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Recent Vaccines Inquiries

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Vaccine Adjuvants

We would like to conduct paid expert interviews with experts knowledgeable about the global market size for vaccine adjuvants for the year 2015. Thanks in advance

  1. Profile Picture

    SUNIL |Zintro Expert - Formulation Development

    Since I am working for large volume vaccine manufacturers since last many year who had directly hand...

    3.6 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Richard |Consultant

    Dear Inquirer: I am a professional with more than 10 years of experience in Life Science project ma...

    13.6 Hours Later
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Acute Care Flu Vaccine Programs

We are looking to have qualitative interviews with directors of pharmacy (or equivalent title) at a large hospital system / idn preferably customers of cardinal health’s flu vaccine program and mckesson’s fluwise program to understand how they purchase and utilize the flu vaccine program in the acute care setting. This would be for a 1-hour phone consult. Please respond with a brief background as to your relevance to this space and your short answers to the following: 1. Which of the following best describes your current role? A. I manage/oversee pharmacy purchasing and planning for a hospital system or within a hospital that is part of a system b. I manage/oversee pharmacy purchasing and planning for an integrated delivery network (idn) or within a hospital within an idn c. Other 2. What is your exact title? 3. How long have you been in this role at your current facility? 4. How many beds does your hospital system have? 5. Which of the following companies does your hospital system/idn place the majority of your flu vaccine orders with? (e.G., who do you call, email or fax your orders to?) a. Cardinal health flu vaccine program b. Mckesson fluwise c. Other 6. Does the company you selected in q5 also ship or distribute the vaccines to you? A. Yes b. No 7. If respondent answers “no” to q6: who ships or distributes the flu vaccines to you? A. Cardinal health b. Asd healthcare (amerisource bergen) c. Mckesson d. Fff enterprises e. Vaccines are shipped directly from the manufacturer (i.E., sanofi, glaxosmithkline, or seqiris) f. Other__________ 8. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being “extremely accurate” and 1 being “not accurate at all”, how accurate are the following statements as they pertain to your current role a. “i am a decision maker for and/or have heavy influence and/or have very intimate knowledge on decisions about flu vaccine purchases for my hospital system.” b. “i am a decision maker for and/or have heavy influence and/or have very intimate knowledge on decisions about flu vaccine purchases for use in the acute care setting in my hospital system, where acute care refers to the in-hospital setting as opposed to ambulatory clinics or other non-hospital facilities.” c. “i actively participate or have a deep understanding of the selection of flu vaccine vendors for my hospital system.” d. “i have a detailed understanding of and can speak knowledgeably about the flu vaccine purchasing process, evaluation criteria, and preferences at my hospital system/idn.” e. “i have a detailed understanding of and can speak knowledgeably about the use of flu vaccines in the acute care setting (in the hospital setting, not just clinics or ambulatory care settings) for my system/idn.” f. “i have a detailed understanding of and can speak knowledgeably about my hospital system’s current flu vaccine vendor(s) and their offerings.” 9. What region of the country is your system located in? (northeast, south, midwest, west) 10. How many hospitals in your network/system?

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    Vaccine Manufacturing

    We would like to establish new vaccine manufacturing premise following to eu cgmp for viral vaccine for chicken, using spf egg i need firstly layout; architecture of manufacturing cites, clean rooms pressure gradients piping, black and clean utilities etc. If you can do it, could you please offer the layout drawing costs? Best wishes prof. Dr. C.

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      Vaccine Injury

      I need a vaccine expert i have a pending case . Please call sylvia via zintro.

      1. Profile Picture

        Javier |Assessor in veterinary medicinal product

        Please, could you give more details? I am a vaccine expert as I am a *****ority for veteri...

        1 Hour Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Ehud |Translational medicine & biomarkers advi

        Dear Sylvia, My name is Ehud Hauben and I am an expert in immunology in general and particularly in ...

        3.3 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Ishrat |Execetive Director

        Hi Sylvia What type of vaccine is it? What is ***** your lawsuit ? Please be more specific. Th...

        4.5 Hours Later
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      Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines And Consumer Products Distribution

      "pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer products-distribution sourcing" geography: europe 1. Sourcing best practice a. What are the sourcing approaches followed by global organizations when dealing with distributors/wholesalers across pharmaceutical, consumer and vaccine business? (centralized/decentralized) 2. Engagement best practice a. What is the best practice followed by companies when engaging for distribution services across pharmaceutical, consumer and vaccine business? I. Is it engaging with a distributor or wholesaler? · global/regional/local distributors? · single or multiple distributors? 3. Feasibility of integrating the distribution model for pharmaceuticals, consumer and vaccine business a. How do companies with multiple business units such as pharmaceutical, consumer and vaccine business manage this category? I. Is there a chance of integrating the distribution of these three business units with single set of distributors? Ii. What are the advantages and disadvantages of following the integration approach?

      1. Profile Picture

        Debasish |HEAD SUPPLY CHAIN

        Please refer my profile...

        6.6 Hours Later
      2. Profile Picture

        Eugene |Scientific Director

        Hello. I can help. I'm GDP Expert, Director of CRO and ex Marketing Director in Big Pharma....

        6.7 Hours Later
      3. Profile Picture

        Polina |Zintro Expert

        I can speak from a procurement perspective. Would you like to schedule a call for next week?...

        7.7 Hours Later
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      I am currently working on a cost model for vaccines. To develop the cost model we are in need of an expert who can give us the following components. Major cost components: - utility cost - labor cost & overhead cost - fixed cost detailed split of all the cost components need to be described e.G. Bioreactor cost, type of bioreactor, etc. Note: the cost model is to be developed for a 100% disposable facility.

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        Vaccine Development

        I am looking for an expert for vaccine development.

        1. Profile Picture

          Sam |Director of Molecular Biology

          Sirs, I have developed experimental and commerical vaccines for rotaviruses, coronavirus & FMD. In ...

          15 Minutes Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Elizabeth |President

          Are you interested in DNA vaccines? I have developed a *****nology for *****ilized D...

          23 Minutes Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Alexander |Principal Consultant

          Big subject- can you be more specific on the aspect(s) of vaccine development that you are intereste...

          1.8 Hours Later
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        I need data,about the current coverage of vaccines in the epi

        1. Profile Picture

          Tamar |President and owner

          I have done a lot of work on vaccines and have many colleagues with access to ***** do y...

          27 Minutes Later
        2. Profile Picture

          Steve |Managing Director

          Responsible for *****lopment and ***** the $130 Million worldwide poultry busin...

          16.4 Hours Later
        3. Profile Picture

          Scott |Risk Analyst, Epidemiologist

          is project ***** animal or human vaccine?...

          17.7 Hours Later
        +8 Other Responses
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        Vaccine Distribution

        We are working on a study on vaccine distribution in apac, canada, and latam and we would like to understand the following 1. Market trends on sourcing for distribution of vaccines 2. Average contract length on engaging with the distributors 3. Market trends on preferred transportation modes for vaccine distribution 4. Market insights on average inventory levels and safety stock required for operation please share us your contact details, so that we can take it up further thanks

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          Chief Medical Officer - Vaccine Development

          Chief medical officer. Our client is seeking a chief medical officer to lead the development clinical strategy for its vaccines franchise. This role will be focused on establishing the franchise's development strategy and will work closely with members of the executive team in establishing clinical endpoints, development protocols safety review and regulatory guidelines. The position is further responsible for providing medical guidance during the design, execution, and reporting of clinical studies. More info available upon request. U.S. Residents only, please. Please provide credentials, if interested. If you refer someone who is hired by client for this role, zintro will pay you $2,000. Thanks. --sl

          1. Profile Picture

            Constantin |Zintro Expert

            Thank you very much. I am interested in such position. Note that I am MSc, PhD and not Certified M.D...

            23 Minutes Later
          2. Profile Picture

            Arvind |Assistant Professor

            I am interested, but I am PhD not MD degree holder. Let me know if I am eligible Thanks Arvind Chhab...

            45 Minutes Later
          3. Profile Picture

            Wayne |Principal

            I am a physician trained in immunology with experience in the vaccine and cancer immunotherapy field...

            1.3 Hours Later
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          Hepatitis Vaccines

          We are a research firm working on hepatitis b market. We have the following questions: 1. Where does merck manufacture the recombivax vaccine doses globally? Do they use the same facility for being used for vaxelis? 2.. what is the overall capacity of this facility and is there extra capacity being built for the vaxelis launch? 3. What is the reason behind the interrupted supply of recombivax in the u.S. Market? 4. Do the manufacturing facilities have issues with regulatory authorities (warning letters, etc.) preventing product supply? 5.What impact, if any, does a shortage in recombivax supply affect the launch of vaxelis? 6.What will the customer allocations be when recombivax supply resumes to market? Do let us know if you can answer these questions.

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            Flu Vaccine

            My name is claudia and i work in berlin for the company ap. I am looking for key opinion leaders in europe (uk, france and germany) to attend a phone interview about flu vaccines and to speak about these topics: - the outlook for demand for flu vaccines over the coming years. - current flu vaccines in the european market and their relatives strengths and weaknesses. - the outlook for new technologies for flu vaccines in the future.

            1. Profile Picture

              Lokesh |Asst . Research Director

              Dear Claudia, I have several years developing vaccine including flu vaccine, both live attenuated ...

              39 Minutes Later
            2. Profile Picture

              Gopalam |Senior Director

              I am interested in this phone consult. I am in vaccines area and worked in the flu vaccines are dir...

              9.9 Hours Later
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