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Recent Video Equipment Manufacturing Inquiries

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Adhoc Video Creation -

Healthcare focus area: smart videos background: an esteemed fortune 500 healthcare client wishes to start working with the company touchcast, in order to make adhoc videos - https://www.Touchcast.Com/. They have not yet started working with touchcast, but are considering a pilot. Before going into any sort of long term contract, they are interested to see if there are other options available and if yes, they would consider running an rfi/rfp process. The main area of focus will be smart video creation. They want to be able to save the video and send out to employees as another way of communication, rather than just using email. Regards keerthana

  1. Profile Picture

    Carl |Videos, Marketing & Presentations Consul

    Hi Keerthana, Great timing! I just set up an Adhoc video service to serve customers just like your h...

    51 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Chip |President

    Hi - TouchCast looks brilliant - concerns I would have surround the quantity of viewers who may not ...

    1 Hour Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Christoph |Trial Presentation Consultant

    I would make sure all videos are sent out as links to view. this will help streamline your video me...

    3.2 Hours Later
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Video Presentation

We are a small research lab at a major university and want to produce a video presentation describing our lab's research and results. We plan to use this video as a tool to publicize our work and to be included in requests for funding from government agencies and ngos.

  1. Profile Picture

    B |

    Where are you located?...

    3 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Jerry |Senior Partner

    If you are looking for someone who knows video both from a technical and a *****t-of-vie...

    18 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    John |Director of Photography/Producer

    Hi, I am the owner of WheelHouse Media, a *****uction company that specializes in exactly th...

    27 Minutes Later
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Video Ethnography

In search of strong qualitative market research / consumers insight analyst/report writer. Experience with (video) ethnography strongly desired.

  1. Profile Picture

    Scarpato |Qualitative market researcher & planner

    Dear all I'm a feelance *****et researcher from Barcelona (Spain) with a Spanish Team wi...

    9.5 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Elena |Specialized in Customer Insight & Co-Cre

    I'm a consumer insight consultant working for companies as Unilever and Philips in the area of consu...

    10.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Ali |Research Guru

    I'm a certified *****ing with a small consultancy. We have done several different styles of...

    13.3 Hours Later
+11 Other Responses
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Video Game Technology Platform

We are looking to speak with multiple experts from u.S and uk video game technology platform (game engine, cloud platform, etc.) and decision makers at game studios and publishers. These individuals should be working on dev tools and backend services like cloud platforms to assess likes, dislikes, and gaps in service. This would be for a 1-hour paid phone consultation via online idis, webcam enabled. Please respond with a few brief statements as to your relevance in this space. 1. Can you share you experience in video game technology platform (game engine, cloud platform, etc.)? 2. Do you have understanding of company thinking on game development or publishing?

  1. Profile Picture

    David |CEO

    1. We're a work for hire game dev studio that has done a lot of work building back-end services for ...

    2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Jacques |Bloackchain Finance Consultant

    I have consulted Zintro clients on game technology technology *****lopment for mobile and de...

    2.6 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Dov |Managing Director

    1. Can you share you experience in video game technology ***** (game engine, cloud *****, etc....

    3.3 Hours Later
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Retail Allocation Of Consumer Electronics

Our client is looking to speak with multiple experts in the us to gain insight into how consumer electronics manufacturing companies allocate laptops and video gaming consoles on their direct channels and wholesale channels. This is a paid 30-minutes phone interview. If open to participating, please consider answering the screener questions below: 1. Are you involved in inventory allocation or purchase decisions of consumer electronics for your company?

  1. Profile Picture

    Shantanu |Engineering Sales Manager

    Yes, involved in purchase decisions for consumer electronics for our company...

    1.2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Sergio |Vice President

    Hello, I have 15+ years of experience in consumer electronics. Managed ***** Nokia for mul...

    1.2 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Parminder |Founder & CEO

    I certainly have expereince with this topic. Specifically, i had to deal US and Asian retailers, wh...

    1.3 Hours Later
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Video Compilation

Creating a video using youtube clips with powerpoint type slides of data used as breaks between videos...

  1. Profile Picture

    Bob |Owner/ Creative Director

    We are able to do this type of work quick and affordable, at the highest quality possible....

    31 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Jamie |Executive Producer Voltage Digital

    Hi I can produce your video as needed. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I produce cor...

    52 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Eric |Supervising Animator

    Hi there, I'd be happy to hear more about your project, the final delivery *****, deadline...

    2.7 Hours Later
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Video Or Tv System Software

We are looking to speak to multiple experts about the market for video / tv software, firmware, and middleware used within consumer electronics including, smart tv and set top boxes, video/tv software enables any of the following on televisions, while preserving the capability to watch traditional linear tv content: - streaming/rendering of ott content - internet browsing - interactive & targeted ads/home shopping - dvr/catch up - applications (integrated via sdks and purchased from app stores) - viewing across tvs and devices. We are looking for buyers and decision makers from appliances manufacturing and leading system software companies.

  1. Profile Picture

    Arlene |Senior Director, Business Development

    I can provide detailed info on *****ems for TV manufacturers. I recently left Sharp Electr...

    15 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Mario |Owner

    I am a former CEO of an OTT with career long experience in broadcast TV. Thus, I'm not an exact matc...

    17 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Robin |Senior Mobile Distributed Application De

    Hi, I am interested and would like to assist. I have worked on Manufacture and Software development ...

    44 Minutes Later
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Video Transmission & Networking

Our us firm wishes to better understand what differentiates the component manufacturers that provide data/video transmission and networking equipment for the security surveillance market and similar applications. Particularly, we are interested in component manufacturers that provide media converters, ethernet switches, power over ethernet devices, network patch cables, video transmitters and data receivers. (belden, comnet, interlogix/ifs, l-com and transition networks.) the relationship and transition between analog and digital/ip network cameras is of interest as well. Please respond by describing your relevant expertise, thank you.

  1. Profile Picture

    Brian |President

    Hi, I am very involved in the design and ***** video-over IP systems. In particular I ha...

    31 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Anand |Managing Partner

    Worked for Verizon. Has been technology head for the video transmission and networking. The digital ...

    2.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Reuben |Corporate Systems Integration

    I test and prototype various video surveillance systems. 2.4ghz Wifi is the new standard of connect...

    2.8 Hours Later
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Video Management Software

Looking at video management software experts. Those who are involved in technology definition and development. Those who have exposure to many global video management software platforms, their architecture etc.

  1. Profile Picture

    Ted |Expert: Apple SME. Media Technology SME.

    Good morning, I have twelve years of experience managing video content. From its *****t to ...

    2.3 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Hub |Building Satellite IoT Value Chains

    hi there we have a *****dcasting ***** includes a video management software platfo...

    4.4 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Syed |MR.

    Hello. we have expertise in video management software we are involved in technology definition and d...

    7.2 Hours Later
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Video Production

Topic: video production industry in france geographic scope: france categories: aerial field'â€â™s videos, events video, educational movies via cartoons or drawn in real time, 3d movies, virtual visits to understand more about the video production industry in france:- a) overview on the video production industry in france b) latest trends in the market in the production space c) latest technology in the production industry d) commonly adopted - sourcing models (global vs. Local vs. Regional), engagement models (end to end, decoupling), pricing models (project based, retainer model, performance based)

  1. Profile Picture

    Peter |Director Event Video Production; Videography; Broadcast Engineering Ex BBC TV London Englis...

    34 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    sushil |Flash Animator

    i am interested in this position ...

    1.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Roopesh |CEO

    Hi we are based on Video Production Industry and 3d movie ,cartoons architecture base company .We ha...

    1.9 Hours Later
+8 Other Responses
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Video Conferencing Technology

Video conferencing i would like expertise on virtual meetings mainly on video conferencing as a means of saving on business travel costs. The target meetings sizes are: a) one-to-one meetings b) small meetings with group size of 6 across locations c)group of 10-60 across locations the specific questions are: 1) video-conferencing technology best suited for each of the above type of meeting 2) how much cost savings can be achieved by the use of video conferencing? 3) what virtual meetings technologies are used by large companies? 4) how is the technology implemented - process roadmap - costs - time 5) is it managed in-house or outsourced? 6) challenges in implementation/usage 7) what is the compliance levels (in using video-conferencing) in companies? 8) case studies of companies who have implemented video conferencing and achieved significant cost savings 9) top 5 video-conferencing solution providers 10) overview of the video-conferencing market and the adoption levels by region/country.

  1. Profile Picture

    Richard |CEO

    Hi, We at digitalmeeting would like to know more about what you want, and would be happy to help. ...

    11 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Mohammad |CEO, Senior Communciation Engineer

    I can help you out as I have designed and install Video Conference system, Kindly advice how do yo...

    1 Day Later
+2 Other Responses
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Google Earth Video

Hi, for a presentation i need the following two things: i would like to hire someone to create them. 1. A street level (walking) and above ground level (flying) video that creates a route of a 10 block radius. 2. Separately, if possible, i need street and building information to program a laser printer (or another form of printing) to create a small 3-d model of a 2 block radius. Is this possible from google data or images.

  1. Profile Picture

    Paul |Owner & Director

    Hi, My name is Paul Lee. I'm an architect and Viewsion Virtual Environments is the company I run. I...

    6.2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Robert |Operator

    Hi, what style of 3D ***** you looking for? Something similar to Flash or photo-realistic?...

    1.5 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Frank |Various: CEO, VP

    Mr Robles has a lot of hands on and development experience with GIS and am interested in helping you...

    65.3 Days Later
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