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Media Market Analysis For Travel Retail Media Buying

Media market analysis for travel retail media buying - global we are a leading procurement research firm who work with clients across multiple industries around the globe. We are under taking a study to understand how travel retail client manage their media planning and buying requirements globally. We are looking for consultants who have knowledge about travel retail media procurement and can provide us with the following information: 1) role of procurement within the travel retail media category 2) whether the agencies are engaged at the global or regional level 3) insights on possible business relationships and negotiations with media partners in this category 4) if the client can use agency for both media planning and buying services or just one of the services 5) whether agencies have targets for savings. If yes, what is the percentage that they deliver? If you believe you would be able to assist us with this request kindly respond to this post.

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    Retails Sales Productivity Software

    We are looking to speak with customers of yoobic for a 1 hour paid phone consult. Yoobic provides productivity apps for retailers and brands to better control their in-store execution. We would like a conversation with whoever was responsible for the purchase decision to discuss why they chose to buy yoobic (or gospotcheck) and their experience with the platform so far. Sanofi, teva sante and carrefour italia are customers as well. We are only looking to speak to customers who are part of companies that have more than 1000 employees globally. We’d also be open to speaking with customers of one of their yoobic’s competitors: - gospotcheck - pepsico- ab inbev (nikki middendorf) - under armor - bestbuy- aramark- panera- beam suntory (megan monti)- clorox- diageo- panera- pernod ricard - maui jim- danone please respond with your relevance to this request and a few availability windows for a 1 hour paid phone-consult in the next few days.

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      Project Manager For Building Retail Space

      We are looking for a project manager to help build out our new location in woodstock, ny at the end of the summer. The ideal candidate will be local but the project could be done remotely. We are seeking a project manager that is experienced in building out a retail space, and even better would be experience in building out a food retail space. We need to make sure that plumbing, electrical, and a few other components will be properly in place.

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        Data Breach In Retail Indusrty

        We require insights to support our research on market intelligence on data breach focusing north america for retail industry. Below are the main requirements. • sourcing model used by large buyer from the online industry vertical • the most widely followed pricing models adopted while availing data breach services • the average contract tenure adopted while sourcing of data breach services and the various contract models and structures available across industry • key kpi's and sla's • case study around implementation of data breach measures taken by major industry buyers thank you and looking forward. Regards jennifer

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          Future Trends In Grocery Retails

          Project title: discussion on future trends in grocery retail description/need: we would like to speak with an expert that can provide insight on what the future of grocery stores looks like. The focus of the discussion is how technology will change food packaging and the way grocery stores market food to consumers. Project type: phone consult number of experts: 1 time frame: interview deadline is september 21st. Geography: united states companies we should try to reach out to: employees at costco, krogers, safeway, whole foods. Companies we should not reach out to: anyone that is not a current or recent former employee of the companies listed above. Expert job title(s): head of marketing, chief marketing officer, head of consumer insights, screening questions: what are 2-3 screening questions to qualify prospective experts? Note: a helpful way to draft the screening questions is to consider the "must have" areas of experience / knowledge / or skills that the expert needs in order to qualify. 1. Based on your experience are you able to discuss how you envision food will be marketed/sold to consumers in 2030? Will there be more fresh /non-packaged food sales? What type of packaging? How strong is consumer preference in sustainable packaging? 2. 3. Any other desired qualifications?

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            Fm Contract Management In Fuel Retail Outlets

            Looking for information about contract management, and few other data for facilities management in fuel retail outlets.

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              Retail Industry Use Cases

              Looking for individuals who can talk about the following use cases in the retail industry: 1. Personalized customer engagement: opentext, sundaysky, sas, pegasystems, infor 2. Single customer view: informatica, ibm, infor, sap 3. Sales channel optimization: tango analytics, buxton, caci, javelin individuals should have a knowledge of the above mentioned companies in each use case. Ideal candidates should be able to highlight the difference between the mentioned competitor offerings and help us in drawing a comparison.

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                Big-box Retail

                Hello, i am representing a moscow,russia based company. One of our projects is a big-box retail chain. Recently sales have been down. We need a consultant to come over to moscow, analyze our business, make comparisons to other local chains, and make suggestions on how to improve the business. Let us know if you can help.

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                  Supply Chain Logistics And Retail

                  We are engaged with a fortune 500 retail firm to provide retail consulting billing rates for tier 1 consulting firms. Below are the list of requirements: key deliverables: • average billing rates(usd per hour) charged by tier 1 consulting firms o service lines of focus : retail operations, retails supply chain and logistics, retail labour o job roles: partner, director, sr. Manager, manager, sr. Consultant, consultant, analyst • growth rate by country and job role geographical scope: us, uk, europe(as a whole) and china.

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                    IAM INTERESTED...

                    4.1 Hours Later
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                    Nizar |Client Service & Sales Director - linked

                    happy to take part, approved Beroe expert and specialist in the global Media, Research, Consultancie...

                    1.2 Days Later
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                    Shyam |VP of Finance

                    can assist with this. let me know...

                    1.3 Days Later
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                  Retail Loss Prevention

                  We’re looking to speak with either senior loss prevention executives at very large retailers (walmart, target, costco, etc.), department stores (nordstrom, sears, sachs, etc.), or grocers (safeway, whole foods, kroger, etc.) or the people who the loss prevention executives directly report to at these businesses. Experience of the ideal expert: experience in the retail industry with either loss prevention, asset protection, or retail operations, experience managing shrinkage or theft in retail stores, etc. Companies in this space of interest: walmart, kroger, whole foods, any major department or home improvement store, etc.

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                    Internet Retail Business Acquisition

                    We are interested in acquiring an internet retail business that has been running for 9 years. We want to do a full leveraged buyout using the assets and cash flow of the business . We will like your service to undertake the following: 1. Purchase price assumptions, debt interest rate, etc 2. Sources and uses of funds 3. Financial projections 4. Balance sheet adjustments 5. Exit equity value 6. Irr on initial investment

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                      Joseph |Zintro Expert

                      I believe I am very qualified by experience and expertise for this project. I have many years experi...

                      4.2 Hours Later
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                      David |CEO, President, Managing Director, Found

                      I routinely value businesses and help structure M&A deals. I can help you develop a detailed three...

                      4.5 Hours Later
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                      Michael |Zintro Expert

                      I have 27 years of investment banking experience, including several years covering the retail indust...

                      6.9 Hours Later
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                    Hr Manager In Tier-1 Retail Bank

                    We are seeking an expert interview with someone who has hands-on experience in human resources (hr) management in tier-1 retail banks (only n. America and europe are relevant). We are seeking to understand overarching strategy in how hr is situated within the organization and best strategic practices. The candidate should ideally have experience in 2 or more banks in the relevant geographies. Key issues to review in interview: · what is the ration of hr employees versus overall workforce in bank? · what is the structure of the hr employees/function (centralized versus de-centralized)? · who is the hr division sub-ordinated to and which executives are responsible for their goals/tasks? · underlying strategy and beliefs of hr division in day-to-day tasks and long-term goals/vision? · key challenges facing hr and which challenges are unique to banking

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