1.4 Days Later
+5 Other Responses
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Thermal Power Station

A thermal power station expert in the field of balance of power equipment installation and commissioning

  1. Profile Picture

    Arjun |Manager Project Quality, Manager project

    Dear Sir, I am interested Please contact me on my mail ID ***** can reach m...

    3.1 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Joost |Owner

    DDear sir, Please tell me more about the role? Is it a temporary role, or fixed job? Regards Joos...

    5.9 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Subhajit Kumar |Chief of Business

    I have experience in coal fired as well as gas power plant. I have worked in operation, fuel managem...

    13.7 Hours Later
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Thermal Bonding

We want to know about thermal bonded football

  1. Profile Picture

    Karl |Founder & Director of KFL Marketing

    I can help, it's my area of expertise. I was involved in marketing the 2002 and 2006 FIFA world cup ...

    2.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Arturo |CEO- Director

    The Thermal Bonded mean a super durable composite PU cover Foam-filled bladder that helps keep the ...

    16.4 Days Later
+2 Other Responses
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Solar Thermal Power

We are developing 1 mw solar thermal power project in india. We want technical guidance - about the technology that can suite indian climatic conditions. . .

  1. Profile Picture

    Agostinho |Principal consultant

    Dear Sir, My name is Agostinho Miguel from SunBD - Sun Business Development. I would like to invite...

    26 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Thorsten |CFO

    please send me further information. thanks...

    31 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Rafael |Managing Partner

    Hi Nikjain, Soalr thermal at 1 MW levels is not efficient. You should consider PV. Solar thermal i...

    1 Hour Later
+37 Other Responses
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