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Recent Wooden Pallets Inquiries

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Wooden Pallet Pooling Service

We are looking for an expert who can help us calculate the total cost and cost structure for wooden pallet pooling service cost model for china. It is used for fmcg company. Pallet dimensions: 1000mm x 1500mm x 156mm we would require the following details: - issue fee - daily hire fee - transport fee - movement fee - damage and recovery fee - non-participant fee, etc. How the above fees are arrived and what are the drivers, cost breakup, market price and the industry profit margin... All the above details should be provided with valid sources and should be validated by you once the model is complete. Please let us know if you would be able to provide the above details.

  1. Profile Picture

    Paul |Consultant

    My apologies, but this is outside my area of expertise (which is the petrochemical and polymer indus...

    10.1 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Douglas |Civil Engineer

    I am preferably the best in this,i can deliver you over the same since i have worked in the industry...

    5.3 Days Later
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Compressed Wooden Pallet

I am starting a new compressed wooden pallet manufacturing in dubai,uae but i need guidance in marketing it

  1. Profile Picture

    John [Bob] |Founder/President/CSO

    How may I help you? I'm versed in manufacturing (wood and plastic products) and marketing....

    29 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Joseph |Director

    Zie2d676 I have performed direct ***** study on a two-man WOODEN PALLET repair operation...

    3.4 Hours Later
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Transport Packaging

Working on project of reducing protective packaging help needed because items like ep corner protectors and crate cost is highest in the current process and number of products are irregular in shapes

  1. Profile Picture

    Daniel |Managing Partner

    I worked for Cryovac / Sealed Air for more than 20 years in both food and protective packaging....

    9 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Greg |VP

    This is my Specialty. I have recently Reduced the damage claims for a mobility company by $640,000. ...

    14 Minutes Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Michael |Packaging Engineer & Consultant

    This project is in Pack Protocols wheelhouse. Please contact to discuss further....

    1.5 Hours Later
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Logistics Operational Improvement And Optimization

We are looking for experts who can speak on the logistics operational excellence and competitive landscape within south africa. We are interested with experienced candidates with focus on logistics operational improvement and optimization projects and with the following expertise: - proven experience of assisting/ leading research and analysis in market and industry data to make recommendations on approach and strategy. - expertise in the development of long-term competitive strategies. - in-depth understanding of industry trends and developments in infrastructure capacity and modes of transport within south africa. - proven experience of leading successful operational improvement projects for a logistics service provider in south africa (e.G. Optimizing asset productivity and supply chain management). - experience of leading cost optimization projects focused on an assessment of the degree of optimization between business units within a value chain (e.G. Team and operating model, synergies in systems and processes). - knowledge and previous application of operational excellence methodologies specifically in terms of transport, terminal services and warehousing, stevedoring facilities, digital technology solutions, clearing and forwarding. - knowledge of the agricultural and dry bulk logistics industry within south africa. - in-depth knowledge supported by data points on capacity utilization, market share, players, and infrastructure developments and transnet capacity. This is a paid 1 - 2 hours phone consultation. Please respond with a brief answer as to your relevance to this space: 1. Can you discuss the levers to operational excellence in logistics? 2. Can you discuss the key success factors and current best practices to creating synergies between business units across a logistics value chain? 3. What are the challenges inherent to the south african logistics industry? 4. What are the trends and migrations in modes of transport (e.G. From rail to road)? 5. Can you discuss the existing and potential infrastructure developments within the logistics sector in south africa? What are their implications and key success factors? 6. Can you identify key success factors to becoming a unique service provider within south africa while considering the competitive landscape and trends in consumer demands.

  1. Profile Picture

    Job |CEO/Finance Director

    Dear Sir/madam, I can give best feedback as pertaining to this query. Am a logistics, transport and...

    2 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Noah |Lead Consultant

    I have handled a project on logistics in South Africa and Africa in general recently. Delivered a do...

    12.7 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Rudi van den |Continuous Improvement Manager

    I could indeed spare an hour to discuss the above topics with you and would gladly do so. The $200 i...

    21.6 Hours Later
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Wooden Pallets In Germany

I'm looking for expertise in field of wooden pallets. The geographic scope of the study is germany. Please find below the questions for which i seek your expertise: 1) what is the cost build-up of wooden pallets in germany? What are the key cost components of wooden pallets like raw material (timber): 65-70%, drying : 10-25%, labor cost:5-10%, utility cost 5-10%, etc. 2) what is the best sourcing practice for procuring wooden pallets in germany vs western europe? An industry level overview of supplier engagement practice is required. 3) what are current and future trends driving wooden pallets industry in germany and globally? Trends like supply base consolidation, growth of pallet pooling services, regulatory changes, etc. ? thanks

  1. Profile Picture

    John |Owner

    I am available most weekdays during my lunch hour which is 12pm - 1pm Eastern Standard Time USA. I ...

    1.5 Days Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Vijayakumar |Director and Chief Consultant

    I charge USD 200 for this consultation....

    2.6 Days Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Miroslav |Adviser

    What about pallets from Serbia? Are you interested?...

    3 Days Later
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White Wooden Pallets

Procurement objectives: industry analysis of white wooden pallets market in russia, ukraine and kazakhstan assess average quality requirements in fmcg sector to new and s/hand pallets assess condition of pallets storage project goals: cost analysis and components of cost - market level of prices for new and s/hand pallets (for standards of gost 9557-87 and gost 9078-84) list suppliers with capacity of production >10,000 pallets/month and drying of s/hand pallets >10,000 pallets/month list feedstock suppliers with capacity to supply wood (enough to produce >10,000 pallets/month) list average fmcg sector quality requirements to new and s/hand pallets & to storage facilities

  1. Profile Picture

    Andrey |Production materials (Packaging and Raw)

    hello I have such ***** Russia...

    1.1 Days Later
  2. Profile Picture


    Unable to help no expertise...

    3.4 Days Later
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Wooden Pallet Market In Us

We manufacture composite wooden blocks for pallets in europe and would like to assess the market in the us for this product.

  1. Profile Picture

    Timothy |VP, Director

    I have been directly involved in the distribution and logistics function for over 20 years. I under...

    7.9 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    susanta panda |ceo

    Dear Sir, Recently i have made a study and *****t the pallet market.I have been in invol...

    19.5 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Gerard |Zintro Expert

    Dear Sir or Madam, I would be interested in more ***** your product as I am interested in s...

    39.2 Days Later
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Road Transport And Logistics.

My name is claudia and i work for a company in berlin. We are working on a project about “road transport & logistics industry”. We are interested in speaking with people who could share their general understanding of the industry and best practices on the following topics: - sourcing strategy - supplier selection process - description of current and future uses of services we are looking for experts in the following regions: - eu - russia - india - china - brazil - argentina industries: fmcg, electronics, industrial, cosmetics / health, aeronautics, automotive oems/ suppliers. The phone consultation would be paid. Thank you and best regards from germany, claudia

  1. Profile Picture

    Ard |VP Business Development

    Hi Claudia, please check my profile to see whether you think I would be fitting your needs....

    15 Minutes Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Gabriel |Logistic Specialist

    Dear Claudia My name is Gabriel Gessaghi from Argentina. I think I could help you with the first an...

    3 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Alvaro |Consultor senior

    Claudia, As you can see in my profile, I have a large experience in road ***** Brasil a...

    3.1 Hours Later
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Wooden Pallets Pooling

I would be needing the following information around wooden pallet pooling in great britain , ireland and emea: 1. Market size with cagr, key trends for f&b industry 2. Size and age profile of pallet pool 3. Details of key cost drivers – how is the total cost of a pallet broken down (raw materials, labour, pooling infrastructure – distribution costs, sort operations, service centres) 4. Best practice and innovation – what is the next big thing in pallets? What are the substitutes? Maturity cycle for pooling in f&b industry.

  1. Profile Picture

    Shrinivas |CEO

    I can be able to support you on this project. You can view my profile on Zintro. Rgds Shrinivas.M...

    16 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Priyanka |Business Analyst & Consultant

    I am interested to take this up....

    18.9 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    Simona |Business Consultant/Financial/HR Manager

    Hi , I can help you with this request from Europe. Regards,...

    7.1 Days Later
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Georgia Pallets Manufacturing

I am looking for pallet manufacturers within 100 miles of brunswick, ga., 31525 area

  1. Profile Picture

    susanta panda |ceo

    Dear Sir, I am an industry professional in the Pallet manufacturing industry. i have done several pr...

    14.1 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    rodney |Senior Partner

    Dear Sir, please visit reference Rodney Salmon...

    17.6 Hours Later
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Layer Pads In Packaging In Europe

Dear experts, i am writing on behalf of a consulting firm that conducts expert interviews in support of industry-wide studies for many of the world's fortune 1000 companies. We are an authorized zintro partner. For a current study in the food and beverage intermediate packaging space, we seek experts to share insights into the use of layer pads in palletised transport. We are interested to explore the european market for reusable plastic layer pads in transportation from container manufacturers to fillers and on-warding to retailers. Thus, seeking experts from food/beverage companies or retailers/supermarkets experienced in logistics and the use of layer pads. We are scheduling 45-60 minute discussions with experts, we can offer $300 per hour on the phone and need to complete the discussion this week. Kindly get in touch through zintro so i can provide more details on the study and standard process. We would welcome any referrals to other relevant experts as well. Best regards, kolyo

  1. Profile Picture

    Vineeta |Principal Consultant

    I can help...

    4.3 Days Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Neil |Consultant

    Good evening, I can share with you some current trends in ***** fmcg in europe as a start...

    4.3 Days Later
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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain And Logistics

We would like to speak with experienced professionals in supply chain management and logistics, with extensive knowledge of the entire value chain of logistics in the pharma sector. They are looking for those who can talk about the most critical challenges in today’s supply chain and logistics in pharma, as well as macro forces and tech trends shaping the industry. We aim to better understand the most common challenges their clients face when it comes to coordinating transportation, shipment, and forwarding on a global scale. And how they oversee processes coordinating shipments from several suppliers, managing multimodal transportation (e.G. Sea shipping and rail freight, or sea shipping and airfreight), and having visibility across long, international, and complex supply chains. This is a 60-minute online consultation. If open to participating, please provide a brief answer to the screener below: 1. How long have you been in the supply chain management and logistics company? 2. On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you in discussing the critical challenges faced in supply chain and logistics in the pharma sector? 3. Have you overseen and approved any deployment of new technology in the last 3 years? A. Yes b. No please note: our client is only interested in your personal point of view and is not seeking confidential information. For every successful referral (client interviews referral) on this project, a $200 bonus is paid to the referrer.

  1. Profile Picture

    Stefan |Logistics & Supply Chain Expert

    1. How long have you been in the supply chain management and logistics company? 17 years 2. On a ...

    17 Hours Later
  2. Profile Picture

    Praveen |Head of Process Development-R&D | Global

    1. How long have you been in the supply chain management and logistics company? 20 years 2. On a s...

    21.1 Hours Later
  3. Profile Picture

    VICTOR |Zintro Expert

    I have handled pharmaceutical supply chain for pharma diagnostic and ***** the last 10 ye...

    1.8 Days Later
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